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	TITLE	RELOAD		;Proggie to use RECON.s
	SUBTTL Tarl Neustaedter

XP BTXLEN,^D16			;Max length the monitor will take for bootxt
$LVAR	BOOTLN			;Length of string we are supllying.

	GETPPN	T1,		;Find out who we are
	 NOOP			;grumble grumble - someone might jacct this.
	CAMN	T1,[1,,2]	;are we [OPR]?
	 JRST	START0		;Yes, proceed.
	MOVE	T2,[1,,2]	;No, reload will not work until we are.
	CHPPN.	T2,		;I hope this works
	 $ERROR	NPR,<No privs to reload system>,,,[EXIT]
	$WARN	CPO,<Changed PPN to [1,2] from >,.TPPNW##,T1
START0:	TLINE.	[ASCIZ \End of line (and system) only with <CRLF>\]
	MOVEI	P2,<BTXLEN*5>-1	;Max number of characters
	MOVE	P1,[POINT 7,BOOTXT] ;Byte pointer to save string

NEXTCH:	INCHWL	T1		;get a character
	CAIL	T1," "		;Make sure not a control character
	 JRST	GOODCH		;Good character , put it away
	CAIN	T1,.CHLFD	;Line feed?
	 JRST	ENDCH		;Yes, Ignore
	CAIN	T1,.CHCRT	;Carriage return?
	 JRST	GOODC		;yes, let the character through
	$WARN	CCI,<Control characters are illegal>,.TCHAR##,T1
ABORT:	CLRBFI			;clear typeahead
	SETZM	BOOTXT		;Clean first word out
	BLT	T1,BOOTXT+BTXLEN-1 ;Clean out until end of string
	JRST	START		;Start from scratch

GOODC:	SETO	P3,		;Remember we came through here.
GOODCH:	IDPB	T1,P1		;Save away this character
	SOJG	P2,NEXTCH	;get another character if it will fit.
	$WARN	BSL,<Boot string too long>,,,ABORT

ENDCH:	AOJN	P3,[$WARN MEC,<Must end with [RETURN]>,,,ABORT]
	SUBI	P2,<BTXLEN*5>-1	;Negative number of characters typed in
	IDIV	P2,[-5]		;Make into positive number of words
	ADDI	P2,2		;include partial word, and count word
	MOVEM	P2,BOOTLN	;save for recon
	MOVE	T1,[.RCBTX,,BOOTLN] ;BOOTLN is start of argument block
	RECON.	T1,		;Change bootxt
	 $ERROR	CSB,<Couldn't set BOOTXT, code: >,.TOCTW##,T1
	MOVE	T1,[.RCNAR,,[EXP 2,0]] ;Set auto reload bit to zero
	RECON.	T1,		;to ensure reload.
	 $WARN	CCD,<Couldn't clear DF.NAR, code: >,.TOCTW##,T1
	MOVE	T1,[.RCRLD,,0]	;do the reload function
	OUTSTR	[ASCIZ \Ding Ding Ding
	RECON.	T1,		;reload
	 $ERROR	CRL,<Couldn't reload the system, code: >,.TOCTW##,T1
	$INFORM	WOW,<How did you get here?????>