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?p@	`@?x+%@^qI8$I8I%Pu67qC7	d
@\@\^^^^^^^^"T;^^)^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>^^^^^^^^^^^>^^^^QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ^^^^^^^^^^:^^!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^C^^^^!^,!!!!!!!!!!^95^5,F%&ZA341ET:AB!->Y1F'V[L(0X^%+3+^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^%+3'#^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"T;^^)^^^^^^^^^^^^^0^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^G^^          ^9CD,S&"O*.2M^^^@G^-JYNO6UXH@(WK^KJ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^#^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:^^!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^G^^          ^?^^^,^^^^^^^^^^^^^!2^$=^^^^P^^0^<^+^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^[^^=^^B^^*D^NPUZ[/^O^^^^^^^^^^^^^S.^^^^R^^IW^\^^^^^^Q^^^^^^^/R4E^^
)^^I^?^^V^^^M^^L^H6^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^L^H^$^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Y-2"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^G,^          ^^^^^^^6W@SLH^^^^^^^^^^M^^^0^K&#^,0^^^^^^Abort Recursive Edit                    ADA Mode                                ALGOL Mode                              Apropos                                 Auto Fill Mode                          BLISS Mode                              C Mode                                  Compile                                 Connect to Directory                    Date Edit                               Describe                                Detach                                  Find File                               Fundamental Mode                        Hackmatic Terminal                      How Many                                Indent Tabs Mode                        Insert Buffer                           Insert Date                             Insert File                             Kill Buffer                             LISP Mode                               List Buffers                            List Files                              List Matching Lines                     MACRO Mode                              Modula-2 Mode                           Name Kbd Macro                          Overwrite Mode                          PASCAL Mode                             Phase Of Moon                           PL/1 Mode                               Push to EXEC                            Query Replace                           Rename Buffer                           Replace String                          Select Buffer                           Set Comment End                         Set Comment Start                       Set Flags                               Set Indent Level                        Set Key                                 Set Visited File Name                   Strip SOS Line Numbers                  Swedish Mode                            Tabify                                  TeX Mode                                Text Mode                               Undo                                    Untabify                                View File                               View Kbd Macro                          View Q-register                         Wall Chart                              What Cursor Position                    What Date                               What Page                               What Version                            Where Is                                Write File                              Write Region                            XonXoff mode                            ^R Append Next Kill                     ^R Argument Digit                       ^R Auto-Fill Space                      ^R Autoargument                         ^R Back to Indentation                  ^R Backward Character                   ^R Backward Delete Character            ^R Backward Delete Hacking Tabs         ^R Backward Kill Word                   ^R Backward Kill Sentence               ^R Backward List                        ^R Backward Paragraph                   ^R Backward Sentence                    ^R Backward Word                        ^R Beginning of Line                    ^R Buffer Not Modified                  ^R Center Line                          ^R Character Extend                     ^R Copy Region                          ^R Count Lines Page                     ^R CRLF                                 ^R Delete Blank Lines                   ^R Delete Character                     ^R Delete Horizontal Space              ^R Delete Indentation                   ^R Describe                             ^R Documentation                        ^R Down Comment Line                    ^R Down Real Line                       ^R End of Line                          ^R End Kbd Macro                        ^R Exchange Point and Mark              ^R Execute Kbd Macro                    ^R Exit                                 ^R Extended Command                     ^R Fill Paragraph                       ^R Fill Region                          ^R Forward Character                    ^R Forward List                         ^R Forward Paragraph                    ^R Forward Sentence                     ^R Forward Word                         ^R Get Q-reg                            ^R Goto Beginning                       ^R Goto End                             ^R Grow Window                          ^R Incremental Search                   ^R Indent Algol Stm                     ^R Indent ADA Stm                       ^R Indent BLISS stm                     ^R Indent C stm                         ^R Indent For Comment                   ^R Indent For LISP                      ^R Indent Modula-2 Stm                  ^R Indent New Comment Line              ^R Indent New Line                      ^R Indent Pascal Stm                    ^R Indent PL/1 Stm                      ^R Indent Region                        ^R Indent Rigidly                       ^R Indent SEXP                          ^R Interpret CSI Sequence               ^R Interpret VT100 Keypad               ^R Kbd Macro Query                      ^R Kill Comment                         ^R Kill Line                            ^R Kill Region                          ^R Kill Sentence                        ^R Kill Word                            ^R Lowercase Region                     ^R Lowercase Word                       ^R Make ()                              ^R Mark Beginning                       ^R Mark End                             ^R Mark Page                            ^R Mark Paragraph                       ^R Mark Whole Buffer                    ^R Mark Word                            ^R Move to Screen Edge                  ^R Negative Argument                    ^R New Window                           ^R Next Page                            ^R Next Screen                          ^R One Window                           ^R Other Window                         ^R Open Line                            ^R Prefix Control                       ^R Prefix Control-Meta                  ^R Prefix Meta                          ^R Previous Page                        ^R Previous Screen                      ^R Put Q-reg                            ^R Quit                                 ^R Quoted Insert                        ^R Read File                            ^R Return to Superior                   ^R Reverse Search                       ^R Save File                            ^R Scroll Other Window                  ^R Self Insert                          ^R Set Comment Column                   ^R Set Fill Column                      ^R Set Fill Prefix                      ^R Set/Pop Mark                         ^R Start Kbd Macro                      ^R String Search                        ^R Tab to Tab Stop                      ^R Transpose Characters                 ^R Transpose Lines                      ^R Transpose Regions                    ^R Transpose Words                      ^R Two Windows                          ^R Un-kill                              ^R Un-kill pop                          ^R Universal Argument                   ^R Up Comment Line                      ^R Up Real Line                         ^R Uppercase Initial                    ^R Uppercase Region                     ^R Uppercase Word                       ^R Visit File                           ^R Visit in Other Window                ACCEPT                                  BEGIN                                   CASE                                    CONST                                   DO                                      ELSE                                    ELSIF                                   END                                     EXCEPTION                               LOOP                                    PROCEDURE                               RECORD                                  REPEAT                                  SELECT                                  THEN                                    TYPE                                    UNTIL                                   VAR                                     Fundamental                             Text                                    Algol                                   Macro                                   Pascal                                  LISP                                    C                                       TeX                                     ADA                                     Modula-2                                PL/1                                    BLISS                                   Fill                                    Swedish                                 OverWrite                               #9`	 @  p`  ;                                       ;                                       !                                       ;                                       (*                                      ;                                       /*                                      %                                       --                                      (*                                      /*                                      !                                                                                                                       ;                                                                                *)                                                                              */                                                                                                                      *)                                      */                                                                             TT7T;98T7:<8""#"########,~7n,~2D+W2(+W.3h+".
/,6@*+7@,~"b+jB=ni,~&&P #.$ Dx,~&(P(#.d,~-"w 4?.403D+0)+0,/*-"w 4?.0.3D+01+037n+! A(0| (0|Gr(0yG(0|G&*.
 (F+ (Fapx+ apx+cP6+aP+aP+/444!9
 (Fapx+ apx+cP6+aP_+aP_+/444!9
 (FaP+ aP+cP6+apx+apx+/444!=
 (FaP_+ aP_+cP6+apx+apx+/444!=
<4!<4!<4!<4!/ Nx,~@@x,~/+W:,:8/&+T/&+V	

H8;jW5 $B	b+ ,~Q"A`5@$C,~@)@5@$D,~&&QHx6@,$;[x.(H,~ 
$,X@+$8. @+$9                                I8+I%^8PuC6N0@@$,> $I,n,^Q.A` &4D	,1=f,1 $I,n+	,gQ$A` N	`@& 2,>,,^,  @ O	`@,  @ O	`@,  @ P	`@,  @ P	`@,  @ Q	`@& . ."@B,~,gQ$A`7U@5@#Z/&& &( &F & F &(F,~,_ $U,n	d
 &,A $V,n,1,!"	b"+ ,~,_ Y	b/+ 7@$+5 "$	b+	b Y	b/+ ,@@?,T J,a >+j:B,~>B6@?,1@@?,~ D> "	b5B[
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fBX"@BvX"vbB@@9@^	b/+qb$,1"^,KG,Ob"`7@J,K&"`,KB"`7@H,K~"a,K""`7@I,K"b,K>"`7@H,K "c,K "d,K+a@@9 ^	b/+q "	b+aA"Q`X"x5	b>+  @,j7@+f,M? u
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4D! p	b'+ 
p+! "	b+O BI ",J!"M BG ",J " BJ ",J " BH ",J " BI " &,J+  r B_X"M BK r B` BK@@`@@LQ"X"k BaX"a BkX"V BMX"M BV, "0	b.+@@@1 t	b/+ @@3 Y	b/+ @@5 v	b/+ @@7 x	b/+@@@; z	b/+@ |	b/+ !"	b/+@O@F@@?@@@@@B@@?@@0,T+q I }	h',~ :x,~7`,V7@AA"?`B@h@ Bx>:>`,~   B "@ B,~, } DB6@,~6@C,6@F,\ $+@B+V@@F	d	&$j0 $j0/$l$	dA+ ,>,Xf,^x+	h	&(j0&( H J,~ "
,J@ h Bx,~%7CKd,X	0`%@K 
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. @=n BG2Bg " Bx,~@@>@@@ $,n G@,E $,n,17@0+
 $,n "-.& $2,n $,n+
There are no terminals defined.  Contact your friendly systems programmer.

  *6@0+@@1  B0 " B1-.&=j "-.&-.&:11",~ "-.& "-.&@@1,~>`1B0+8 ",J "( Bx,~ " BO@O@\" B,~,> ",J@,^4bn B,~6@@,~ "(B~F"hBaBh@hBaBh@? L+9DK,~b+1 "	b+ +1,gQ$A`\&
\(7	h@f"."B)F5F@5H@,~O@F	`/+ ,~7@F,~@@F
 &2,J+ 	b+T
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 JI,e7bx "%@ $'& DA,~ @,j,7J DJ   I!&	f'+ 5Dn  	!&	f'+ ,~  FQX&*&,~4Dn7f,~X.Q.A`,1=fl,~ Q.A`4Dn,1+o BC? `+`6@E+
0B1BA+|@@?? +B:>`+r   B "@ B+r:?1"+6`B;?7+ @R * Y * ,1 *  R@@?+r:
"+r"`+vB+r!"ZBB!C	`/+B,~*d ED+=!#.%~' $*,n C,n $,,n,@@C,~7 3+) ^Y >R*>Y Z[ "
 &+,J+ ,1@@@6@E+(,>x,U`,V,^xS>R*>+=O@@
4+=attached a job running AMIS.
Typey'CONTINUE'wtokresumenediting.O@F+= BZZ50Bx+= "	b+=QX"x3B5@@E Z BB!"Z*B	`/+  $-+ &,>6@,A,^.$+1
?Use the monitor command 'REENTER' to restart.pxTops-10 AMIS, Version 1C, edit # HQFrom job 

.w WW aSH@@

The terminal type  is not supported by AMIS.
Type 'CONTINUE' for further information.
The following terminals are supported:


Use the monitor command 'TERMINAL TYPE <name>' to set
the terminal type.
HH2<<     R((is over!!!ends in one minuteends in two minutesends in five minutesends in fifteen minutes
***** Timesharing  *****TTYIO: Some PISYS function failed.<g $ D7@+=	` >7@,aE  <  @@,4d $,1|x , \ Z ^ xQF & Fx,~ xZ  Y Fx & Fx,~4f&1f
:1F@:,>,>,>,>,>  (Z 1F+T[
0,+_ +P ( 
.,Z0.7+\ .0	n7+\ .7	n7+\ $'+I .!N L(QL(+f[
!L( ,QLXJ +fZ
XJ  $,^,^,^,^,^,~4D.1f
>1F@> ,>,>,>,> & $Z0H2(+sSX+p3H+3[
 .J+2J(+ *XJ D(QD(A$~Z
1$/|	d+ ,^,^,^,^,~0\+
 <; 4 4 $5,I $9, $:,@ @ @ @ @ #@@AMIS main loop terminatedNew: Allocating 0 or negative length $",URK? Buffer Space Exhausted             Dispose: Deallocating 0 or NIL $+,Dispose: Deallocating object twice $/,C@@SOF? Stack Overflow                     Stack OverflowHorrendeous system errorH:,RZQz1|x,X>x,_s,a9,@1 x Xw,W&,B,YZ$p,FX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h,_s,a9,W ,@1 x Xw@t
,V,@S x Xx,A,B,YZ$p,FX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xZ$^,IX>hYz,~NYI? Function is Not Yet Implemented    RZQz1|x,X>xZ8QX8L*8M@@MZ6QX6N*6O z(T54uZ4hQ"LX*"PZ2 HGBPZ4PQX4L*4MZ8hQ"NX*"`Z2 HGB`Z8`QX8N*8OZ8hQ"LX*"`Z6NQ6~ XGB`8*vx/8Z8`QX8P*8Q@@X@@X@@Y@@Y y+vZ4PR@@S@@SZ2QX2T*2UZ0QX0V*0W+xZ4QX4R*4S@@S@@T@@T@@U@@U@@V@@V@@W@@W+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2 QX2T*2U@@UZ0"QX0V*0W@@WZ.#8X@@Y@@Y+xZ4PR@@S@@SZ2$QX2T*2UZ0&QX0V*0W+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2QX2T*2UZ0QX0V*0WZ.(8X@@Y@@Y+xZ4)QX4R*4SZ2+HT@@U@@UZ0,@V@@W@@W+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2QX2T*2UZ0QX0V*0WZ.#8X@@Y@@Y+x z(T54AZ4-PT@@U@@UZ2.HV@@W@@W+EZ4/QX4T*4UZ21QX2V*2W@@R@@R@@S@@S+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2+HT@@U@@UZ0,@V@@W@@WZ.3 8 @X@@X@@Y@@Y+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2QX2T*2UZ0QX0V*0WZ.#8X@@Y@@Y+xZ4QX4R*4S@@SZ2QX2T*2UZ0QX0V*0WZ.(8X@@Y@@Y+xZ44QX4R*4S@@SZ25QX2T*2U@@UZ07QX0V*0W@@WZ.(8X@@Y@@Y+x)0:GR\e1v167+^oZ8hQ"TX*"`Z6PQ6~ XBB`8*v{/8Z8`QX8T*8UZ6hQ"VX*"XZ4PQ4~ PBBX8*t/6Z6XQX6V*6WZ4hQ"RX*"PZ2PQ2~ HGBP8*r
/4Z28 HGBPZ4PQX4R*4SX>hYz,~?|@@8` @@ @@ `@@RZQz1|x,X>x Dh o XL v V Dy @ y RP
 0 Py,bX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h h(X58J 8  XW+K 8Q XWZ8h ` @z @Z4z P @X 2 Ry,bX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh @ XA D@ @ZXh `,Ed h 
,9 hZ$,CX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh @ ` Vh@rh 8 h3V@@ h0T@4Xj h2PX+h Vh+i X Xh+b5TkZ$n,I h XhX>hYz,~NSB? No such buffer                     RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hZ&,J DhZDh @ X @ V Dh,F h x VQ8hX8*8 8 X	@t
@@@t 0 , Lh Ph2ph+ h.0`@t@
:h+ @ h V` W@ VhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h Fh @ ` Vh@rh 8 h3V@@ h0T@4XZ$h Z&,5V x5V h Xh+ h ` Vh+5T  hB84XZ$#,IZ$h,r x Xh h XhX>hYz,~NSB? No such buffer                     RZQz1|x,X>x
,7u,B h
5V4 h Xh+7Z$h h,
 x XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$A @Z&Z(x,7u,B 8 XyX>hYz,~Rename Buffer:                          RZQz1|x,X>xZ$y,6,6Z$},6,6,6 @ ` Vh h3X@+vZXh `,Ed,J x4XR $,Vt+S $,Vt $,Vt h ,5| h `0t+Y $,Vt $,Vt hZ$,6 $,Vt $,Vt 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+k h `
$4/6&6.4XZ"P{8f=1X+j h 
$$ h/6&6.$XZ"{$f=,Vt:h+_ $,Vt $,Vt $,Vt h `	4Vs,GR x,5|Z$	,6+tZ$`,6,6 h ` Vh+L @ ,EdX>hYz,~  #  Buffer  (Mode)  Filename             (* means buffer needs saving)          Characters                             RZQz1|x,X>x @ Xh A Vh A5T	Z$	 &,
 x,R+	 ,R h XA h VAX>hYz,~W2                                      RZQz1|x,X>x Dh @ZXh `.4` P
 Th4D	  `.0 ,.,& R`X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh @ZXh `.4 0.0& V`.6` DX
X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x\$m Dh $,	 h x Dh Fh,GB h h x/,G @ ` TC 
 VCX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$hZ&h,X/ h h/&,X)X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,X< w0v+	eZ$	j,X,Y $,Wd $,Wd y$$Z${,X 8 6 Vh Xh2xh+	V 040t+	R&4 Pz(TX7@54	U $$Z$3,X:h+	M z4X	XZ$	n,X,	9 $,Wd $,Wd @Z$,X,	9 $,Wd $,Wd @ `	B64V	d Z$,X @ `
4V	dZ$	r,X+	h $-,WdZ$s,X,	9 $.,WdX>hYz,~AMIS                                    Def                                     (RO)                                    RZQz1|x,X>x Dh Dz 8 XyX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,B,U`X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 80$0d?+
&$ P(D7@0$@ XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 80$0d?+
&$ R(D7@0$@B8 XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh0$0d?+
&$ N(D7@5$
  h/60.6  Vh h XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh0$0d?+
)&$ L(D7@5$
, h/6 .60 Vh h XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh2D
4Z$h,eGZ$h,IX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$
<,IX>hYz,~CFD? Can't find documentation           XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo:`
Zo `
LZ$`,dX xZo V`56
7 6Zo V`
A x Xh 6 Vh
4X!@th h1X+
A x Xh+
A x Xh,
ATxtXh h.4 0 Ph
q/4&4 8.Z"Px^=:h+
lZ$hZ&h,5V x5V@vh
,VlZ$h,5m x Vh 2 Vh
~ /$&$.Z"$=,Vt:h+
x $,Vt,6 8 Xh
4X h,5N x4X,
A x Xh+ 8 h1V@ Xh
A x Xh+,
A x Xh,
A x Xh,6+,6+! 8 Xh
4X! h,5N x4X,
A x Xh+ 8 h1V@ Xh
A x Xh+,
A x Xh,
A x Xh++
^,e) x,
X7h *6P 
% Wh@r
& 8 Xh+9Q6
X7h *6P 
% WhQ8
% V
% 8 X
& Xh+9().1x187+f6X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh&$ Fh h XG Xh0X^+S0& 0f-+E&& V(F 7@5&G.6 Vh h0200r=+K&2 NW(RP7@52M/6 Vh h04+R06+Q.6.6  Vh+R.6  Vh XG Rh h XhX>hYz,~?|@RZQz1|x,X>xh h,; x Xh0X>+iZ$hZ&h,@= 8 h0V?@ h12@0r@4Xg H
 Xh+i&6@ `	G Xh h0XN+k 6 Wh0X,+m 6 Wh h4Vr0XO+p 4	 Uh0X6+r 4	 UhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh Z} ^~ h5vy+
/6&6.6Z"X8f= Xh>h5t~+
QX6h*6h h000p?+
&0.0h @(PH7@50
 h h/4&4.4` 2Z"P4^=040t?+
&4.4h P(TX7@04@B24R
 h,5N x4X
 h h/6&6.6Z"X$f=,5N xB84X
X>hYz,~@?|@XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hZo `5T
 4 T`
; ` Ph 8 h0t@ Xh /$&$Zo.Z"$=,
 h x Vh Xh h/$&$.Z"$=,
 h h x2V@4X
) h/6Zo V`
Zo:`X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hSX"h*"h Hh	 Z~ ^@vh 2 Hh
 Rh	2rh
T /$&$.Z"$=,
 x Xh
 h	/$&$.Z"$=,
U:h	+
G8XhX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo 
,YO 6Zo ` Rh Vh2vh+
e /$&$Zo.Z"$=,Ya:h+
_ 8Zo2XX@ 4 X0R@G4X
s $,Ya 6Zo ` Rh Vh2vh+
s /$&$Zo.Z"$=,Ya:h+
mZo `0V+
 $,Ya 6Zo ` Rh Vh2vh+
y,YX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `+
RX>hYz,~You are typing in the name of an AMIS   extended command.                       Use Rubout to delete previous           characters;                             use ^U to delete the whole thing.       Typing Space or Escape causes as much   of the command name as possible to be   filled in for you (this is called       command completion).                    Type ? to list all the command names    which match what you have typed.        If completion fills in the entire name, a Dollar sign ($) appears.              You can then start typing the arguments to the command.                         Terminate them with a Return.  If there are no arguments,                       you can use Return after a sufficient   abbreviation.                           XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,Vl 
 Xh h4X! Z$ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4X  hZ$,6,6[h Xh+ 68 4\< Th Vh2vh+. $$Z$
(ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4X- h$$Z$
(,6,6:h+$,6X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo@t` 
 Vh h4X? Z$ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4X> h X
Zo:X 4] Th[h Xh+5 68 4\< ThZoZ2P Rh Wh2vh+M $$Z$
(ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4XLZo:` ` Vh:h+DZo `0T+P h V`
+Q,_sX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh Z ^Zo `0T+oZ"`$=,
 Vh h4Xz Z$ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4Xx hZ$,
[h Xh+q 68 4\< Th Vh2vh+ $$Z$
(ZoZ&Zo  ,
> x4X h$$Z$
:h+}Zo `5T,_s++ 0 
` Lh Ph2ph+/0&0 h/6&6Zo.Z"X8f=.Z"@xN=:h+
Zo `0T+Z$`,5m xZo V`
 `.4 `
 Ph Th2th+&/4&4Zo.Z"P6^= Vh h/2&2.Z"HvV= h R` 40V@Ah4T%+&:h+ 8Zo2XX@ X2RX
@4X+ 8 XX,
,YT@vh@rh@nh@jh 8^ Xh
$,>M	xB84X7,Y,@y x XhZ$h &,Y h0X+<,1+0X+B $,>M xB84X@,Y,@S x,
+O h+L@rh+N@rh+N@rh+NHIJ1v167+^K,
W+0X+ey$,S+g4Thc$,Ya+gi,h1r+q>$,,s+ h4r>h+	@nh+ h4r>h+
,4 Th+	1v167+^
W+ ,
1X^+4,B,W  h+;@t
&+= h.4 0 Ph Th2th+/4&4 8.Z"Px^=:h+ h5V @r
&+# 8 X
%+=h.480XPh Th2th++/4&4 8.Z"Px^=:h+& h.6 2 Rh Vh2vh+3/6&6 4.Z"X
  h T
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,H$ x XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h Fh Z ^ 8 Xh,GB x Vh/6 h.h Rh Vh36h+ ,GW x 060v?+&6.6h X(V`7@56 h,GG+>h+@vhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Z ^,GB x Vh /$,GG 8 y0V@ 40V@G4X, h/$,G` x0X+,+r,W, x VhZ8hQ"TX*"`Z4VQ4~ PGB`8*t0/8Z4XQ4~ PGB`8*t4/8Z8`QX8h*8h 2 Rh h4vb h Rh,GB h x/ RhZ$h , x4Xa,GB x,GW x Xh 040t?+G&4 PT(TX7@54H>h 040t?+L&4 PV(TX7@54N:h 040t?+R&4 PX(TX7@54` h Th,GB h x/ Th@@h@@h@@h@@h h0$0d?,&$ 
.GFZ$hZ$ , xB84X`+r+a+r+9,GB x,GW x Xh0X+f 6 Vh0X-+h 6. Vh0X+j 6 Vh0X=+l 6> Vh h/$,GW x3Xh+p,_s,V $,>M x Xw h,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh HhQ8X9h *8X@vh Hh Fh2fh+:h0v+ h /2&2.2` Rh Th ,GW h h xZ"HxV=:h+|X>hYz,~                                        RZQz1|x,X>x	,d: x Xh @Z4X P @h $,GG $ ,9 x,GGZ$S &,o x4XP,GB x VhZ$S &,o x4XP,GB x/6 Vh h,G` x,5N x4X":h+>h ,G` x,5N xB84X" h Vh h26h+P Vh h,GW x,5N xB8 h24h@4X/:h+)Z$h h ,u 88 6< Vh Xh2xh+: $$Z${Z&h,5V x5V9 h Xh:h+4 88 6< Vh Xh2xh+J $$Z$3Z&h,5V x5VI@@h	 h060v,&6 f
.GXX	Z8h	 hGB`Z8` ` @h:h+= h Vh h,G` x,5N x4XO:h+K+' h,9Z$h,CX>hYz,~-*-                                     RZQz1|xW,X>xCh HhZ%h &+,c% x,
.,BZ$t,Yt,Y h Vh h/6@3vh+i h DhB,e
.h.6@Vh+`h DhB,e
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.Z%h &#,cwZ%h,YtX>hYz,~Written:                                RZQz1|x,X>xhZ%h &),c% x Vh h2V@4X,BZ$,Yt $,GG,GR x,Fa+2V+\2 Rh h,
.h4X $,GG,GR x,FaZ$h,dX x Vh h46 h ,GwZ$h,dX x Vh+
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X>hYz,~(New File)                              RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$),Yt F4X$ D$E,67+& E54& $,Y- $,Y-X>hYz,~ARG:                                    RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 5/6&62v+3Z$5,IX>hYz,~?ATL? Argument Too Large                 RZQz1|x,X>x 
& V
'X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh i Xh,8$ h x h&0$024@4XK $,F+D,8$ x26h+N $,F+KX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh $,I_ x,GG 6 h Rh Vh2vh+e $,8\,It x,GG $,8\ G Vh,8$ h x/&6 Vh $,I_ x,GG h,A $,I_ x,GG:h+WX>hYz,~RZQz1|x",X>x,BZ$Z&hZ(x,8,B,YZ$h &),c% x Vh ,
. h3V+w,e) x VxZ$h &#,cwZ$h
 &!,cw+zQ8hX8h*8h	Z$h
 &!,cw @ ` Vh@rh 8 h0V@ h3T@@4XZ8PZ2hZ  `2PH+88=`++ Th+ P Xh+|4V
,r x,RZ$h &,x $,GG $,J @Q6hX6`*6`	@t`	 8 XyX>hYz,~Find File:                              RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 6 Dh Vh2vh+3 $,I_ x Vh $,I_ h x/ 81v@ Xh $,I_ h x Th Xh,GB h h x/ Th Xh,I h h x$02T@4X2 $,I_ x,GG+2,IN:h+X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 
(,W8 h56? ,I_ x,GG+L0V+J,It x Vh $,I_ x,GG,GB x2Vh+I,@8 x4XI,@1 x Xw+I,IN+L ,I_ x,GG 
(,WC x,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Z ^ y `) Th `h Ph $,I_ x,GG y$$Z$q h,o x4X_,GB x/h,GG,8$ x5V_+{+s,It x,GG 6 h Rh Vh2vh+i y$$/6&6.$XZ"q$f=,F:h+c 6 h Rh Vh2vh+q y$$/6&6.$XZ"0$f=,F:h+k,GB x/h/h,GG\$,8\ y `j Th,8$ x36h+z,8$ x.6 Vh h,A,GB x.h,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh y `) Th `h Ph,It x Vh h/$,G` x,5N x4X
>h+ h/h/h+Vh $,I%>x2vh+ h,GG1y$$Z$q h,o,x4X,GB1x/h4Vh,It+x,GG,h Dh,GB0h@x/,Fa $,8\,h,5,OX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh\6 Vh,GB,xXVh,GR,xRVhQh,GG,$,IZxZVh:h,82Vh@+43vh@G4X%2Vh+.:h h,GG,h VhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh.$,I,x,GG,GB3x,G`,x,5N,x4X;,$,Fa+6,GBXxYVh,ItRhQx3V+@Xh,AX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x@vh,8$ x3vG+f,GB x2Vh@Vh>h 80V@ Xh /$,G`0x,5N&h xG4XI@$,I@x.K26h+f:h,GG,GB,x/$,G`+x,5N x4XY\$,Fa+T,IN,6 K,Rh Vh2vh+a /$&$Z"G$=,F:h+\,GB x0Dh@$,8m4h x.,GG 8,XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh5$r+$,I x1Vh@,GG h4vq,I x",Fa+x,It0x+Vh ,GG,GR x3vh+x,I x,Fa $,8\ $,FX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Z ^@vh@rh,It x Vh,GB x Dh $,8m h x.,GG,GB x Vh h26h+ /$,G` x 060v+&6 ^A(V`7@56:h:h $,8m x.h,GG,GB x Vh+ h5R+@ G Nh,8$ h x/ Nh2.h+ Nh@vh+/h Nh h&h Vh h&h Th $,I x,GG 6 h Rh Vh2vh+@,GB x Dh $,8m h x.,GG,GB x/$,G` x 6 020r+2&2 NA(RP7@02@ h1r@4V7 $,F>h h2vh+: $,F 6 h Rh Vh2vh+? $,F:h+<:h+&X>hYz,~(1RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,GB x Dh $,8m h x.,GG,GB x,G` x,5N x4XO $,Fa+J $,F,GB x/$,GG,B x XhAh4X^,GB x Vh $,I h x/ Vh\$,I x,GG,| $,I x.h,GG,GB x.$,GG,GB x Vh,It h x2V+E\$,FaX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Z ^ $,I x Vh,It x2Vh+o@vh+ h,G` x0X+s 8 Xh+ y0X+ 6 Vh K Rh Vh2vh+.h/6 ,G` x h/4&4Z"PG6^=3X+~+:h+w h.K,G` x0x++ 8 XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh Z ^,GB x Vh,GR x Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+(,GB x 826h@ Xh,f h x0V@4X $,I x,GG+,GB x2Vh++N $,I x,GG,GB x 826h@ Xh,f h x0V@4X% $,I x,GG+,GB x2Vh+'+N:h+ 6"h Rh Vh2vh+N,GB x Vh $,I h x2V+2\$,I x,GG+4 $,I x,GG,GB x 81v@ Xh,f h x0V@4X=\$,I x,GG+4,GB x5V?+N,GB x 81v@ Xh,f h x0V@4XG\$,I x,GG+?,GB x5VI+N,f x5XM $,I x,GG:h+*,GB x/h Vh h,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x DhZ$hZ&h,:} h h, x.6 Vh h,GG $,I x3Vh+^:h h,GG $,I x Vh ,GG@vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+,f x Xh+{+} h,B+} h5Vw,GB x,G` x,5N x4Xo $,Fa+j 6 K Rh Vh2vh+v /$&$Z"G$=,F:h+q+x\$,h h,B+}ghi1x187+fy h Xh $,I x,GG:h+d,GB x,	! h,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh Z ^,GB x Vh Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+  h,G` x 60X@ Vh h,G` h x 40X@GB64V:h+,GR x3vh+:h++7 h,GG $,I x.62Vh+:h+
&0ZF*(PH7@00@B4A4X>h+ h/$,G` x0X+">h /$,G` x0X+ h,GG\$,T x.h Vh 8 h0t@RXht/$,G` h x 40V@G4X h5v% $,GGZ$+,I>h:h+ h,GG h/hTVhX>hYz,~          Linefeed                      XoXoRZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `0t+9:` `/0&0.0XZ"@dN=X>hYz,~XoXo0ZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hZ6,VhZ$h,5m,hZx,RhZVh2vh+I,/$&$.Z"$=,0:h+CX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xhQ8oX9h,*8X@vh1&+SZ$s,;,h/6ZVh,h16+WZ$w,;,h/6,Vh0V?+ZZ${,;+n1v+\Y,0+n0V+ Z$,;+n0V+aZ$,;+n0V+dZ$,;+n0V+fZ$,;+n0V+iZ$,;+n0Vommand, type C-].  To     proceed with it, type C-M-Z.            Type a Help option to say which kind of help you want:                          A   lists all the functions Apropos a   keyword.   You type the keyword.        B   lists basic help about AMIS.        C   says what a certain Command         (character) does.   You type the        character.                              D   describes a function.   You type    the name.                               N   views a file of AMIS news.          W   run Where is.                       Q or Rubout  Quits -- you don't really  want help.                              For a basic introduction to AMIS, run   the program ATEACH.                     RZQz1|x,X>x
SX"h*"hZ$h &),c% x Vh4V\$,
.Z$h &#,cw,X<Z$-,XZ$h,X,B,VlZ$h,dX x Vh h46( 2 Vh
+& h/2&2.2Z"H$V=,Vt:h+ Z$h,dX x Vh+ ,
.,e) x,
.,	AX>hYz,~Viewing file                            RZQz1|x ,X>x
SX"h*"hSX"h*"h Z ^Z$h,5m x Vh	Z"h$=,
 x Xh	@th 0 ,.
h	 Lh Ph
2ph+W /$&$.Z"$=,
 x2Xh	+V 6 h	 Rh Vh
/6 /$&$.Z"$=,
 x Xh
+G 8 Xh+W:h
+?X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `4V`Z$`,6+b $,Vt $,Vt h16+fZ$k,6 h/6 VhZ$h ,JZ$h,6Zo@t`X>hYz,~Control-X                               RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h Fh 8 Xh 4 0 Ph Th2th+} PG2Xh+|&4@A4B44T| h,Z:h+v 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+ XG2Xh+06@+.6 ,Z:h+ hB8 XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$$Z&hZ(x,7u,B@vh 88 4\< Th Xh2xh+ $$Z$
(Z&h,1 x4X 8 Xh h$$Z$
(,6,6Z$( h,o x4X,6:h+ h4X ,6Z$,,6+"Z$0,6Z$h,6,6X>hYz,~Apropos:                                  which can be invoked via:             (Done)                                  There is no match for the substring     RZQz1|x,X>xZ$h &,=(Z$h,X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh0D^+AZ$L,6,6+K 80D]@ 60D]@G4XGZ$P,6,6+KZ$T,6 h$$Z$
(,6,6X>hYz,~is not used.                            runs a user defined keybord macro.      runs the function                       RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$,Yt,Y,? x Vh ,; x XhZ$,6Z$h h,JZ$h,6 h0X(+Z$
,6,6Z$,6Z$,6,6Z$,6,6,@y x Xh ,Ya,Y h XG Xh0X^+~06 0v-+t&6 ^(V`7@56w h.6 XG Xh+~ h0600v=+{&6 ^(V`7@56~ h/6 XG XhZ$h,6Z$h h,JZ$h,6 h,;X>hYz,~Character:                              The character                           is an escape-prefix for more commands.  It reads a character (subcommand) and   dispatches on it.                       Type a subcommand to document:          ?|@RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$),Yt,Y,- x Xh $$Z$
RX>hYz,~Describe:                               RZQz1|x,X>xZ$h &,=(Z$h,X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$B,Yt,- x XhZ$F,6 h$$Z$
(,6Z$J h,o xB84X@Z$N,6,6X>hYz,~Where is:                               The function                            can be invoked via                      can be invoked only with M-X            RZQz1|x,X>x 8 Xh h4XxZ$y,Yt,Y,@y x,
 x Xh0X+] 6 Vh h0X?+_ 6( Vh h,Ya $,Ya,Y@vh h0X+f, 8 Xh+w0X +h,+w0X!+j,4+w0X!+l,X+w0X"+n, +w0X'+p,-+w0X++r,4+w0X(+t,W +w,B h,YaZ$},Yt 8 Xh+VX>hYz,~Doc (? for help):                        is meaningless here.                   XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo ,G` xZo XX:XX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,Zo ,5N x4X,+Zo `0V+ 2 Rh+D0V+ 2 Rh+D 40V@ 20V>@G4T& V`,Zo `0V+,, 8Zo X2TX@ 2 X3.X@G4X 0 Ph+D 42V`@ 2 `3n`@G4T, 2 Rh+DZo `0V+/,, 8Zo X0T@ 20T@G 20T@G 20T>@G 20T@G 22TX@G Xh ,5N h xG 6Zo P3pP@G4X,>P 0 PhX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,
 x VhZo ` Rh1V+l `4nY+U 
`5JS>`+WNPQ1v167+^RZo `5TY h,GG,FZo `54l h+d 
`5La:` h T`+f:
`+f\^a1p107+FaZo `5Th h,GGZo `0T+l ` P` 
h L`X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xhh y$8Z"`q8= Xh h Th h Ph,GB x Vh,It x Vh@rh@nh@jh,F h Wh h Sh4r h/$,GG h4V/6 Wh h4r h,G` x,5N x4X:h+ h Wh+@oh+	@shX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 
 Xh h `3Th+[h Vh5VZ$,I+[` X PhX>hYz,~MAIN: ZeroChar list skrewed up.         XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x 8Zo X12@ ...3.@4X/ X0X]+* 4] TXZ&,J Dh 
QYh X P 
 X12+./2 X XHG+/ X XHGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,BZ$L,Yt,- x Xh h3TP+9,+J,BZ$P,Yt h0X]+> 
Z$,Yt+@ $$Z$
(,YtZ$T,Yt,Y,? x Vh ,; x0X(+G,@y x.8 XhZ$X,Yt,8 x4XJ,X>hYz,~Function:                               ?Put                                     on key:                                 Go ahead                                RZQz1|x,X>x i4Xc 66 VK 4N TU 2P Rq ,aX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x $,I_ x Vh h,G` x,5N x4Xn:h+j h,GGX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hZ$h,5m x Vh,GB x Vh@rhZ$h h,o x4X ,GB x,G` x,
 x Xh,GB x/h/$,G` x,
h$xA4X8$Xhh,GGX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x6Dh,GB$x"Vh,e,GBx36h+>@vh>$,I,~x4v ;\$,I  x,GG,e,8$ x Vh@rh 88 4	< Th Xh2xh+%|h020r	+&2.2XZ(H(RP7@52$$$Z$ ,q x4X $ 8 Xh:h+  h0X+ 7 h4V *Z$ C,q xB8 Xh h4X .Z$ G,q xB8 Xh4X 1Z$ K,q xB8 Xh4X 4Z$ O,q xB8 Xh4X 7Z$ S,q xB8 Xh h4X 9 h.h Th $,I x,GG $,8\ h,A+ B h,GG,8$ x&$$$.$,AX>hYz,~END CASE                                END LOOP                                END SELECT                              AND THEN                                OR ELSE                                 RZQz1|x,X>x $,GG $ ,9 x,GG@vhZ$!	 &,o x4X b $,I x Vh h,GG 6 y `) Rh Vh2vh+ l y$$/6&6.$XZ"q$f=,F:h+ f @ `	B64V wQ6`X6h*6hZ$h &),c% x VhZ$h &",cw h5V v,e) x VxZ$h,F= $,FZ$h,Z$h,F=Z$!
. h4X!,c$ x4X!,c$ x,F+!+!",c$ x4X!",c$ x,Vt+!,c$ x,
. hB84X!&,6Z$!,,6X>hYz,~List Files:                             (Done)                                  RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hZ"h8= Xh h0V"+!8 4 Tj0V#+!9@rjZ"h4? Th h0V+!= 2 Ri0V+!?@piZ$h,E6Z$h,ZZ$h,aX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$!KZ&hZ(x,7uZ$h,!0X>hYz,~Flag vector:                            XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `2T!e+!X,BZ$!f @ (,' x Xh+!Z ,] x Xh,GB x Vh h4X!a  \&m,JD\$m,G;\$m &,G,GB x,	! h,GGX>hYz,~?Insert Buffer:                          XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `2T"$+!s,BZ$"$ @ (,' x Xh+!u ,] x Xh  ,Ed,J x4X",BZ$"(,Yt hZ$,YtZ$",,Yt,8 x4X" @ ,Ed @ XhQ6pX6h*6hZ$p,A x XhB84X" $ h ,'P $P "$,'PQ8hX8p*8q $ h ,'P h4X"Z$p,F @ ,Ed h2X@+",BZ$"0,YtZ$"4 A (,' x,R h2X@+"Z$"8,I A2Xh+" @ VA A2Xh+"@tA h h X T` h YX  ,Eo hZ&,iX>hYz,~?Kill Buffer:                            Buffer                                  contains changes. Write them out        Killing currently selected buffer;      Select which other buffer:              KCB? Killing currently selected buffer  XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$"LZ&hZ(x,7u,B,YZ&,J DhQ8hX8*8 Dh,@  h x V 
X>hYz,~Function name:                          XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x @ `3TC+"VZ$"h,I,BZ$"l,Yt C$$Z$
(,Yt,8 x4X"g\$m\&m,JD,	+,GB x Vh $,	 x Vh /h,Fa\$m,G;\$m &,G h,	! h,GGX>hYz,~NTB? Not This Buffer that was changed   Undo last                               XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$hZ&h,W8,B $,,Y- $,Y- h,67 $,Y- $,,Y- $,Y- h,67 $,Y- $!,Y- $$,Y- $,Y-,GB x,G` x,6= $,Y- $,Y- $,Y-,GB x,67 $,Y-@vh,GR x4v#,GB x$62 Vh Xh,GR h h x& Vh h,67Z$#,Yt,GR x,67 $,Y- $,Y-X>hYz,~% of                                    XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,GB x Vh $,GG@vh 8Z"hx=:h h Rh,GB h x/ Rh 81r@ Xh4X#-Z$h &  
,H$ x XhB84X## h,GG,BZ$#3,Yt h,67X>hYz,~Page                                    XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$#HZ&hZ(x,8Z$h & Dh Fh,GR h h x,W $,J @Q6hX6`*6`	@t`	 6 VyX>hYz,~Write File:                             XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,BZ$#WZ&hZ(x,8Z$hZ&h,:}Z$h h h,WX>hYz,~Write Region to File:                   XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Z ^	 y$8Z"`q8= Xh $,I_ x Vh ,GG h Vh\2 Rh . Nh $,I_ x,GG,GB x4v$\$,I_ x,GGZ$hZ&hZ(hZ*h,n h5V$ h.$,GGZ$$ & ( 
,H$ x4X#x h.6 Vh+$Z$$ & ( 
,H$ x4X#} h.6 Vh+$Z$$# & ( 
,H$ x4X$ h.6 Vh+$ h4v$ Vh+$ h.2 Rh+$ h0R+$,e,GB x &,I" x Xh,GB x,G` h x 42Vh@G4X$+#h,GB x Vh+$+#h h,GG,8$ x Vh h,GG $,8\ h,AX>hYz,~LAMBDA                                  DEF                                     LET                                     XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,GB x Vh y$8Z"`q8= Xh 2 Rh@nhZ$hZ&hZ(hZ*h,n h4v$8,GB x,G` x2Xh+$8 $9 $O,'P h4v$L $,I_ x,GG,GB x Vh,GR h x36+$@Z$$O,IZ$hZ&hZ(hZ*h,n@vh h4r$H,GB x,G` x2Xh+$H 8 Xh $9 $O,'P h4X$L $9 $O,'P+$8 h,GGX>hYz,~?UBP? Unbalanced Parentheses in S-expr   XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x $,I_ x,GG\$,I_ x Vh,GB x Vh,GB x Vh $,I_ x Vh h h h 
,J h,GGX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x $,	 x Vh $,	 x Vh $,	 x Vh,GB x Vh 2 Rh . Nh * Jh & Fh Fh Rh2rh+%.2 6 Vh Rh2rh+% h. X. H. X.3vH+% h. X Vh h h. 8. NH h h. RX:h+$x:h+$u h.  h.  h.   
(,J h h. X..H h./H h./H Vh h . 8/. NH h . H/h. RX h,GG h,	! h,	! h,	!X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,GB x Vh $,9b h x. Vh ,GG\$,9b x.h Vh ,GG\$,9b x.h Vh ,GG $,9b x.h Vh h  h 
h,J h,GGX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh,B h4X%@Z$%VZ&hZ(x,8+%BZ$%ZZ&hZ(x,8,B,Y,J x4X%K,BZ$%^,Yt @Z$,YtZ$%b,Yt,8 x4X%K $P %f,'PZ$h &,x $,J $,GG @Q6hX6`*6`	@t`	 hB6 V`
 4 Ty,;X>hYz,~Visit File:                             Read File:                              Buffer                                  contains changes.  Write them out       ?XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x
Q8&1X8h*8h,GB x Vh,e,GB x Vh,8$ x Vh $,I_ x Vh h,G` x,5N x4X%v:h+%r 6 Vh h,G` x Xh h,
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SX"h*"hh.(? Hh,INZ$h,F=,IN,IN h h Rh Vh2vh+'&6 Xh h+&l h @G Vh+&n h @G Vh+&n h @	G Vh+&n&d&f&h1t147+V&j 8 h0V^@ 40V^@G 40VQ@GB84X' h0R+&xZ$',F=+'
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(,F=,IN:h+&a h1v?+' $,FX>hYz,~Backspace                               Tab                                     Linefeed                                Return                                  Escape                                  Space                                   Rubout                                  XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh 8Zo X3R'O@0r@ 42R'O@0$0d+'=&$ z(D7@0$@G4X'G@@h h0$0d,&$ 
.GFZ$h zDBZ$,C+'N@@h h0$0d,&$ 
.GFZ$h zGBZ$,CX>hYz,~?RZQz1|x,X>xh Fh h2V2+'V 2 Rh:
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+2 w0r+'ZZ$2,I,BZ$2,Yt,8 x4X'^ 8 Xr Xr,B+2 $,9+2 $,9+2,+2 $,'1+2 $,9+2 $,9+2,B,Y,J x4X'r @Z$ & Dh
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 x,W,Y $,1 $,1 @Z$ y$&Z&{,r+2Z$2Z&hZ(x,7uZ$h,dO x,
.+2, W+2, +2,B,Y,*+2,g+2 $,9+2 83F2@1f@ 42F2@ hB2AG Xh , h4X(
Z$2",Yt+(Z$2&,Yt+2,pN+2 83F2@1f@ 42F2@ iB2AG Xi4X(Z$2*,Yt+(Z$2.,Yt+2,!P+2,GB x VhZ$h,Z$h,F=,GB x,	! h,GG+2,BZ$22Z&hZ(x,8,B,Y,GB x VhZ$h &,x,GB x,	! h,GG+2,!k+2 $,9+2,E+2 $3F2@,!+2,ph+2 $,9+2 $,9+2,"=+2 $,'1+2 $,9+2Z$h,$?Z$h,F=+2 $,9+2,B,Y h3V2+(?56(=,`!#h Vh+(@\2 Rh h,> x4X(C,	|+(DZ$26,I+2 $  h3R2@,o? 8 Xy+2,8+2 $ & h3R2@,o?+22F2+(R,BZ$2: A (,' x,R+(T ,] x,R 8 Xy+2,BZ$2> y$&Z&0 yZ( h,7u,B+2,BZ$2B y$&Z&q yZ( ),7u,B+2,!C+2 h Rh+2 ,0+2,BZ$2FZ&hZ(x,7uZ$h &),c% x VhZ$h &#,cw h5V(m,e) x Vx @Q6hX6`*6`	@t`	 6 Vy+2,<x+2 $,'1+22F2+(u 2 Rh,GB x Vh,GR x Vh ,GG h3vh+) /$,G` x0X+) h,GG,8$ x&h 60X@4V)@vh h/$/h,G` x 60X@ h/h3rh@4V)
:h+) h1v+)",Fa+h4v),$,F h/h+Vh+),9+2,"Q+22F2+) 2 Rh,GB x Vh Vh,GR x3vh+)1 h,GW x0X+)0 h,GG $,Fa 6 h Rh
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 x,R $,GG,GR x,FaZ$2R,F= $,FZ$h,Z$h,F= $,F $,F,INZ$2V & ,&WZ$2Z & (,&WZ$2^ & (,&WZ$2b & (,&WZ$2f & (,&WZ$h &,=(Z$h & Dh
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 x,W $,J A,R+2,"q+2Z$h,Z$h,Yt+2,#+2Z$h,"Z$h,Yt+2,4+2,#8+2,#M+2 83F2@1f@ 42F2@ iB2AG Xi4X)iZ$2j,Yt+)jZ$2n,Yt,\+2 V
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 Th h0R+*"E NE,@y x Xh 040t+*&4 V2r(TX7@54* $,> h060v+*	&6 ^2r(V`7@56* D,- D$6.h/6 VD 8 XF,@y x Xh 040t+*&4 V2r(TX7@54* $,>+*>
&,A+2,e+2 $2"h,'P+2 8 z(T04@2F2@ Xh
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 x3T@4X*) $,F,GB x/$,GG\$,8= h2V2+*-\$,9E x,Fa+*0,9"h,9E x,Ff+2 h52*3 $*",'P+*=2F2+*7\$,8= $" 2,'P+*= . Rh
+*=\$,8= $" &,'P:h+*9+2,9"h,9b x,Ff+2,9"h,:e x,Ff+2,GB x Dh
"h,T h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
"h, h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
"h,:e h
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"h,9b h
 x.,GG+2 h/$,I_ x,GG+2 $,J 8 Xy+2 h,P+2,9,J x Xh,GB x Vh\$m Dh
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 x/,Ff\$m,G;\$m &,G h,GG h,J+2 $3F2@,;Q+2 yS4Z"`a 5@*x@54*y,%g z(X58*{,&6 h,+2,It x,GG\$,8\ $ &,9 x,Fa\$ &,9 x,Fa+22F2++ $,9E x,Fa++,9 h,9E x,Ff+2 $,8\+22F2++ $,I_ x,GG,GB x4v+,I x",Fa++,It x,GG,GB x Vh
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 x26++,I x,Fa $,8\ $,F+2,X+2,R+2 h,~+2 h,5 
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,	+ $ h3V2@,R+2,GB x Dh
 h,9E h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
 h,T h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
 h, h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
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 x.,GG+2,GB x Dh
 h,9b h
 x.,GG+2,GB x Vh,< x,G;,GB x Vh h2R2++e h,	!++g ,	! h,GG+2,GB x,	! $,GG+2,GB x,	!,GR x,GG+2 h,U
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 x/#1vz++z h,	!Z$2w,Yt,Y++{,B+2 $, +2 $, +2 $, +2 $, +2,O+2,#\+2 $, +2,Y+2 N &,'P K5V,
 L h,'P+, 2 Vh
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+2 $, +2 $, +2Z$hZ&h,:} h h, x Vh h2R2+, . Nh h,GG,e h Vh
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 x/ Vh h,GG $,I_ x2Vh+,$ h,1 6 h Rh
+,+ $,I_ x,GG h,1:h+,& h46,= $,I_ x,GG,e 8 h1t@ 60T@ Vh
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 x3R@G4X,= h,1,GB x.h,	! h,GG+2Z$hZ&h,:} h h, x Vh h,GG,e h Vh
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 x/ Vh h,GG $,I_ x2Vh+,O,e,8$ x.h,1 6 h Rh
+,X $,I_ x,GG,e,8$ x.h,1:h+,Q h46,j $,I_ x,GG,e 8 h1t@ 60T@ Vh
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 x Rh
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 x3R@G4X,j,8$ x.h,1,GB x.h,	! h,GG+2,$(+2Z$hZ&h,@= 8 h0V?@ h12@0r@4X,x  
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 	G h,'P+2,A+2 4 h Ph
+-!,GB x Vh $,I_ x,GG y `) Th $$Z$q ,o x4X-,GB x/h,GG,GB x/$,G` x,5N x4X-,GB x/$,GG+-,Fl,It x Dh
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 x/,Ff+- h2V2+- h,GG h3V2+-  $,I_ x,GG:h+-+2,9 h2V2+-0 $ ,9 x5V-+,It x Dh
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 x/,Ff+2,9Z$hZ&h,:} h,GG h/h,Ff,GB x,	!+2,9 h,:e x,Ff+2,9 h,9b x,Ff+2,	+ $,;7+2 h & ,;
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 x.,GG h4v-q,GB x,	! $,	 x Dh
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 x.,GG+-u,GB x Dh
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 x.,	!+2,GB x,	! h2V2+-|,GR x,	! $,GG+-~ $,	!,GR x,GG+2,GB x Dh
 h,9b h
 x.,	!+2,Y+2 8 XE XF"E TE,>
&+22F2+.,	|+. 82XD@0F@4X. $,Ut+. h,TZ+2,GB x Dh
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 x.,GG+22F2+.Z$hZ&h,W1 h/$,Th,W, x,GG+. h,Th+2,U[ x0V+." $,T~ j4X.",	 h3V2+.$,	 $,U/+2 $,T~,	+2 h4t.1 0 Th
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 x$h/,GG+2 $!,=~ $,=~>
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"h, h
 x.,GG+22F2+.OZ$hZ&h,W1 $/h,Th,W, x,GG+.P"h,Th+2,< x Dh
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 x/,Fa+2,@+2 $,>,@S x X
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 x,W $,J 8 Xy+.},BZ$2},Yt+2 $I 2,'P $H h,'P $I 2,'P+2 z(X58/ 4 h Ph
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 x&0 60R@GA4X/ $,Fa 
060v?+/ &6 XV(V`7@56/",+23F2+/% h Th+/&,8$ x Vh y h T`j,BZ$3,Yt h,67 $,Y-+23F2+/. h Th+/0,8$ x Vh h VG,BZ$3,Yt h,67 $,Y-+2,GB x Vh
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 x/ VK1v+/; 2 RK 6 K Rh
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 xZ"XGtf=:h+/=+2 h0T+/K $,	 x Vh+/U0T+/O $,	 x,GG+/U,GB x,	!,B $,>M xB84X/T,YZ$2w,Yt+2 h,?+2 $ h,l+2,8$ x&$$$.$,A>h5v/Y+2 82F2@ Xh
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 x2T@4X/o,GB x/$,GW x Xh\$,Fa,GB x/$,GG h,F,GB x.$,GG+0 6#h Rh
+0 h52/u,GB x/$,GG,GB x/$,GW x Xh\$,Fa,GB x.$,GG h,F,GB x/$,GG h4v0,GB x.$,GG:h+/q h5V0,GB x Vh ,GW x Xh $,	 x,GW x,F $,Fa $,	 x,GG $,Fa h,F h,GG+2,$T+2,$f+2,%!+2,U[ x1V+0,	 $,U/ 828h@ jB6G4X0 @ XA $,T~,	+2 82XD@0F@4X0&,GB x VB $,Fu,GB x VB ,	! B,GG+0+,GB x VB h,Fu,GB x VB B,	!+2 $,	 x 82VB@ Xh
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 x2TB@4X0< $,	 x Dh
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 x/,Fa,GB x VB h4R0;,G $,Fu,GB x VB+2 $,>@vD 8 XE XF,@y x Xh 040t+0E&4 V3	(TX7@540Y $,> h0X+0L"E TE,@y x Xh $,> h060v+0P&6 ^2r(V`7@560Y D,- D$6.h/6 VD 8 XF,@y x Xh $,>+0L+0Z:D>
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'+2 h & (,;
+2,	+ $,;7+2 h & ,;
+2 $,%9+2,U[ x Vh $W 2,'P h1V+0n $I 2,'P,@y x Xh $,> h0X+1,VlZ$3
,6Z$3,6,6Z$3,6,6Z$3,6,6Z$3,6Z$3,6,6Z$3",6Z$3&,6,6Z$3*,6,6,6Z$3.,6,@y x Xh $,>+0p,W  8 h0V@ 40V!@G 40V1@G4X1
 $ 2,'P+1 80V@ 40V#@G 40V3@G4X1 $ 2,'P+1Z$32,I+2 
 x h,??+2 $,>,@y x X
 HG Xh0X^+1/02 0r-+1%&2 N36(RP7@521( 
.2 HG Th 
0200r=+1,&2 N37(RP7@521/ 
/2 HG Xh h h,'P+2Z$39,I+2Z$3=,I+2'W'_'a'b'c'e'f'h'u'z'{'|'~'((
(((((()(*(+(.(/(0(2(3(4(6(8(:(D(I(J(M(V([(`(a(b(d(q(r(s)))))2)6)8)9)W)X)Z)[)^);)`)a)k)l)t)x****0*>*A*D*I*N*S*X*[*]1*>*s*u*}+++g.h.n.p.}//"/,/5/G/U/W/Y/]000000,0=0[0]00b0d0f0h21111121d^1$7+13X>hYz,~?ATL? Already at top level               Abort this recursive edit               Connect to Directory:                   Hackmatic mode on                       Hackmatic mode off                      Using tabs                              Not using tabs                          Insert File:                            CPC? Couldn't Push Command level        Select Buffer:                          New comment end:                        New comment start:                      New File Name:                          View File:                              AMIS Command Chart Buffer               AMIS Command Chart (as of               Non-Control Non-Meta Characters:        Control Characters:                     Meta Characters:                        Control-Meta Characters:                Control-X Subcommands:                  Using flow control                      Not using flow control                  @M-X                                     *** Mark set ***                         `@(No changes need to be written)         Comment column =                        Fill column =                           @You are typing a character as an        argument to a command.                  The command is ^R Visit in Other Window:Find buffer or file in other window.    Follow this command by B or C-B and a   buffer name or F or C-F and a file name.We find the buffer or file in the other window,                                 creating the other window if necessary. Now type the argument.                  ILO? Illegal Option for this command.   ?|@UUK? UnUsed Key                         ILC? Illegal Command                    RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,,a9 h4X3N,EFZ&,J D@ E@  XZ$3W &,
 x,R @ XA@tA h,hV,a* h,Z h,Aw,	|, x Xh, x Xi,\X>hYz,~Main                                    RZQz1|x,X>xZ$h &,=(Z$h &),c% x Vh3V3u+3t ,
.Z$h,dX x Vh h463j h ,GwZ$h,dX x Vh+3e ,
.,e) x,
. $,GG\$l Dh,GR h x,G,GR x,Fa $,J,>VX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,@y x Xh XhS6Z"G 5@3}@563~ $,>,A x4X4Z8h G @`Z64# XGB`Z8` ` @G G(X584 h.6 Vh G584
 h.6 Vh@@G h X
 h PG Vh0V^+4  00 0p-+4&0 F4#(PH7@504.4 Th 0000p=+4&0 F4%(PH7@504/4 Th08+404+4.4.4  Th+4.4  Th PG Rh T
 h VhX>hYz,~@?|@RZQz1|x,X>x EB8 FB6G4X41@vD@rD . NE@jF@fE 4> Th+4< D Vh FB84X44 2 Rh 2 D Nh Rh2rh+4; h,- h$6 Vh:h+46 E$h Vh@vFX>hYz,~?RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h:wQ8hX8s*8v@vr@rrQ8pX8h*8hZ$p,A x Xw@tE@@G,W  8 Xy y4X4OQ6hX6s*6v,	A@vy,V,3v x Dh,4' h x,'P 8S6Z"G 5@4V7@06@ EB6 FB4GA4X4\,=x r4X4L 6 Vy>w@nrQ8hX8p*8q r4X4c@rrZ$p,FX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,3A@vh@rhZ$p,A x Xw h4V4x hB44T4o 4 Th,3[ hB84X4x 8 Xh,an x4X4x @Z$ &,x @@t`	 $,J $,GG,;Z$p,A x Xw@twZ$5,4? $O 5,'PZ$p,FX>hYz,~                                        ?Z(5MAIN      H:,XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `24`+5 ` 
`/, LhZ6` Vh Qh2ph+5Zo `/0&0.0X 4Z"@tN5:h+5@vh+5 ` /0&0.0XZ"@dN5>` 4 ThX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo&` Dh h&` Vh0v+5*.6 Vh+5+.6 /6 Vh ,5	 x4X52 h5V50 8 Xh+52 ,5! x XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xhh Lh.
/* Jh Hh2hh+5? h/(&(.(` 6Z" v.5:h+59 h.h/6 Vh#h,5! x4X5F h565F $,5
 x XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xhhZ%h ,,53X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 80D@ 60D@G XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x
SX"h*"hSX"h*"h 6 Vh	 h	/$&$.Z"$5,
 x Xh
 h	/$&$.Z"$5,
/x/.Xh	:h	61X@ 21t@G4V5] XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh@vh 2 . Nh Rh2rh+5z h/2&2.2`Z"H6V51V+5y h Th:h+5s h VhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x DhZ$h h ( * ,,53 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+6
 h/$&$.Z"$5,Vt:h+6X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h 6 VhZ$h,5m h x Rh Vh2vh+6 /$&$.Z"$5,Vt:h+6 $,VtX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x $,Vt $,VtX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xhZ$h h ( * 
h,53 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+66/6&6.Z"X8f51X+65 h/$&$.Z"$5,Y-:h+6-X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh &,6%X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh &,6%X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `
5T6IZ$`,Yt+6cZ$`,5m x Vh 2/ Vh Rh2rh+6S /$&$Zo.Z"$5,Ya:h+6M $,Y- 6Zo `
 Rh Vh2vh+6\ /$&$Zo.Z"$5,Ya:h+6V $,Y- h4v6b /$&$Zo.Z"$5,Ya $,Y-X>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo Zo 
,YO,6C:6Zo,`/ZRhZVh2vh+6t /$&$Zo.Z"
,YTZo `
X>hYz,~RZQz1|x&,X>xSX"h*"hSX"h*"hh Lh	 6 VhZ$h
Z$h,5m x Vh
,YT,6C h
4X7T,$,>M,xB84X7,Y,@y,xZXhe,6,6Z$7i,6Z$7m,6,6,6Z$7q,6+7T0X+7',Y h/6 Vh.6 2 Rh Vh2vh+7&/6&6 4.Z"X
+7TA60X.Z$h4X7-,s,6f+7T0X?+73 h1t+72>h,6f+73,s+7T0X
+7>/4&Th,6f+7T0X+7D,B $,>M xB84X7C,Y,6f+7T h0T+7F,s+7T0X+7L $,>M xB84X7J,Y,@S x Xh
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Q6h *6P h Uh	X>hYz,~You are entering the argument to a      command.                                Terminate it with a Return. Rubout      cancels one character.                  C-U cancels the argument. C-G aborts    the command.                            Now type the argument.                  RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hhZ$hZ&7~Z)hZ+h ,,6{X>hYz,~                                        RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"hhZ$hZ&8Z)hZ+h ,,6{X>hYz,~                                        RZQz1|x,X>xZ$8 ,Yt,Y,@y x,
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 x4X9m:h+9i h,G` x,
 xB84X9r:h+9m:h+9h h\2 Rh Vh2vh+: h/$,GW x,
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 xB84X9>h+9z:h+9u h Vh,GB h x/ VhX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x,GR xZo2V`+: 6 `1r@ Vh+:a 6 `0R@ `0.@4V:' R` 6 Vh hZo X3rX@4X:" X,GW x,5N x4X:Zo:`+:"Zo  &,I" x4X:!,I xZo.` V`+:"@vh+:3rX+:& X NX 
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@RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,GB x Vh Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+:q,: xB84X:p:h+:m:h+:l h\2 Rh Vh2vh+:x,: xB84X:w>h+:t:h+:s h Vh,GB h x/ VhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh,GB x Wh $,	 x Wh27h+; $,	 x Wh,GB x WhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh Hh5$;,GB x Vh,GB x Dh h,9b h x.,GG+;,GB x Vh h,9b h x. Vh 8 Xh,GB x h/2 Rh Vh2vh+;5 ,GW x Xh ,
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,Yt $,Y- h,67 $,Y- h,67 $,Y- $,Y-X>hYz,~Buffer:                                 Page has                                 lines                                  RZQz1|x,X>x,@y x,
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TxXh+<04Y0t-+<"&4eV<;(TX7@54<%a44//4QTh+<.040t+<)&4hV<=(TX7@54<-&4//4?|@IQN?InvalidhQ-registerNameQz1|xXoXoZQz1|x,X>x,GB+xQVhX,G`*x+6Q020r+<M&2QN<w(RP7@02@XVh,h.$,G`QhXxX020r+<U&21N<w(RP7@02@Vhh.$,G`1h1x7020r+<^&2DN<w(RP7@02@1Vh,h.$,G`Rh+x2020r+<f&2CN<w(RP7@02@ VhTh.$,G`Bh4x\020r+<o&2HN<w(RP7@02@DVhMh.$,G`+hZx0X@4V<vM$,FaX>hYz,~@RZQz1|x,X>x,GBxVh$,GGQ8Z"hx5Z$h,&@X*,H$2x4X=\$,Fa+</$,GGZ8Z"hx5Z"hx5Z"hx5Z"hx5Z"hx516Z"hv5 4Z"ht5Z$h &X(Y*,H$Rx4X=\$|,FaX$,F,<C+=@v@rX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 16+>,=e 4X> h,Ya+>	:/4&4 hZ"Pr^=bX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xh 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+>/6&6.Z"X8f=b1X+> h/$&$.Z"$=b,=~:h+> $,=~X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh B84X>D 8 X 4V>$ $&,=~ $,=~ 0X+>'>E,>+>B0X+>*>F,>+>B0X+>,>G,>+>B0X+>/>H,>+>B0X
,6+@0X+?|Z$@,6+@0X+?~Z$@,6+@0X+@Z$@,6+@0X?+@Z$@,6+@b,Vto$,Vt:h+?e,6X>hYz,~Definitiongof keyboard macro:e   => ContEscape                   Escape  => StopSpaceMacro               Rubout  => SkipReturnest of the Macro   C-R     => EnteTabecursive editing      C-L     => RediRuboutthe screen         Any other charaRZQz1|x,X>x,;:Z&,J DhZDh QXZXV Q4`X4*4  `RTQ1V,hXYZQXX@@Th,<X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x,?@v@@Xh@rX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xZ,XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh,,Wh:+YhX>hYz,~XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x ZXh:`1t+@K@p`Z$@O,I h `.4gZo X PPX>hYz,~TLK? Too Long Keyboard macro            RZQz1|x,X>x B84X@u 4X@Z,>q x Vh+@e 4V@],> x Vh+@c 4r@b $,>M xB84X@b,=e,Y,M x Vh 4X@e,@D h0VM+@q@r,@S x 060v+@l&6 ^@x(V`7@56@p $6./6 V+@g  X@v h&2 T 8 h10@ X@v  XhX>hYz,~@RZQz1|x,X>x,@S x Xh 0V+A B44TA,@X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x  XhX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x 8 XX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x@v,X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x 4XAF@t,BZ$AG,Yt,V,@S x Xh,B 8 h0V@ 40V	@G 40V@G Xh,A h xB6A4XA; h0X+A3Z$AK,6Z$AO,6,6Z$AS,6,6Z$AW,6,6Z$A[,6,6Z$A,6,6Z$Ac,6,6Z$Ag,6,6Z$Ak,6Z$Ao,6,6+A70X	+A6:Z$As,4?>,B,VZ$AG,Yt,Y,@S x Xh,B+A,A x4XA=,A+AF h0X+A@ 6 V+AF0X?+AD 6 V $ ,?+AF1X
h$,YO@v@rX>hYz,~Z(BINPUTBG+H:,RZQz1|x,X>xZ$B,IX>hYz,~NIB?XCharacter0NotBInBuffer2th+CZ&RZQz1|x,X>xDh5$B$Z$B*,Q&[`XV&Z'/& R'22h+B$X>hYz,~Findbackwards:argumentoutof rangeFRZQz1|x,X>xYDh3d$+B3Z$B;,,'.&V' &Z` V& '.& R'32h+B4/&YR'X>hYz,~Findforward:xargumentvout ofrange ThRZQz1|x,X>xh[4XhZ2Vh+h hXRPQTHX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>xh ZD ^D Dh 84XBV hZX+Th[X,Rh h4PBRXZ&@,iFZ&,i2Vh+BU+BV h Nh+BLX>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x[) `[V) X X( ( T(X>hYz,~RZQz1|x,X>x Dh ZE ^E )4XBe+C )2V"+Bg,BX+C ( Xh (Z` Vh (.h1r@+Bu h T( (2X(+Bo,BX 8 (2Vh@ 4 )2R"@G4XBt+C+Bh (3X&+C h3V&+C3Xh+C3Vh+C [ [ ( ( 
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,~,^,~7@#~+c@@#~+cf2!,^,~LSF? List Files not yet implementedf&DSKIO: LSFxxx routine called.DSKOPEN: File is already open $f-,DSKOPEN: Illegal access code $f1,INXp c8cjDSKOPEN: DEVTYP failed $f8,c<cKx r  +ebZ 6@+e`+ebH eCan't get real path to file $fA,
 `Z _+e`Can't get real path to the file $fL,DSKOPEN: Dummy OUT failed $fP,@ qTRUNAME: DEVTYP failed $fV,TRUENAME: Can't get path of device $fY,H
X fDSKREAD: File is not open $fa,O@x,~DSKREAD: Hard error. Please reboot $ff,DSKREAD: Strange error $fk,?+DSKWRITE: File is not open $fq,DSKWRITE: Too large diskblock $fu,@@x,~DSKWRITE: Hard error.Error code later $fz,DSKWRITE: Strange error $f,  +e`DSKCLOSE: File is not open $g,  +e`B
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@@#}+e9Z _7@+eb+e`HHH#z/  "ef $+eX/   "eh $+eXUNK? Unknown error in DSKIOIOF? This is no errorIOF? Can't delete old backup fileIOF? Backup failed, saving as nnnAMI.TMPCCD? Can't change directoryFSE? No error, successFSE? Illegal character in filespec.FSE? Too long field in filespecificationFSE? Duplicate filespecFSE? Duplicate extensionFSE? Double directoryFSE? Colon, but no deviceFSE? Duplicate deviceFSE? Illegal separator in directoryFSE? Too many sfdsFSE? Null sfdFSE? Illegal format for directoryFSE? Illegal protection codeFSE? Duplicate protectionFOO? Cannot write 8-bit filesIOE? File not foundIOE? Incorrect ppnIOE? Protection failureIOE? File being modifiedIOE? Already existing file nameIOE? Illegal sequence of uuosIOE? Transmission errorIOE? Not a save fileIOE? Not enough coreIOE? Device not availableIOE? No such deviceIOE? Ill. mon. call for getseg and filopIOE? No roomIOE? Write-lockedIOE? Not enough table spaceIOE? Partial allocationIOE? Block not freeIOE? Can't supersede a directoryIOE? Can't delete non-empty directoryIOE? Sfd not foundIOE? Search list emptyIOE? Sfd nest level too deepIOE? No-create for all s/lIOE? Segment not on swap spaceIOE? Can't update fileIOE? Low seg overlaps hi seg (getseg)IOE? Not logged in (run)IOE? File has outstanding locks setIOE? Bad .EXE file directory (getseg,runIOE? Bad ext. for .EXE file(getseg,run)IOE? .EXE directory too big(getseg,run)IOE? TSK - exceeded network capacityIOE? TSK - task not availableIOE? TSK - undefined network nodeIOE? Rename - sfd is in useIOE? Delete - file has an ndr lockIOE? Job count high (A.T. read cnt ovrflIOE? Cannot rename sfd to a lower levelH:,RZQz1|x,X>x Dh4DhZ@v$'X>hYz,~Xo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$hs,6,6Z$hw,6Z$h{,6,6Z$h,6Z$i,6,6Z$i,6Z$i,6,6Z$i,6Z$i,6,6Z$i,6Z$i,6,6Z$i,6Z$i#,6,6Z$i',6Z$i+,6X>hYz,~You are typing a search string.         You can rub out, or cancel with one or  two C-G's.                              C-U cancels the search string.  Rubout  rubs out one character.                 C-R reverses the direction of the       search.                                 C-B starts searching from the beginning of buffer, C-E starts at the end.       C-F positions window so search object isdisplayed near top.                     C-S searches, and returns to read in    loop.  Escape searches and exits.       C-Q quotes control characters to search for them.                               Xo ZQz1|x,X>x,YZo `0V+i:,GB x VhZoZg P50i9.P
 ,GG+i>5Vi;@rh+i=,GR x Vh h,GGZoZg X
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 Ph Vh2vh+iw /$&$ZoZg.Z"$hT,Ya:h+iqX>hYz,~BJ                                      EJ                                      Top Line                                Reverse                                 Search:                                 XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x@vh 8 XhZo XP
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4VjX,iY,V,@y0xZo@XX `5.j"
 J`+jW0V+j$ 4 Th `4pj$"
 L`+jW0V+j' 4 Th+jW0V	+j, `4rj*\. N`+j+ . N`+jW0V	+j0Z$jY,Yt,i/ xZo XX
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+jX>hYz,~^S,~You are typing a search string$         You can rub out, or cancel witXoXotZQz1|x,X>xZ$jq,6,6Z$ju,6Z$jy,6,6Z$j},6Z$k,6,6Z$k,6Z$k	,6,6Z$k C-R backward and C-S forward.  Escape   exits.                                  C-Q quotes control characters to search for them.                               XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `5VkZ$k!,Zo ` Vh[` T` hZ&,iX>hYz,~PopContext: CurrentContext = nil! /JMR  XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `5Vk+Z$k3,Zo `ZVh4k7 T`
0k8 P`
X L` X H` X,GG,kX>hYz,~RestoreContext: CurrentContext = nil! /J"XXXoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZ&,J DhZDhZo `QV `
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 Rh Vh2vh+k] /$&$Zo.Z"$hT,Ya:h+kWX>hYz,~Failing                                 Reverse                                 I-Search:                               XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh,Y,GB x Vh h,GGZoZ$Zo 
Zo   *,H$ x4Xk| 8 XhZo X52k{,GB xZo/`
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+l4Xm-,k+m++m.,jX>hYz,~NYI? 0 Argument Is Not Yet Implemented  |$                                       XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$mM,6Z$mQ,6,6Z$mU,6Z$mY,6,6Z$m],6Z$ma,6,6Z$me,6Z$mi,6,6Z$mm,6Z$mq,6,6,6Z$mu,6X>hYz,~Space => replace, Rubout => don't, Comma=> replace and show,                    Period replaces once and exits, !       replaces all the rest,                  C-R enters editor recursively, C-W does so after killing FOO,                   ^ returns to previous locus, ? gets     help, C-L redisplays,                   Escape exits, anything else exits and   is reread.                              Type a space to see buffer again.       XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h FhZo `4Vn 2 Rh@nh@jh 8 h2th@ hB6A4Xn/4&4.Z"P8^hT Xh ,
8x3Xh+n h,
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 x Xh:h+n hB84Xn)Z$n,, h/6 VhX>hYz,~FindFirstLetter: None found! /JMR       XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `4VnL,GB x Vh 8 Xh h4XnKZoZ$	Zo  ( *,H$ xB84Xn@ h,GG@vh@rh+nK,GB xZo/`/$,G` x,
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@hB84Xp,nR@vh+p>48,h0V@,Xh,A h4xB6A4Xp,B,Y hB84Xp,nR@vh@rh@nh+p>c8 h0V	@ 40V@G:Xh,A h xB6A4Xp'R8Qh0V@XhB4A4Xp#"h,FaZ$h,4?,o,8,Xh@Xh+p> 8 h0V/@ Xh,A:h+xB6A4Xp0,$,	 x,GGX8YXh,Xh+p>r8 h0V@ Xh,A h xB6A4Xp8,U` 8 Xh+p>R8Qh1V,X>x,B,GB x VhZ$qZ&hZ(h,7uZ$h h ( *,H$ x4Xp} $,I x Vh $,I x Vh h/6 Vh Rh2rh+p| ,Gi x,Vt:h+px h,GG+pn h,GGX>hYz,~Pattern:                                Z(qSEARCH