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0M+ H:, (RZQz1|x,X>x Dh4D@vX>hYz,~	 "Xo ZQz1|x,X>xZ$,,Z$,
Z$,Z$	*"",,Z$,Z$,,Z$,Z$,,Z$,Z$,,""Z$,Z$,,Z$,Z$,X>hYz,~	 You are typing a search string.         You can rub out, or cancel with one or  two C	 (-G's.                              C-U cancels the search string.  Rubout  rubs out o	 0ne character.                 C-R reverses the direction of the       search.        	 9                         C-B starts searching from the beginning of buffer, C-E start	 As at the end.       C-F positions window so search object isdisplayed near top.      	 J               C-S searches, and returns to read in    loop.  Escape searches and exi	 Rts.       C-Q quotes control characters to search for them.                           [     @`@<@T#@d'@|+@
/@$3@47@L;@\?@tC@G@K@,O@DS@TW	 [Xo ZQz1|x,
X>x,Zo `0V+f, x VhZoZg P	(d50f.P
 ,+j5Vh@rh+i, x Vh h,eZoZg X
5Rp	*lZ$  X *, x Xh+wZ$X  X *,n x XhZoZ_	"EPuQ2PX2*2 P
 P4XZoZ_ P50},a xZoZg/X
,jZo	""}Y`4V$,8FXh+ h,|Z$,, xZoZ@XP	 EXo ZQz1|x,]X>x,Zo `5VZ$,+0V+Z$,	 DZo `4VZ$,ZoZg X52Z$,Z$, 6ZoZg P
	  Ph Vh2vh+$ /$&$ZoZg.Z"$,:h+X>hYz %,~	 %BJ                                      EJ                                      Top L	 .ine                                Reverse                                 Search:    6                              @p@
9XoXo ZQz1|x,
Zo `
,	ZB,+xZo XX	(AJ5.L"
 J`+0V+Q 4 Th `4pP"
 L`+0V+S 4 Th	(D
S+0V	+X `4rW\. N`+X . N`+0V	+]Z$,,\ x	 D([Zo XX
+0V,Z,\ xZo XX
+0V?+f `
4re	"@*d>`
+0V+y `
1r+l,e+x 2	 l `
 Nh Rh2rh+vZo.`
/2&2 h/.&..Z"86D.Z"H	(@@uvT:h+nZo `
+0V+|, xZo XX
.4	"P }1t+,k+ `
+?X>hYz,~ ^S                                      $                                       @x@@d
	 D(XoXo ZQz1|x,<X>xZ$,,Z$,Z$,,Z$,"D(DZ$,,Z$,Z$,,Z$,Z$,X>hYz,~	 You are typing a search string.         You can rub out, or cancel with one or  two C	 &-G's.                              C-R and C-S change direction or repeat  the search	 /,                             C-R backward and C-S forward.  Escape   exits.         	 7                         C-Q quotes control characters to search for them.            @                    @x@"@"4"@"D&@"\*@"l.@#2@#6@#,:@#<>	 @BXoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `5VHZ$,Zo ` Vh[` T` J hZ&,X>hYz,~ MPopContext: CurrentContext = nil! /JMR  @`@(tM	 DQXoXo ZQz1|x,DX>xZo `5VWZ$,GZo `ZVh4 T`
Z0 P`
X L` X H` X,,BX>hYz,~ `RestoreContext: CurrentContext = nil! /J"XX@~@*l`@+d@+$d	 eXoXo ZQz1|x,TX>xZ&, DhZDhZo `QV `
t `
  mp ` T ` P Dh,z h x V hZo XXX>hYz,~ u"@x@-Lu@-\v	  vXoXo ZQz1|x,gX>x,Zo `
B64V}Z$,^Zo `54	"Z$,}Z$, 6Zo `
 Rh Vh2vh+	 /$&$Zo.Z"*$,":h+X>hYz,~	 Failing                                 Reverse                                 I-Sea rch:                               @~@/L@/t@0	 @ XoXo ZQz1|x,yX>x Dh,^,p x Vh h,]ZoZ$Zo	   
Zo   *,r x4X( 8 XhZo X52(, xZo/`
, h4XZ@th	@ph	 @Q 6 6 Vh
,% x Vh 8 Xh
4XX,w,A&h	5V?,z x1Xh@7Xh,0h@xB64hn,f h	4vQ/6&6.Z"X8d Xh
+Q@ph	+T h Xh
X&0.Z"@xL h
4Xm h4t`,7 x/h
.$, x Xh
+l h
 `0P+d,\ x, x Xh
+l,a x.h
26h+j,d x.h
,	 D
@i x Xh
+l h, x Xh
+m,V+W,8 h	Bq4xB6A4Xt,+W+8+h,hR+W 8 h
4X+h	(U 4V[h4X
+ h
B84X,R++W 8 h
 @ Xh, h xB6A4X,,f h
5V \2 RhQ8X8h*8h	 	"DE Vh
,w,g x, x Xh
+, h52' h
4X&, x.h
/$,	 TQ$ x Xh
+&,+, 8 Xh
\. Nh,w," x, x Xh
+W@8	,Q- hB6A4XF,f h
5V: 2 RhQ8X8h	" D(5*8h	  Vh
,w,) x, x Xh
+F h4rA h
4X@,7 x/h
	"  >.$, x Xh
+A,&+F 8 Xh
 Xh,w,< x, x Xh
+W	,*F 8BhA h
0T@4XN,:+WQ8h	*DOX8*8 TZ$, 8 h
(U W+9 h4XZ,C+X+[,:X>hYz,~	 \NYI? 0 Argument Is Not Yet Implemented  |$                         e               @~@6\@8l`@J
b	 "fXoXo ZQz1|x,/X>xZ$,Z$,j,Z$,kZ$,m,l	""D*oZ$,nZ$,o,nZ$,pZ$,r,qZ$,sZ$,t,s,vZ$(w,uX>hYz,~	 ySpace => replace, Rubout => don't, Comma=> replace and show,                    Perio	 d replaces once and exits, !       replaces all the rest,                  C-R enters	 
@editor,recursively,@C-W!does	soafterkillingFOO,ZQz1|x,i^>returnstohpr	 eviousVlocus,? gets@nhhelp, C-L redisplays,8 h2th@Escape6exits,anythi	&ngPelse\exitsandisreread. A6 x3Xh+9 8Typeaspacehto,seebuffe+$rXagain.+.@@@M$y@M4}@ML@M\@Mt	@N XXX>hYz,~	 BXoXo ZQz1|x,(X>xSX"h*"h Fh 6 Vh@rh 8 h2th	 K@ hB6A4XS /$&$.Z"$, x Xh:h+I h"SB84XUZ$,W h/6 VhX>hYz,~ XFindFirstLetter: None found! /JMR       @`@ZLX	 P\XoXo ZQz1|x,EX>xZo `4Vx,C x Vh 8 Xh h4Xx	  D
eZoZ$	Zo4(,*,!&xB84XlZh,+@vh@rh+w,ax	+mZo/`/$,Zx,,x:Xh,lZx,o,x,p+h+xA4XwZ@v 8Xh@th+d+|Z$`	+` (/*,hZx.XhX>hYz,~	+A}XoXoZQz1|x,X>xZoQ`4V>@rh@nh,qZxZo/`.`	,/6 Vh,x Xh ,:+x3Xh+&8ZXh.Xh:h,h,x	+D,Vh@rh8 h24h@ hB6A4X+,/x&XhZ,PZx	,D+Xh:h+ h4XY6,Vhh,	hRx3Xh@ VhZo",	 " 6Zo `                @x@i|d@kh	 @lRZQz1|x&,LX>xhQ8X8h*8h,OZ$Z&h	Z(h,Z$Z&hZ(h	( t,r 8 XhZ$h	 h,&Z$h h,& h4XZ$h	 h,C x VhZ$h	""T} h,C x Vh
, x,,] x Xh4Xk h4Vk,;,S x Xh	 ( 60X@ 40X@G Vh,T h xB8A4V,g 8 Xh	( 
+j 8 h0V@ Xh, h xB6A4X  hB84X,~@vh	"@rh+j 8 h0V?@ Xh, h xB6A4X'@vh@rh+j 8	 A ' h0V@ Xh," h xB6A4X0 hB84X.,~ 8 Xh Xh	( 
0+j,8 h0V@4Xh,)@h+xB6A4X9hB84X8,~@vh	(8+j 8h0V@aXh,3 h xB6A4XC,, hB84XA	(A,~@vh@rh@nh+j 8 h0V	@ 40V@G@Xh,;h x	R@IB6A4XS,8,h0V@ZhB4A4XP"h,?Z$h,,J 8	 @R Xh,Xh+j48:h0V/@,Xh,H,h,xB6A4X]Y$, x	(Z,j 8 Xh Xh+j 8 h0V@ Xh,V h xB6A4Xd,	 @"c 8 Xh+j 8 h1V
Pattern:                                 occurences                             @x@|
	  RZQz1|x,|X>x,,~ x VhZ$Z&hZ(h,Z$h h ( *	(@, x4X* $, x Vh $, x Vh h/6 Vh Rh2rh+( 
% , x,:h+$ h,
+ h,)X>hYz,~ ,Pattern:                                @`A, 0Z( 1SEARCH     @`A
1	D";G[H{&+JJl^\c7-M+(I;G[H{
f1QQ4bf1QFBf1QA''ft+7emo3@eMPMJeMPC*	D"e5'Ci`)wI?e4v	`),~Be$@,~
dv2twdv2FHvdA3dAo	D"d;YgbeHb	d"]yzd&)c^{4Fc(Tt.
a	D"`dGsb_%N?ObMHP`OtUb8GQb/JsM&bM	J`<i` Q3Kxa2Ti]8((2