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'GiNX173*****173*aO%KsBgg+qqBpKb(WxXD`Can't get core for initial buffersCan't initialize PSISER{dCan't set up PSISER for NSP.Can't set initial DECnet link upCan't set initial ANF link up$@XDEBRK. not implementedH0 (DECnet REJECT failedP@HDECnet Read Disconnect Information failedDECnet RELEASE failedLink isn't DECnet or ANF@7ANF RELEASE failedFr>@HCan't turn PSISER onCan't turn PSISER offDD@xDECnet READ NORMAL failedhDECnet READ INTERRUPT failed`DECnet SEND INTERRUPT failedpDECnet SEND NORMAL failed8{Can't put TSK. link into IDLE stateI/O error on TSK. linkRan out of characters parsing stringToo many characters in access control fieldAccess control information doesn't end with a quoteNode terminator not "::"TASKFinal destination isn't numeric or TASK=Object name more than 16 charactersToo many characters in connect dataCan't add DECnet channel to the PI system(9 (7$$7Can't add ANF channel to PI system
A	0B0= to  at 
Couldn't open log file, logging turned OFF (DECnet- (ANF-Logging output failed
<#~` CORE UUO failedI.xaN%\qBpHW(U+rau

ZxANF connection failed and FTDECNET is offArgument errorAllocation failureBad channelBad format typeConnect block format errorInterrupt data too longIllegal flow control modeIllegal functionJob quota exhaustedLink quota exhaustedNo connect data to readPercentage input out of boundsNo privilegesSegment size too bigUnknown node nameUnexpected state: UnspecifiedWrong number of argumentsFunction called in wrong stateConnect block length errorProcess block length errorString block length errorUnexpected state:  Disconnect sentUnexpected state:  Disconnect confirmedUnexpected state:  No confidenceUnexpected state:  No linkUnexpected state:  No communicationUnexpected state:  No resourcesConnect rejectedRejected or disconnected by objectNo resourcesUnrecognized node nameRemote node shut downUnrecognized objectInvalid object name formatObject too busyAbort by network managementAbort by objectInvalid node name formatLocal node shut downAccess control rejectionNo response from objectNode unreachableNo linkDisconnect completeImage field too longUnspecified reject reasonBad flag combinationAddress checkimage field too long=+<xZ0
Z3$m+ 	` \ ]	b+  ] $@	b+  &	f@ F9 ^ $	b7@ BG "H	bC@@I  !"	b"+  ( ( B5 &		f,\0^ $ASD =h@@ "A B(G& F4 "0	b.,\0b f	b/,\0f,g ,,*,\0i,g ,,D,\0m,&@	b+ ,*6@6,26@6,O+" 
5 1Z0P0``0D87+-Z
05L(+2"p3LF1B7@@F N0,
=+2P@0PN07L6+8P0[0ZB6Z`0 p B0 "0	bB+2 0+-6@F+;,g ,,*+ 	`/,\0q,~



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4JLA*? */pJ=fI 0 XD0@@,@@0 t B0 "0	bB+Sl +	 u B0 "0	bB,\0u x B0 "0	bB+  "0+k,\Z04B\R`0Z,:[04Bf``g,L4L
,>,> x B0 ", $ D B0 & "0	bB,\0y x B0 "0	bB,\0} "0[
Z`0,^,^``+{P0XF0l ,>,>d`,=e` +w@@x@@[04Bw[~,Y "5BtZ`0,^,^P@0``5r``5>,\0``+a`,\0  B0 "0	bB7+ x B0 "0	bB,\0} "0@
5kS0X"	 B7 	b6,\0 "0@
5ka` +Y@@0+d` ,x@ba`,L4L
,>,>a`+ "4B,r@@x@b6@,r,^,^4L
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Z`0P0 0XF0,^eD7/ ,>Q(BQ$A` *J *J!&},> $Ga` $IQ$A@
4J8 *(J*f6Z& *JJ *J *J,^
4J?J9=,^lXF~@Z05n[05B x B0 "0	bB,\0} "05k[3Q3 
05LH+S N03LG@@G,X7L6+S[0 B6Z`0 0P0+N6@G+V,g ,,D+ 	`/,\0q,~`n+h`n@+`n@,p@a`,*a`+_6B,r4L
04L3P0 0 &>a` &r,4L
P@0,~e` +od P@0S0@@0X"	 B7 	b6,\0+p`n@+5e` +sR`0,,;5x ",Q" B0[`,Q" B0 " B0 "0Q"	b?+  ", $ D D.$ DXB0Z0 $Q$A` (? +

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,^QH+Z0Z$,:R`0Z0  $,:Z0 $,: & 	b7@ B0l P@0,~5;,\``g,*,>[0,>,,^,^@4L3Z`0@bP05na@,~,*,^x,x7:xl@,~,>!"	b/,\0+
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P0[5Fq "~	$,:,^!b,~SB'~Z(+e4B{,>e (0['~4Fv (:x+tQB'~,^1b+{[04B{Pl&PF,>e "0[~4F~:x "+|QD~,^1b+[04BPl$PD`` ,~[04B
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e`,~P@0Z0 F0  B0 "0	bB,>R`07B0,~Z5:,>e (x &,S $Q$@ DZD0Q"PB0Q"BRB0@@0 $ D0 $0Q$	d?+;QB'~ ( 0 01DlZB'~ B'`nH+,=f,,D N0P@0+<@@0,Y,^[`@,~`n7`+Bd Z0 "0,Y4DJ@ (0Q( Y'~`H9C[`QD'~1f+J[04BJPl$PD`` ,~``+l[04Bc[~QD0 $Q$@ DZD0!&PF0Q"BZd~XD0 &dD & F0 &@/&O@0dRD0 " B0 "0Q"d`+\	b?+  D0O@0	b?+_Zb0 ",Y+L0B+pQ0`b@+pl P@0,~@@0[04Bg*R0dd,=PD0 
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+S,-"jLink broken from ,-"jLink established from ,-"jConnection rejected from ,-"jConnection failed from ,#!$bD0a@,~,>( M*$C N@@@@@A@@A	d6+~,	 (0!"cB0[0, "N,	[ , "O,		b	,	b, "O,	",^ B(	b+ ,~,^(d,\0P,~  ,&!&cF +
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