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0;.@ H:,	 RZQz1|x,X>x DhZDh 6  Rh Vh2vh+
 h.6 X,":h+X>hYz,~	 RZQz1|x,X>x Dh 6 Dh Vh2vh+ V,:h+X>hYz ,~	 @RZQz1|x,X>x Dh1d+&$, h&$.& ,X>hYz ,~ * RZQz1|x,X>xZ$,@vP@rQ 8 XQX>hYz,~	 (P'RZQz1|x,!X>x Dh4d2 Q/ VQ461 2 Dh Rh2rh+1Z$(T/,:h+.+2@rQX>hYz,~	 *P3RZQz1|x,(X>x Dh4d?.Q DQ2$S+> 6 h Rh Vh2vh+>*<Z$
,:h+;+?@vQX>hYz,~	 *P@RZQz1|x,5X>x Dh4dL.P DP2$S+K 6 h Rh Vh2vh+K*IZ$,:h+H+L@vQX>hYz,~	 (PMRZQz1|x,BX>x Dh4dX P/ VP46X 2 Dh Rh2rh+WZ$(TV,:h+T+X@rQX>hYz,~	 "ZRZQz1|x,OX>x 8
	"T*E(b . N L X V *! J P X V ($ H P X' V' &% F(	*UE"k P& X! V! H" X" V# $% D# 2 R  ,2 L& X` Va . N` 4	(E*U*s Tf ( He *$ Jk Hk Hp@dq@pq@vr@lr Hs Hs@rW@d[@n,@v2(D(|@f7 *( JS 2
 RSZ8?ZXV HUZ4+PZ@U@nTZHTX>hYz,~ P@`@	 Xo ZQz1|x,[X>xZZ^ZoZg>XB44T X5RZ$X,	 
X+ 4 ThX>h Yz,~ TERM: Disk read error in AMIS.TRM       @~@t@@T	 #Xo ZQz1|x,X>x Dh@vh 2 Dh Rh2rh+/ 6$h Vh,  , h x/8. Vh:h+) h VhX>hYz,~	 2Xo ZQz1|x,%X>x DhZDh Dh $,# h x V 2 Vh Rh":2rh+@ h.2g Rh, h x XH:h+:X>hYz,~	 AXo ZQz1|x,4X>x DhZDh Dh $,# h x V 2 Vh Rh	""J2rh+R h/2&2.2` Rh Th, h h xZ"HxT:h+JX>h RYz,~	 SXo ZQz1|x,CX>x Dh, x0X+`@@h h060v,&6 \ `.GXXZ8h UGB`Z8` ` @UX>hYz,~ bXo ZQz1|x,UX>x Dh, x 60X@ WhX>hYz,~	 jXoXo ZQz1|x,dX>x	 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+v/6&6 Vh Xh		(
r, h	 h xZ"Xtd:h+oZo `B64Vb,Z$,2Z$
	*U*({,2Z$,2Z$,2Z$,2Z$&,2 $,$ x V,Z$ ,2 $,$	"U" x V&Z$h,2 $,$ x VhZ$,,2Z$2,2Z$7,2 $,$ x	(D"*
 V=Z$h,2Z$h,2 $,$ x V= $,$ x VhZ$>,2Z$C,2	*T"Z$W,BZ$[,B@@U $,T $,T $,T $,T $,T $,T	"D" $,T $,T $,T $,T $,T $,T $,$ x VS $	(P@"%,$ x VS, x Xh 60X*@ VT 40X*@ TT $,$ x	**. VV@rU 8 U(T04@ h0N@4XHZ$`,2Z$e,2Z$k,2	*U*T"6Z$p,bZ$q,bZ$q,bZ$r,bZ$r,bZ$U,b $,$ x Vs $	(D"
?,$ x Vs $,$ x Vt $,$ x Vt $,$ x Vu, x	 @U*G Xh 8 U(V06@ h0T@4XWZ$u,bZ$v,2Z${,2Z$	*U"P,2Z$,2Z$
,b $,$ x4V\Z8h	(DX U @`Z4 PBB`Z8` ` @U h4RbZ8h U @`Z4 PBB`Z8`"Aa ` @U, x Xh, x XhX>hYz,~ f@x@+f@+tg	 gXoXo ZQz1|x,lX>x DhZ$h h,Z$h &), xZo V`	" p@r`5Vz@n`@j`,j 8ZoH2T+v2V@ XHGH4Xr, x xZo V`X>hYz,~	 "{RZQz1|x,jX>xZ$h, x Xh $,h hB84X $,h h	"*B84X h4X,Z+,Z$S,, x Vh3VS+
 VS@rTZ$W	(@(
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h.*'&*' JPX>hYz,~ *ARZQz1|x,}X>x Dh p4X,+ &$@ ,X>hYz,~	 *"RZQz1|x,X>xh q4X( s/ Th+).s Dh s Th r	(D(P*4V/ 23&t@2ft@4R/ u Ph r4R2 h/ Nh+3.h Fh	*Q"U
3Z$`, q4X6 h,+7 h,Z$e, q4X; h,+< h*@;,Z$k,X>hYz,~	  Q">RZQz1|x,#X>xh/Q#3vh+D,  h3vQ+G /Q,3	*Q(G+I Q/,' h/P#3vh+N P4VN $, @vP P3Vh+]	"Q"O26h+[.6 P&2/ 82vh@AR4XY $,M P.6 P&2"E PX/ VP+[ h/P,@+] /h,M+NX>hYz,~	 "T"_RZQz1|x,@X>xh RB84Xd,>+h," h VP h RQ 8(g XQX>hYz,~	 *TiRZQz1|x,`X>x Dh 
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P,+ 4 h Ph Th2th+Z$, P,:h+@vQX>h Yz,~ "RZQz1|x,X>xh S Wh S ShX>hYz,~ *RZQz1|x,X>xZ$ ,@vP@rQ 8 XQ O,X>hYz,~ *%RZQz1|x,X>xZ$&, N,X>hYz,~	 +RZQz1|x,&X>xh Z ^ 80$@ 63$S@G 60&	  3@G 63&S@G4X>Q8X8h*8hZ$h h ( *,Z$h h	 E
<($h, QB84XD RB84XB,  h h,+ 8	"*U(D h2TQ@ h2PP@4XH+C5PU5TJ, +H U4XU Q.42Th	(D**M+Q $,p $,3 h VQ@rP+J h2VQ+U $,N@vP+Q h	(Q*U/Q# h/P#.06+d h3vP+] /P,@+^ P/	(Q*^,M h3vQ+b /Q,3+c Q/,'+T h h,X>hYz f,~ gTERM: TrmPos Row,Col=   ,               @x@Ftg@L<e "kRZQz1|x,,X>xh Q Wh P ShX>hYz,~	  qRZQz1|x,lX>x 8 V0V @ 40V+@ I0P@G4X{	" z $,S, 8 V0V+@ I1r@4XZ$I,,{X>hYz,~	 *U
RZQz1|x,sX>x,Dh,z:P2VS+@rP:QYTB84X T4XRZQz1|x,X>xYDhZ$,, h,Z$2,1O,X>hYz,~0*RZQz1|x,X>xZ$7,O,X>hYz,~	G"RZQz1|x,X>x u4X-,$=Z$h h (
D"?,=Z$hhh(*,?Z$h,>u4Xg$F.h.$,$9,I@vP@rQ+8"XQ,h5.X4h &	("P,+\6h,RhXVh36h+X$SrTERM:ZTrmScrY1,Y2,N=h,04, 0t++#@`@Wr	vRZQz1|x,0X>xhYHh,RYh 6U(T04@Wh`8@U (T04@,YhX>hYz,~(RZQz1|x,xX>x0DhZ%h,X>hYz,~@RZQz1|x,X>xZ$>,X>hYz,~ 6TERM       @|@A+@fd6@x
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