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DCNSPY uses verb-mode SCAN.  The commands are:

JOB n		Job number to spy on, no default
		Ignored if SJBPTR is non-zero, see below.
CHANNEL	n	DECnet channel number for that job, default 1
CIRCUIT ckt-id	Set ckt-id for examining circuit blocks.
		(Circuit-ids are of the form DEV-CNT-UNT, ex. DTE-0-1)
NODE n		Node number for adjacency block, default first AJB
[NO]COMMENT	Type out comments for each field displayed
[NO]DPY		Use DPY mode
PAGE		Length by which DPY mode + and - commands shift page
DELAY		Seconds to sleep in DPY mode
SJBPTR n	Address of SJB to use.
		While SJBPTR is non-zero, Job is ignored.

SJB		Action command, type out SCTL's SJB
NRTSJB		Action command, type out NRTSER's SJB
SLB		Action command, type out SCTL's SLB
ELB		Action command, type out NSP's ELB
RCB		Action command, type out RTR's RCB for given circuit-id
AJB		Action command, type out RTR's AJB for given adjacency
DLB		Action command, type out DLL's DLB for given circuit-id
LNB		Action command, type out DLL's LNB for given circuit-id
MEM		Action command, type out memory utilization
KDP		Action command, type out KMC/DUP data base
DAYTIME		Action command, type out current time

In DPY mode, the immediate commands are:

escape		Escape to command mode
^Z		Escape to monitor mode, CONTINUE to return
^C		Escape to monitor mode, CONTINUE to return
R		Refresh the screen
space		Recalculate the screen now
+		Move window forward by PAGE lines
-		Move window backward by PAGE lines

4444\4e~|G4m44 4	P4	j|lJ4
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,o*"r,z u,: "7  B "7  B "7 
7"7+vO"+~ "%+~ "-+~ "5+~ "B+~ "L+~ "S+~ "Y+~ "	+~ "+~ u	b+yZ`	b
O@o Bs6`+@@s,s+ ,~$@@tO@sO@t@@Q
+,~ 0@@u,s,~.,
$"tl"	b+ +
0B1B1B+1B+	+,"{,#8+h,4Vi,#86@v+ ",#p 
,,#8,#8 I,}+ +h,4Vi,4Zi,#8 ",#p 
,,#8,#8 L,}+ +h,4Vi,4Zi,4Xi,#8 ",#p 
,,#8,#8 O,}+ +h,4VZ ",#p u,=,$,#8,#8,t,#8,#8 R,}+ ,84Xh,#8,M+ ,>4Zh,#8,T+ +h,04X\ ",#p v,9 ",#p u,=,$,#8,#8,t,#8,#8 U,}+ +h,84X[ "!,#p u,=,$,#8,#8 X,}+ +h,>4Z[ "%,#p u,=,$,#8,#8 [,}+ +h,D4VN@@w@@w@@x (*"	@4B`=v]+f5Ba.&=v.Fw2fw Fw(fd+]"`.(: x+] "),#p,#8,#8 ",,#p w,#G,#8 ".,#p w,#G,#8 "1,#p,#8,#8!6| "(BX,#G ",$ "(BX/",#G,$,$,$ Xx,#G,$,$ "(BX,#G ",$ "(BX/",#G,$,$ X{,#G,#8*vo+h@@@z7`
X"9	b+MZ` $@,_+LQ
X"<	b+M4BM $D,_+L  X4BQ $d,_+L,> X,i,^,~@@4Vi7`
+N X4dW3$
7B+W $H,_+L ,~@@4Zi7Bh
+T $L,_+L ,~-<8@@7bu+= 
"<	b+AZ`	b+(7B,~+$+6@v,~+X4Xi ,$T,+L "$dB Bv,~-<8,4VZ@@7X 4Bi $T,+L$B&CfC2Dv+2 ,~-<8,4VZ@@ X4B[ $X,+L ,~-<8,4VZ,84X[@@ `4B[ $\,+L ,~@v D	b,~	b
, "S+#p "R,\ 
, "T+#p "R,\ 
, "W+#p "R,\ 
, "[+#p+a+i+p+u
(D{l$,>"" w	h2+ ,^&wQd$"" x	h2,~ :x,~-<x 
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 (,#@,$,$ (X%d$",(,$ (7`
 (,#p*l~+h,>Z,#G "
,#p "+$??CWCRCSRJRNDRDSDCCFLKCMNR,>, ",$,^0b " "
.,#p "+$OFRJFAWTTITVTTRN,>,#G ",$,^0b " "
8,#p "+$UNINUP-<8 
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|aB,~",#G,~,>,#G ",$,^0b7 "
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[`,#F,$,$S` 6@
)J "(,$=vX,~-<8 
",#F,$",#F,$"+#F,>Q$B,>x,e ",$>`+ax>&",>,g,^."0b."+$-<,Q  d3N+o*fk@
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 0 2 4,l&&"X"  0 2 4,l ",c"Y X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"Z X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"[ X
 0 2 4,l&& ",c"\ X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"] X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"^ X 0 2 4,l&&"`"  0 2 4,l ",c"` X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"a X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"b X 0 2 4,l&&"d"  0 2 4,l ",c"d X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"e X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"f X
 0 2 4,l&& ",c"h X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"i X 0 2 4,l& X 0 2 4,l ",c"j X
 0 2 4,l&&+",c"k6X<02+4,l& X 0@2)4,l",c"l,X,~,>,>,>  &&"@.$,>6@9n4rs $H/$=$n $=$o52u.9&p,^,^,^,~
+:q-BP=rxBQ@@Q@@R r*"S s BR,~*x4"? Q+sBQ,^,~d,~+w7@t+x7@s+	,> u2$t$,^1B:u,~? Q+yBQ,~g*w
 g+< g*={g*Ml g*~L g*Mm g*~M g+@g*n] XXXXFXDX$$XHXXX$HXHX$HXHX$HXX	X	TTT

T[Next job block in system
PTR to SLB table (indexed by channel)
	Count of spaces allocated in SLB table
Pointer to system's pointer to the SJB
	User is PRVJ privileged
	Reset in progress
	Job number
	Number of CI timers active for job
	Transaction queue of NSPSER calls
Queue of SLBs with PSIs outstanding
	Input data request goal
	Job input quota
	Job output quota
	Buffers used toward input job quota
	Buffers used toward output job quota
SA block pointer
	Save MUUO word here for STOTAC, etc
$'+047:;?CGJLNRVX44E4DEDDE4DEDDE4Fg2< g2w
g2Tl g3H@g3(@g2@g2%x@g3x@g28@g2\8@g3: g3@g2
+`g26;g2> g2d(`g2Tl@g2-{ g3H g3Dkg3kg2={g2Ml g2~L g2Mm g2~M g3=g3; g2&,@g3;@g3g2%h g3@g2K g3=8 g2K g2,g2~K g3-g2`g2@g3<`g3<@gN~JgODK`gOK`gNMl gN~JgODK`gOK`gNMl hhhhhh$HhHhFhDhBh@h>h<h:h8h6h4hh


Pointer to next SL in system
Pointer to next SL with active PSI
	Pointer to next SL requesting jiffy service
Pointer to ourselves
Pointer to job block
	Channel number
	Destination object type
	Source object type
	Check connect block
	Keep connect block for life of link
	PSI pending flag
	Phase II has no resend capability
	Close port after abort & release
	Free SLB when done with all processing
	SLB is busy (cannot be freed)
	Link is being closed by NSP
	Jiffy service requested flag
	Last segment output was end of message
	Session control state
	Transmit flow control option
	Receive flow control option
	Receive data request goal
	Input quota for link
	Output quota for link
	Input buffers in use
	Output buffers in use
	Link status word
	The PSI mask
	Normal data requests to resend
	Reason code of disconnect or reject
NSPpid of port
	Destination node address
	Segment size in bytes
Connect initiate timer
Address of wakeup routine
	Pointer to dis/connect message block
Pointer to passive connect block
Pointer to partial output message
	Serial number
	Bytes sent
	Bytes received
	Packets sent
	Packets received

	Indicates this is "normal" sub-link
	Sublink transmit DRQs outstanding
	Sublink receive DRQs outstanding
	Sublink input queue

	Indicates this is "other" sub-link
	Sublink input queue
 K2D, K2Tl K2}, K3h`K2i@K3; K3K K2
+`K2&K`K3H K3@K2eH K3H K2H`K2~(`K34\@K2&9`K2&K K2uk K2tH@K3%X K3=@K38@K2% K2@K2
`0``$H````````F`	D`	B`	@`	>`	<`	:`	8`	*`	$`	$`	$`	8 `	( `	 `	8 `
( `
`00`0`0`F`D`B`@`>`<`:`8`*`$`$`$`8 `( ` `8 `( ` `00`0`0````00`0`0`TTT



#F#F#F#F#FNext in queue of all link blocks
Next in queue of links in a hash bucket
	Next in queue of links needing jiffy service
	Link is on the jiffy-request queue
	Set if not yet told SC about no conf
	Set if we have confidence in link
	Send connect message next jiffy
	Send connect ACK message next jiffy
	Aborting this logical link
	Delay timer is for other sublink
	NSP state of this link
	Max size of a segment on this link
	Local link address
	Remote link address
	Count of retries left with ORQ messages
	Count of msgs out in router
	Version of remote NSP, see ver3.1,ver3.2
	Msg segment being timed for delay calc
And time it was first sent
	The remote's node number
	PTR to NSP node block
Inactivity timer
Session control call vector base address
	Session control block id
PTR to DI message
	Output circuit id
	Address of this EL, for addr check

	False since this is the "normal" sublink
	Send ACK for this sublink next jiffy
	Send NAK to phase 2 NSP
	Receive is off
	Receive off has changed
	Transmit is off
	Remote is "buffer-rich" on this link
	ACK delaying allowed
	Receive flow control type
	Transmit flow control type
	Data request goal
	After-congestion recovery goal
	Transmit DRQs outstanding to local SC
	Transmit DRQs outstanding to remote NSP
	Transmit DRQs need to send to SC
	Receive DRQs outstanding to local SC
	Receive DRQs outstanding to remote NSP
	Receive DRQs need to send to SC
	Last message number assigned
	Last ACK received (and processed)
	Last message received
Queue header for the to-be-acked queue
Queue header for the receive queue
	Queue header for the xmit queue
	Current window size
	Number of ACKs since last window change
	ACK delay timer

	True since this is the "other" sublink




)"|"|"|"|`"|Pointer to next circuit block
	Circuit id
	Data link block address
Queue header for adjacency queue
	Broadcast circuit
	Send routing message flag
	Emergency buffer in use
	Send hello message
	We are he designated router
	Call data link function DF.OPN
	Call data link function DF.CLS
	Circuit state
	Circuit cost
	Time before we assume DSR role
	Time last message of any type was sent
Time last routing message was sent
Time of last hello message (ethernet)
	Time we got protocol up from controller
	Hello message timer
	Maximum block size
	Receive block size
	Maximum routers allowed on this circuit
	Number of routers online
	Priority to be designated router (ethernet)
	Ethernet address of DSR
Queue header for jiffy resend queue
	Messages queued
	Local messages
(000) Seconds since last zeroed
	(800) Arriving packets recieved (to NSP)
	(801) Departing packets sent (from NSP)
	(802) Arriving congestion loss (to NSP)
	(810) Transit packets recieved
	(811) Transit packets sent
	(812) Transit congestion loss
	(820) Circuit down events
	      Adjacency down events
	(821) Initialization failures
	(xxx) Adjacency block size exceeded


`TT"|Pointer to next adjacency block
	Adjacency state
	Neighbor node type
	Phase 4 adjacency
	Verification requested
	Blocking is requested
	Reject flag
	No multi-cast traffic
	Neighbor's router version
	Neighbor's router ECO level
	Neighbor's router customer version
	Neighbor's ethernet address
	Neighbor's area number
	Neighbor's node number
	Pointer to routing vector
Pointer to router's circuit block
	Block size
	Hello timer
Time of last received message
	Priority to be designated router
	Router's area number
	MPD (Reserved)

TPointer to next DLB block
Pointer to router circuit block
	Data link is running
	Emergency buffer is in use
	Line is in use by circuit
	Pointer to LNB block
	(0000) Seconds since counters last zeroed
	(1000) Total bytes received
	(1001) Total bytes sent
	(1010) Total data blocks received
	(1011) Total data blocks sent
	(1065) Count of user buffer unavailable errors

Pointer to next line block
	Line id
	Portal id
	Channel address is DECnet
	Line state
	Controller type
	Protocol type
	Circuit type
	Default number of buffers
	Maximum receive buffer size
	Number of buffers to post
	Number of buffers posted

,$s<?GETTAB for NRT SJB failed
 "v+\?PEEK UUO failed
$~2,	b
+ .Dt+".dt7 @@t+?Unknown DPY command
 "+\SJB for NRTSER ",#p+"SJB for job SLB for channel NSP's ELB for channel Router's circuit block for circuit Router's adjacency block for node  on circuit DNADLL's circuit block for circuit DNADLL's line block for circuit xDECnet memory utilizationTotal words free:   Largest hole size:  Block size distribution table?Job number must be specified
 "4+\,>,pa:,^,~?Bad Circuit ID
 ";+\?GETTAB UUO failed
 ">+\(8<?Spy pages UUO failed
 "D+\?Job has no SJB
 "H+\?Job has no PDB
 "K+\?No DECnet memory pointer
 "N+\?Channel  is illegal
's SJB has no channel table
 has no NSP Link Block (ELB)
 is not open
?No circuit-id found to match /CIRCUIT switch
 "\+\?No data link circuit block found to match /CIRCUIT switch
 "b+\?No data link line block found to match /CIRCUIT switch
 "j+\?No adjacency found to match /NODE switch
true((none) "+#p6$$$$??,>,>,>,pa:~,^,^,^,~6$.X,>,>,pa:,^,^,~L|? Invalid circuit name?SCAN called for output space???
?SCAN called for input spec space???
?KDP display only supported in DPY mode for now
 "*+\? KDL. Read status failed for line #0.
n"0+\&+[>~,~"Line #,  State = DownInitialFlushingMaintStartsStacksRunning?????,  Last zeroed - ,   User - KMC Control OutsMessages   Rcvd    SentNaks    Rcvd  SentAbort    (06) LMX Start  Random   Bad Hdr  (10) LMA Stack  Hdr BCC  Bad CRC  (12) RMN Ack    Data BCC No Rbuf  (14) Nak    Rep resp DSR chng (16) RPC Rep    No Rcvbf Kmc NXM  (20) TIM Data   Rcv over Xmt undr (22) Maint  Msg2long Rcv over (24) Bad hdr  Bfr kill (26) $+r,^$+s$+u@R
 RR,+? TTY output I/O error.
",~,+	@@%"[,% F,%ZF`F[`F 
,%[FZ`,>,%7@ & F4F	SX(/[0f	 &	*(.,%[FZF,% F^0O@/	b
+J+B:FO@FO@)O@) "7@/1J B,^,".O@	b
,'QB Q( B\",	b7+#@b!$Lu
+# &@+#"'$"j0(D~A$pA&G,$b B6@/,:7@F++!"K8 B/,:5J (&".$)D}=h([,~7@+J
6+JO@,w4pJ,A,l+;,Q4p24N04NJ1P8J0 (7 ,^+@4pJ1P+9
6m0,w+5O@KZ^0 P+C000p/+0 .Gp(N N1 "#@ B@,w,w ,^+IO@H0P,A!$cDO@F7`@@ZZ"/,~
6m0,w5pHO P,~, x D0 Q( D,%"  ^0,,%[FZF,%`faF+S[FZF,%[FZF,%[FZF,%ZFZ^L:@+\6@F6@M+\+i2^0+  YB(!"bB+bZ2B	b+ 6@M+g6@/+f6@ +i6@F,3P)+)7`^0Z",D,O@J@@L@@M6@,6@M+n,I5B\,,,\,d ,0P +t4"t!$bD+"+ 
{+0d~@l@|A$A<A,( "bB6 J++:@J+$ "bB+	 `b!+%7`6`+%7`6`+%7`6`+%,+4J aBaB+7 J+#O@L:J "bB+ bB++&L 7@6 +&,,34,5po6`!+|6@L,~6@/+\6@M+\6@F,~+\,3@@ 0+n, ^0O@L,,% 
,%d&/&( FZJ[.&( F,% F 0P50)@@F@@1P 0,2^0+ ,3p),3p),~Z"7@M7@F,D^0,f+5 5p',I:@/?@/+) ,:+)1P+/0P +9!$bD+",34p)5(,%",>M@@M,>,>,>@@@@@@,>Z^,>0,>0 $m D0 ,$ D07 L+H 
 @@ ,~+m J/ L ,%5FK\&	f+nafp+n6@/+n F7 L,\ ,*"@@ ,*" O@ -*" ,4,7@/+h:@/>/>@/:/ *80hOp@@,W `bp+-h"*bZ2N*bZ5"a7@/1P+^+b6@/0P+a,W3N/+b4pV,+aO@4pV0P1P 00P+(,f+b +b5Jm /6 L4Nm 0,aB+m ,#@,#8,~,Q,^0,^0,^,^,^,^,^M@@,~INXg^NHtS:O@@M@@L x D0 ^0 0D5$|7 H@@+}#`H6`H@@H#`H, $ 6 K3P) $7@/6` $.Dx7`@@^6` D2P)Op4B[,% F.&Q& F,%[7@71Q( HZ7@71Q( H,%Z7@71Q( H,%2F1+\&	f & F7`@@@@!O@/,%)6 L,\7 L,`@@!@@@,%,,~^0 P7@7@/5,Q,~
2	b+!-"dSL5-"dKNl9-"dI
;-"dM6|>-"dM6LB7I L,>d, ,^aD+x,#p ,#6@@7@1+2 "L,#p 17$@ "1, ",$+x,d5"E "7@/ B7@/ P7 \06@,Q "/ $	,37B0U"8v B07@/O@07B/S B/7B/+E	b`b O@? +G\"4pD7 L+E1P5D ./OdH-"qULN ./OdH-"qi6LQ,7B ,~1B+T,%4"
8+  "  $* &+,c+b,Q , B. *!"bB"!$>9 D,7") "1b(B B.S)X",6 )+Zd"6@Fl" U* +Z	`+ 	b
&	`
?SCNRLF Run failure -- "E 1" for code . O@-"qe^LV,% !,+gO@ ,q,91P+
4Nm6@+Y,~,{7N BO@1P+0P1P-+1P+1P+6`!0P7+6@!7FL7+w1P+1P+g7@,~!&GF &1P7&1P+&1P &1P2&f+-d,~@@2Z*$PO@C-*$ 6@6@7,!"GBGB,~,f+n,l7+(5"2`b+27@ : +2L@4N[5BZ6@+\ N!"BB+f,8,{6@+]Y@ N+26@!+{:!,~+eO@!+g,8+2!*bJ+`GJGJ,3,{0P+6@J+^BJ,q+/`b4.Z0P+^6@J`n`N+cRNRB,3,{6@J`n`N+eYNYB *0P+/.*0*+iO@,8@@,{ N( B(4Nk+)0P.1P75pa5pfO@ +g1"0+3 &I6@!7 L &9,0d
|`,>7 !,\,^,~ d&DGF d&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3F1   F	:*hY,~O@ c*"@@!6@,@@@@	,>,>	@@ d*",^	,^!"BBBB	,~,%,W4N%(:!:x,27+q5bmh.k``n`+dh.k`,>(N,2+e,^!"0cC0+lQ,@@I !1b+wZ00"0b 7+w2"2b+l 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N1@@1 g*"? 0`d+g4,*`dQ"6@I+1P+
6 L+4p !0F+0P,A+
`d@+yab5B-5"[4Nq++4Bu7L+ ,w,A*0H+@@,w0P,AO@I5b-,W4N( 0,^+/0 .++5"p " )B!( cI0+(3Ni+i3Nj+k0BW+(,>  0,^+',^/0\.++4N+1P+#7 L0P++,W l,^+o ././A.++,^2Nl5No .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5B-+[,+[+
4"9 n,^+o6 5J; 
,$*%0'*/*+%'d",~O@,~,+U,!+U,+U,4+Uq*"/,d06@1L$7+rZ[06 L7@+I6@+J+s,3 u*" 5%'u,6 3N+O6 L+w N !7 L0H+R N0P+%',3.+z,~y 07@O@ .,~z,Wd4Nl0P+l,>,F,^ &!$qbF1*d]6 >"$S`X$0 |	f7+%',> INX+k!`P!$K8@f`+k,^ $
n4J .+,$=n " ,#p .,$ (,#@*j},#8=lx,
n 4JGZ/"8Z.1L 
00L Z.1L 
=0L,>,>!$~&[SbHQ,$bHQ.&*d,$1f9(,#@"ab+F,+G[`h  !$y[I3F+1*d. " +FZI,#p4HG!$~ZO3B+6*d3+G " ,#p[O , ",$+GZah+> ab+F,+G  ",$+C,>0 .0,j+ ,^,$ @,#@*p@ ",$7,#p,#8*j=l
,~Bw\ Bwl Bw| CHd CKT CKt CJ C"  C!T "C"\ $Bx %C;t 'C@ )D8t=D8l>D5|D6?@ +< /| 14 4[06D 0`d `d +[4B[4.x2n+w,~ 0 0P
`jN+6d,6@1L$+`+<ad`l$	(?0h+0H:"6!L3B1+k0H4Bk`j+ ?O(B D"2B+s`j 0H+s!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5
>20 |mM/>20/@$ ))4 JUlRLDU
QtT|>ADl?<>XA@A@D@@IaAI@$AXX*U1XX0AXX"Y1,I*1S;H6I46g^NHtiF@CJ>[2KZ-` aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7C&)9-"gIt G-"go4 I-"d]4 L-"gI4 N-"gID P[`-"kG S,3-"kI V[`-"ke XaN[`-"kSBT \aN[``n+h-"kSB< -"gSBt b . $-"qg$ d-"d]N4 g-"gk/ i-"gC j-"d]O l5"p-"gkO4 n-"gCO4 q 0-"gk s6@+
 y-"igZd |-"igZt ~ 0-"gg[!-"dYZL!-"da:$!@@!-"dk?!6@!7 L7,~6B B6B B 6@ D6B B !!"bB*$  BDGBGD	!$| 2B1 B*d	6@5,~,q@@G@@G:G0P+:G,q5,q@@GO@G0P+>G,q5,q@@G@@G0P+:G+0P5>G,q6BG BGO@1 !*"5,$_ BA000p+ +D,Q4N# 2,^+! ./.$0.+37BG+ BG[A&$/7 ..RA6 Gm/.S.,>,
Zx,^P7`G+13.A.!+ .!3dA + ./.'0n+: N30P+",4n0n+ N3+\Z1D/7n7+1D0+!1D0+!/$.0d+C[A..S`6 Gl+, -"g[!,4.0P"+L G BG4B0.+ N3,q,
 .Q3+W0P+U0n+4N N3,q000p+Y,4n0n+*30n++\,
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BN02x3H2B+a+\No option ]>t/0?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
FIllegal character "S2J" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@ O@5B[8Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification28 N B+(1/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap1x0hh.k`+l,^5bm+l62[ .8+ ]>tP!.++C2` .++T. 4"5O@+5~,5b%(4*;4J< +928" 0`f+E,5J+E4 Minsize:maxsize6@+R+sExit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,+% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flagsare:-a:	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessortype(Max=<@,^+DDecimalenumberOctalinumberCorelvalue"ASCIIcstring""SIXBITestring"Multi-wordbSIXBITestringSIXBITwordDate/time pastDate/timeufutureDate-timeFilegspecificationVersion expressionBlockrsize wordSwitchdoesonot constitute aucommandSwitchpisgglobalOrSbitdvaluesrfromrswitchSwitchivaluelrequiredZanen1B+^4B^0"	+wc"(B?X+^`j+`,5us switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesis2h	618RAX.+,RA+AMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+u3"A+ 2bAXDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+V,q000p/+V+R0
$ "d!C,q+e0P+z,q+tB
Illegal character orfieldtoolargein/VERSIONBn5JH1Multiple@charactersillegal,inswitch ?H1?Input string exceeds the size of input buffer0P+1,q000p/+1+T0P+1,q000p/+1+ZH10P,~+d?Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word 7@+
(,^,~6@O@K,~x@HAIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device0(Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,+

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@N+"
8+ O@N,"*,$,"! ,^abS``H,#@,^`FaH@+" ",$Z,#F ",$,$Zx`H,#p,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f")(B}DM[`GMd"`Bl7@l,~c,% 
"-	j'5#8,~",*N,~,% 
7B(+"2,#@ "/,$6B(,#w7B(,~,#@R((B}6@l"`,#@7@(,~ "(Q"5"JZ8  ,#w  [ 1DYR5b$	,#@ ",$R ,#@ " 5"J 6B ,#w  ,#@R !$bD bD 4F"I ",$ ,#@ " l" 7B +$
`h+"N`b5#;6([/",>Q(} "-,$+2B$+#?!`)"w,>!`,"],$,^iB5$  & ")B5B"b=f" ")B."`d ",$=f"a,~ $+"g,$ $,>,$K."z3b$+"j.$/$,^,> ,"p,$,^5"z &+"p	b &,%&"  " $,#&( ,$,#u "  &"2 $	f+"y&&21B+"y$"2. 5# (+"|	b	 (&$*,#,$ &"j0 ,#,$ &"t $4"#G0b5#G*,$ "5$0"+#!${P#2B#*d#5$#
#?",$,^,#@}"5$1"05$/",> ",$,^5$K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz#"$6@,#F"$4B#(>&"$Z,#F,",$$$4D$	,",$75#F`B?5#6 $+#54B#6&$U$*D#46$bB+#6&"7!(+,#G[5$,>/",$&",$,^,~,>Q"-,$,^2B$S5B#Z4f#Y "`h?"$,$=f#X`h,#[x."0b."5$7$ (Q(5#P &  ")B.",$=f#`,~,>,>!$A`+#f,>,>!$B,#jP4B#i,$+#g,^,^,~,>*PC&#l`fl"*PXDP*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>7@N
&x4B#:6@N,$+#s BO@@O "O5#p,#@5$,>,$,^ &,#]5$,> 4d#~,$=#|,^,~ "5$ "5$ "5$ "5$ "5$ "5$ "5$ "aB,~6@N5N
",~,#;+"?[1D7@ ,~+"N,#@+"T  ,"Y+"TL\-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-pmn@0$$B
?X,#@+#?$,%7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
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.$In$IL6NL5N%(%N6Nh`N,~$N.$J(N%(.**l$: .  N[
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 .0l3N$J7 N+%'	n
$,>4"$\[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+$U&$27@aDg &/"V$":5F$Y1(+$\>!$z3($t+$[."*d$Y/$t.*xd"%$z),^,~ ${	b "5B$s	b		d,%,>&$:0d~+$o&&.$t *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4d$n&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'$z2d${."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&.5"%,%,> ,%  
,^O@: `f+%(FFdA4F%'+%F4F%'A5F% :*b%Z4L%' ,~<$%
7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D%,~	b
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xQ*x,>,>,>,%(>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ p,>,>,>,>( QDx@ &,>=f%4 (y %h	f %i	d
+ 2D7%i %j D  $ D Z$ D Z$ D  &  F  $ D@@ BS$ D7%j!&>9 F  Q$	d67+%K0D	1D
+%H1D+%H0d+%W $:~`Fl$ D +%j@+%N
` +%b?$x+%K` `B+%m"
"+%N-"%ZIOE I/O error reading help file-"%ZNHF No .HLP file on SYS:
&%o\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
&%s /%s,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~@Q3%A%A%A%W:"".Bx+%N%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you
#	?E$E#hE#pE$E$CO5 
#	?E$E#hE#pE$E$mQP	#	?E#PE$ E$(E$0E#pE$8E$8E$HE$@E$PE$XmQ`
#	?E#PE$ E$E#hE#pE$`E$hE#xE$pmQ
?E#PE$xE%E#hE#pE%E%E% E%(E%0mQ*'
?E#PE%8E%@E#hE#pE%HE%PE%XE%`mQ* '
?E#PE%8E%@E#hE#pE%HE%PE%XE%`E%hHE%t%tE&%~E&&	E&$&E&,&E&4&(E&D&3E&L&=E&T&H ^W @Q *5* V "*60b+B*
4B&_ *(( (a`+R*
&d6@(,)~d`,)y @(((!6Q*6,~&j'
('B'[((7()(/! ,&xXX X C* X C* *6 B(	@@(	,(,(@@(Q"(X"(*"( *7 B(ZB(ZB(Q"(X"(*"( YaN+)h,~aN .W!4},(M,T&}*T&d> Y+&y@+&z&''''[BYZBY,~7J *] JX,~ B(,~ B(,~6D+' *7 &O	d'+'!"{Z
&S2D*b'	6 7*8Z
5L'2N*8,~ .+',(M7
 ,8A,?4L&dl 2p(+'80,2lX+'&6`(	,~2r(+'6a@+'0,00l?+'/,dB@,'$3B9&d`@2RX+'!3PX9&d "0@b "(	.O@9&da`+D*
,~0L+'.> (	,~ "P $@	.2r(+'5dF@,'$1F9')bO@9')1L6`(	,~ (Hh*9 ,,'2R(2r(,~4B'1,~ (9(Ra`,~,'5+'6b(aB+'A>([.(."2bX+'A*( (/.(2dX X D( (,(R+'@@(,~,(G,'{`@+'EaN+'N,)h@,(R
dL@l1L+'K,>,(W,^,)a32X9'G30X9'F+'b,)h X B]@,(R O@\
dL@l0L R\32X9'Q@,(W2r\+'X
,)a9'V3rX,)T30X9'O+'b,(G@p`@+'w2pX+'b,(:9']7@X+'f [,(W,'9']@@(	@raN,(W ( (d +(R (2r[2r\+'`2r]7@X7\+'`,>( B( [ $ DZ,(z,)
,^(,>Z $ DZ,(z,)
,^ (/\.Z."2"+'` (,(W,' \ B\+'`SX"X"(	7@*b'x5"'b,'{,(W+'FQ"(	X"(
 X@p(	.$(	*",~,(R2r\,~
eL@9(l2R(,(W6@X3r]7+(,,)a9',)T ,22\,~L9(,(GaN .X,(M[`B7X "1p2bX+F*
 P( B(,(M[`B7X "1r2bX+F*
 R( B(l +(RaN .(!(~X,(M B *h(,~@ @@ @,(Mab7g,(M_6`0d+H*
+@("=h(,~b*9b*:b*:ZB(ZB(,(&b*;ZB(	,> ,(M B(,^,~@
2r(,'62p(,'83r(7 "3p(m"@O+(O,(M,>,>[D0Z3pX2rX+P*
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+<(9)h)h ((	Q(6A;x,~@A X$"@.*;@d\O@]O@\O@[eF@+(D7 [ D[ D\3$( D\0F D]3$X9(@,~@@(	```` +'Al  ,,'2p(6@(+(Jd ,~ .81n78P ?,~A.1n..Q B8,~ $X &"..(U,~$(6$($$($(3P(2R(m,~ZBZ "*<,(e20(g $32(G$+*<,(}+,(z,)
7@X,)+,),)+,(q,),)+7DX,~`@+(j.X.X	 $ DZ ")D,~ "H,(m "@,(m6@.$9(h0"2.$0".$0".$,~6FX7HX,~ (/$$ (/$&  ()0.2$Z,~ DZ  Z H[,~7FX3P(7HX,~ /(+(s7@X3P(+(,~,) /( X+(u7@X,~,) (/ X+(u7@X3P(7@X,~,>(@@(,),^( X.$ZX$&@ ().+(v7@X3P(7@X,~,>(@@(,),^( X.$ /( X$&  ()/+(v6@X7@X,~,>(@@(,),^( X.$ (/ X$&  ()/+(v@dZ3R(,~a@+), G$/((D~ DZaR,~4D)# e ( /7HX+)- &H2fX+)- G&/&O$& .&2&+)-:Z.$,~ /(.Z,~,)h+)0,)]3P(+)53p(+)4,)[2P(+)2+)5,)Z2P(+)42r(+)83R(,~,)^+)67F[+)=,)R=f)922(+)=,)^3R(,~+);3R(,~ ($X (&$..(U
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X:(3bX+)r>(a@+)r (2"X,~@@(:(+)r7X X@@(@@([Q$A`A"4B*<
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'*	b+* W,> ( BX,&a+X*A*C*E*H*K*N*Q*U*W*[*^qrcfXuT*&Rrf


? DPY - Unknown errorIllegal luuo receivedUpdated same location twiceIllegal window size givenIllegal set function givenIllegal tty function givenCannot output desired sequenceOutput error occurredIllegal terminal address givenInitialize function not givenInitialize function failed6*b6d*b
'$bP}g$KP}gD$K><.$><.d$,-".gD"YdH#C #"
#] #F #O~u"]|$H$q1N"/pT#pNB"BmL*"emL$"fmL#"fm"Jlnl#wlkv#]lkt#Glkn#Olke#lUJ"nlUD"olU?"olU-#kD@#8k2`#1k1q$k1d$k*$i%>#/gX$gU4#ucd#eaj#cX&#j-WP2 Z*#K2 Y{K2 Y
`t N)L`aY:(
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bW6	FW6	FW6	>W6	4W6	2W6	2W6	/W6	,O<xW.	"W.	~W'?GW&c*W6<W^9OLZWWs&Wr6Wr5P2iP2i@PPhP	P	8<P:BPGpPGjW=$zWA	
5r)	or&fr&Yr&dr&ar&`r&Lr&B}rb9~r[vBUriVo#/~o#/YY:%:%:%P:%
:$"X-ImX-IzzX-IyoX-Iyk:"UV?VdV?UUV?PDV?N{.UV?7DV?5{ UV>f$V>d[8Pxd~PS$PC@PMUV$HdUV$#$UV$UV#lMUT6UT6:T6
L(cL(h8QhM:l/{M:k|1;,~5**[	`5KJ P&1P&1P&1P&1P&0HP&+}P&+[ P&*jP&*M3~CM3~M3~M3~M3~
<P&xP%~CP%sQP%QP%NP%NpP%FyP%FfP%F^P%F$P%EEP%E+P%E	P%E3\E;PP%AVxP%AU3\/&RU3\-tU3\,$tU3\xP%?@U3[OPP%9}P%9wU4
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^<P[S+D95d[c3D	`Mq&$MqzMp]YMp]	MpWMpVP$jJ^	`2
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t%	~	V%	~C	K4*L	K"2	KGL	K	K}	K	KX	K$TL	Ju5L	Ju2L	lN*$pL	l4G$pT	l0T	l0L	l/}
pT	l)xL	l)0pL	l(X8 pT	lEL	l( pL	l pT	kpIT	k]FT	kR`&' ^\&~
$]Q0NE$~,#{:	`S?-^@(Ty"	`(Tv
Srx y4Bxg}K	`P	NpP	Nw?`P	N<P	NP	N@P	NP	MuKpP	Mu7?`P	Mt|P	MtzP	Mt?@P	MsK@P	MsP	Mc@P	MYfP	MOP	MO|P	MM*pP	M0~P	M	@P	MP	MB|P	MP	M=pP	MNP	M
P	Mn S>KS>JwS>J<S>JS>IS>IS>%KS>%7S>$|S>$zS>$?S>#KS>#S>S>	fS=S=S=}*S=`S=M	S=MS=HBS=ES=E=S=?NS=:S=8n^R\}Ji}D:s}D9q}D9o}=qv}=tR}
c0P	@+P	@%}@P	@% P	@$.P	@#CP	@#4P	@#/P	@#*P	@=P	@
VxP	@=@P	@kxP	@P	?x}xP	?kMP	?^=P	?H$P	?H#P	?H
P	?FGP	?AP	?@^P	?@*P	?@{jU;M{j?&OR{j=sR{j<$sR{j#x(R{i_LP	?4uP	?2\R|L:R|AR|;}R|;R|:.R|9CR|94R|9/R|9*R|4=R|"oR|"VR|!=R|O	R|kR|R|}R|MR|t=R|^$R|^#R|^
R|\GR|WR|V^R|V*R|VR|JuR|H\7T.RePrwRePl	RePedRePY&RePIgPr cPr_PrjPrx@Pqw7Pqi&PqhKPq;_ Pq6CPq5>Pq5>Pq,JPq,Jc5U;Vc5?&XRc5=vRc5<$vRc5#xRc4_XRcfFcRcfE_Rcf:jRcf5xRcf7Rcf&RcfKRcea_Rce\CRce[>Rce[>RceRJRceRJ#R`{yR`gIR`}}R_9o_9m"|
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