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                              TOOLS TAPE

The various programs in the tools area  have  been  found  useful  for
performance  analysis  or  debugging  or looking at crash dumps.  They
come as is with no warranty expressed or implied and are admittedly of
uneven  quality.   They  are here for your use if you wish to try them
following the rule, "USER BEWARE".


This publication was originally created for those customers  who  were
converting  from  a  TOPS-10 system to a TOPS-20 system.  The title of
the publication and the organization of material was designed to  meet
that objective.  Customers at 1983 Fall DECUS who saw this publication
requested DIGITAL to release it to all TOPS-10  customers  because  it
contains  useful  information  for  those  not  converting to TOPS-20.
Because of the number of customer requests, we are  distributing  this
publication  as part of the TOPS-10 customer supported tape.  There is
no commitment on DIGITAL's part to upgrade this material  with  future
releases nor to respond to requests for enhancements or corrections.