Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - tops10_tools_bb-fp64b-sb - 10,7/lincln/lincln.exe
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?p``P?x,@~Py_Dv[o7@9x7@,@~xyY&t;Dv[o|/g   @A	` @,>@%,^@@U @&O@S"	 BAd@' 
+@@*	` 
	j+@/ 	babab@3`b @7ab@= 	b
@A"@E!X"	b+ 2B@E@G @J $
@L  $
 @P	b'@Q  @P $ (@V	b'
@W "	b

@[@^	`,@~P`#@&Slave TTY to free:  ,Z
Y&vH3Terminal is already free @
Y&ulrNo such device @
Y&ukzNot a terminal, @
Y&uX9This terminal is a master, not a slave @
Y&vKTTerminal not in use,  ,ZY&tMSDEVTYP failed, error code $gR}\@
Y&ukyNot owned by STOMPR,  ,Z
Y&t9yCan't get original speed to unzerobaud Y&t<yCouldn't set receive speed, proceeding... ,Z
Y&t=Couldn't .TOTYP ^C into  ,Z
Y&t9YCouldn't free the slave [The slave has been liberated]
@Y5@Y<@YB@Z@Z@Z@C @C!@C"@C$X	2.6$,>,>  Z /AC,>,[/:@}0:.:v h:@~,n@aa:|7`n@a+AC:@} ,A0:.:x \h,^x,^,^,~Z1z1z+AH.:+n@a7@P+AM+@P+A+A+A*x,>,> ,A!a:,^,^,~*x,>,>,>,> ~,A!a:~,^,^,^,^,~,^,^,^,^*x,~**x*,~$@}4DA< ANX$p | p,ZU`| aB+A,~7@w+A++@w`+@w"@}1B,Z9,Z`|+A:"@}0"+A< AP* BQ,^x,^,^,^,^,^x,^> ZP,^,~,>P,>Q,^@@P+[Na| 7w w~ B|,~ "pa|0+AAa| +Z@,Z<`|,Z,~

 ,ZYV}Illegal UUOI : 
AJ  AM+A#x(X+A7?
?Stopcd. Aborting job!,>Z ",XV,Z&,^  ad."Z1b5"A^,> "As,Z<,^,Z\" A`,Z<,Z,~AtAwAzA|ABBB
BBBBBB#B%B)B,B/B3B7B:B=B@BEBIBLBPBTBYB^BcBhBmBqBuBxB}CERUNK%() Unknown error for filopERFNF%(0) File not foundERIPP%(1) Incorrect PPNERPRT%(2) Protection failureERFBM%(3) File being modifiedERAEF%(4) Already existing file nameERISU%(5) Illegal sequence of UUOSERTRN%(6) Transmission errorERNSF%(7) Not a save fileERNEC%(10) Not enough coreERDNA%(11) Device not availableERNSD%(12) No such deviceERILU%(13) Illegal monitor call for GETSEG a filopERNRM%(14) No room or quota exceededERWLK%(15) Write-lockedERNET%(16) Not enough table spaceERPOA%(17) Partial allocationERBNF%(20) Block not freeERCSD%(21) Can't supersede a directoryERDNE%(22) Can't delete non-empty directoryERSNF%(23) SFD not foundERSLE%(24) Search list emptyERLVL%(25) SFD nest level too deepERNCE%(26) No-create for all search listERSNS%(27) Segment not on swap spaceERFCU%(30) Can't update fileERLOH%(31) Low seg overlaps hi seg (getseg)ERNLI%(32) Not logged in (run)ERENQ%(33) File still has outstanding locks setERBED%(34) Bad .exe file directory (getseg,run)ERBEE%(35) Bad extension for .exe file(getseg,run)ERDTB%(36) .Exe directory too big(getseg,run)ERENC%(37) TSK - Exceeded network capacityERTNA%(40) TSK - Task not availableERUNN%(41) TSK - Undefined network nodeERSIU%(42) Rename - SFD is in useERNDR%(43) Delete - file has an ndr lockERJCH%(44) Job count high (a.t. read count overflow)ERSSL%(45) Cannot rename SFD to a lower level,QR,QR,Q,,Ps,Pe,Q,Q7,N,N
&C],CB               ,C2O,D,~,C2+Fc,C2+F[,C2,F`C_,C2 +R,A,C25pC+40C)"Cc+@C,Z3PCd	`C"p,Z<,S^,QR4pC',R:Cc+@nC`7@,R+@nC,~	b@,~:@S+Cd,C7,^,(a:x,C7> SCe,~*
R*R*S,~"Ch7@ "Ci+Z<,Q,*Ch ( ,Zy+CAZ(/Z",~6 CnCr
(,Z ,a,Z% (,Z
*J[O<lCD+CESixbit wordOctal numberDecimal numberAscii stringSixbit stringDate/time specificationDate/time in the pastDate/time in the futureVersion numberCore sizeFile size in words of blocksFile specificationaJmI don't know what to do with this yet$Hw>S,~aJnx:Wrong AC set in use!HwProcessor type (Undefined format)C) ,Z
aJl1Ambiguous keyword C) ,Z
aJn[UUnknown keyword Keywords are:	ba+[N BU	b
` BT D	b9XZBT	b
.BT D	b&,~+[N\"	b9u`b,~	d
`3DD,~7@U DU D	da,~ BTl" BU D	bxp	d
.$ZDT D	b&D,~7BU,~@@U,Cv`,~	T	G#<xCouldn't set JACCT p	b
D,~t,Zd. Tried for: @@V Sz*(7 ^ x H@@,[&[A",[,G,[ F`,[ZFj`F[`F 
,[ Fo,[ Fj4FD*SX([0f  & *(,[,E Fm Hm,[ Fn,[,E Hn^0O@	b
+  BVO@V Sz	d$ BW	f
 F[	f&@ F\ S{ $	b' "  B\\"	b@ B[ "	b S{ B^ S|	b S| B^ S}	b S~ B_ S~	b S B_ S	b T B` S{ $!&=	f@A& F]	b7@ B]0J+DK:/O@0O@O@ "7@1J B [,D`QBj Q( Bi\",	b7+D[@b!$Lu
+D[ V!$YR ^@+D["T$"j0(D~A$pA&G,X
 Bl6@,G?7@/+Dc!"K8 BO@,G?5E (&".$)D}=hD`[,~7@`+E
6+EO@,QR4pE,R,QE+Dt,Q,4pDj4NDi4NE1P8JDi T7 ,P0+Dy4pE1P+Dq
6m0,QR+DnO@5Z`^0 Pp+D|000p/+Di .Gp(N N "Z
 B),QR,QR `,P0+E N2O@10P,R!$cDnO@07`@@pZ`Z*/
 Pp o,E ,R> ,XUO@o ,~Z[0FQ&0HQ(,~ x H H Q( Di p ^,FnZ^7:@o+E6@06@7+E+E2^+G$ iYB(d"2B	b+ 6@7+E6@+E,GP1+E6@0,Sg3PT+T7`^0Z",R,SO6@7+E",GW5BE,F7N2,Q,@@25NE&1P +E'+[N N2+[N!$bDn+G&,G8+E x H H7 n+E.,SO Q( Di,[& p ^,Fn,[,E Fe Hf,[`faF+T	,E Ff Hg,[,E Fg Hh,[,E Fe Hh,[,E HiZ^77 n+EK:@o+E?6@06@7+E?+EK2^+G$ iYB(d"2B	b+ 6@7+EI6@+EH,GP1+EK6@0,Sg3PT+T
7`^0Z",R,SOO@5@@6@@86@e,e7 n+ER6@7+EQ,GW5BE?,F1,G,Gj ,0P +EW4"EW!$bDn+G&+E 
E^+0fE_@nEbG, "bBh6 5+Eq+Ec:@5+G( "bBh+El FbBT
+G)O3Bh2Bi+G)3Bi2Bj+G)3Bj2Bk+G)3Bk2Bl+G),g+Ew4JEx haBaB+Eq7 5+G'O@6:5 "bBh+Ew F`b+G*O3Bg2Bh+G*,f,I4,F5pER6`+N6@6,~7 n,~6@+E?6@7+E?6@0,~+E?,G8@@p 0+ER x H ^,SOO@7,Fn,[ 
,[d&/&( FdZJc[.&( Fc,[ Fk o,SO2^+G$,F3pT,G!3pT,~Z"7@77@0,R^0,J+F p5pG+,GW:@?@+F k,F+F0BMd+1P+F0P +F!$bDn+G&,G84pF5G, x H,[&,>7@@7,>p,>q@@p@@q,>pZ^p,>,> $FV D,>7@@7 ,$ D7 x+F* 
,Fd+FVJ,[5FF-\&	f+FWafp+FW6@+FWFk7p7,J",IT"M$D!"@!$@E!"`BGO!"LuIFVJFTFV 6 x4NFV T,SnaB+FU ,Z
,Z,I,S,^7,^,^,^p,^q,^p,^7@@k,~ x H H ^@@8@@7 o1D $5dFa7 1@@o6`1@@1#`1+Fd x H,SO $ p6 53PT $7@6` $.Dx7`@@o^q6` Do2PTOpp+Fn x H4BF[A",[,G,[ F`.&Q& Fa,[[7@7TQ( HbZ7@7TQ( Hb,[Z7@7TQ( Ha,[2FT+F\&	f & Fd7`p@@p@@O@,[/6 7,J7 7,J@@@@),[3,~P`#3FG,~ ",XU	`,> T[0D+G TC',ZU,^aB+G,G "T+G T"C',ZU,^aB+G,G "T#,Z<,Z	`,> "T*,Z<[x,Z,Z-,Z-,^A",Z "T.,Z<[G,Z,Z-,Z-ZG,Z "T2,Z<C#X"5Z^0 Pp7@j7@5Sg,S,~
2	b+G%-"S,SNT:-"S,KNnT>-"S,IT@-"S,M6~TC-"S,M6NTG7TO TQ,>d,Sn ,^aD+S@,Z< ,YL6@)7@+G6 "TR,Z< 7$) ", ",Z@+S@ ,~,Gj5"GL "7@ B7@ P7 \06@,S " $ ,IOU"8v7@% B%Sj7@$$!"Lu7@  ad@g $	b`b O@? +GN\"4pGL7 7+GL1P5R .Od3-"S9UNTT .Od3-"S9i6NTW6@ug6Bv:x,~@@r TY*",~,GS " Bv,~,SO,GP,~5BTZ,[4"Sg,Sc "r $ &,S++Gh,S  B  uab!$>9 D7" "1b(B BSX"6 +Ggd"6@/l"	b+Gg .rO@-"S9e^NT[,Gk+,~,[! ,I@
+GnO@l,QM p1B+Gr>B,P7`+N"`1P/+H)1P+H/4NG~`l@+M> LG,Il,@,PM NP BP8BG|l
@Z HS,I	O@l1P+H80P1P-+HR1P+HN6`0P7+HQ6@7 77+H1P+H"1P+Gn LG7@P,I!Qh"1BYR6@P+H G6@K`B 1+H S BS7BJ7V7JOP ^OJ@@K T_*"O Gldbl"@db l"dBl@dBldB@ldB0l BG!&GFF &1P &000p1 &GxfT
 l+[N,J+Mc,QG7+Mx4"H&l,+H`b+H7@l:ll,+H4NMDll+M: NH * BH8BH-l
Z HR,I	+Gn,QM1P+H),R4NMFll+M< NI * BI8BH5l
!"BBEZ HR,I	+Gn,P7`+N"`Z HT,I	,PMll +M@Y* NQU8BH@l
!.  NQ,QM7`+N"`Z HT,I	+H6@+M~: LG,I+GlO@+Gnll+MO!*GJEGJF,QK1P.+Hs1P+Hr,P,PM`b4.T`1P+Tc0P+ML6@4`n`N+MTanm
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aj+I%H R $/ D,Iwaj+I)I
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Z7@Hal+IIH  DR,Iwl*`Ll
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7@Pal@+IYP  DS,Iwl*@`L@l
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d,6@i1LSx+Jt+Uad`l$	(U1(:0hd&`af`l&	77+J"0h+U8BJ1(<BJ`j +U"2B+Mn0h+K`j 0H+K!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5K [`BN5K nO@1(b 7 70H5K d$0$D0de+K/$=/&=+K2$c2dc5K .d.dPbn5K S"'X(Z  2B+Mn:*hK"U"Q$."  *$ 7 70H5K 2"c2bc5K .d.d*&7@3+K&1P,QR1P+U0P5pMx@@36` 0 PpR0>+[N,Pe+Ji,Ps+Ji,PU+Ji1P5Q . N,~ U*",Gj 06@i1LSx7+UZ[06 77@+K56@k+K5+Mn,I U*"l5[N!"GBDGBE5PR,PR6 k3Nk+K<6 7+U  Nk 7 70H+K? N.0P+[N,PR3.k+M|,~ 07@O@ .,~,Q,d4NKX0P+KX,>,Q,^ &!$qbF*dKI6 >"$S`X$ U!	f7+[N,> INX+KW!`Pj!$K8@f`+KW,^ $
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`4J[O6d\/$ D) 	0h(`hh`+L4,L $U+,Ll,,L*jKA,,~ 0,Z
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:1,QM,N,~+[N,QM,N+,~,QM@@1O@00P+N>1,QM,N,~+[N,QM,N+,~,QM@@1@@00P+N:1+N0P5N>1,QM6B1,B0O@0V	*",X	4B*000p+N+NE,Q!4NO1,OF,P0+O++./.O80.+N37B0+O B1[*&$/7..R*6B0m/.S.,>,O+V	,^P7`1+N03.*.V+N7.V3d*,+N ./.O;0n+N9+N0P+O/,Pe4nO0n+O$N+N]Z1DOC7nl7+N1DOC+V1DOD+V5X
+O  N0P+O,Pe0.+O 4.O N0P+O,Pe0.+O 4.O N7" "$"6 .$"6 . $)w'"Q@ +[N "O,~-"S,]:&V" "O,~-"S,]B6V% "O!,~-"S,IfV* "O#,~-"S,IVV-5"O' "O&,~-"S/knV/ "O(,~-"S/CnV3 "O*,~-"S,S3V65"O- "O,,~-"S/kvV9 "O.,~-"S/CvV= "O0,~-"S,[&V@ "O2,~-"S,IRnVB  "O5,~-"S/[VE "O7,~-"S,I?VJo%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6_%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$ i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9&O;~.O7,QM,OI+,~,QM,[!@h@j7
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S.  $,QMO@4+P.O@0P0P+PO@4,QM0P1P1+P(D(Nl+P000p+P($l(N..Gh+P@@4,P}6@O@4O@)D+P. "Z
.B)0"+ViVj,QP,QN6`q+P%0P1P1+P#`fpB+P%,QE+Vj`fp`/0`hpP.0,QMO@4+P0P+P./0`hpP,QMO@4afp+P.B+P,7@47$OD*5QU5Zy,QM,QP@n000p+P7`np+PL(NpVo,QM+P2,QG+P>000p1+PL,QN.$G`4BVp$"Y "Y} B)1P((N1P%(N1P!(N0P!1P++Pc0P(1P%7Pcg,QM+Q,QM1P5Ps,Q1P5Pt000p5Pk$...Gh,QM+Ph1P,QM "Z B) "1P% "t1P& Vy1P# Vz$0b,QM5Q,QM,Q,> *1P+Py000p5Pz(N..Gh$*.*Gh,QM+Pv1P ,^1P5Pk "Z B) "1P% "1P& "	1P# "
,QR@@ V	*")\"Z< B) Vz1P+V~,QP6`q+Q,QE+V2BV}P,QR+Q@@0P+Q W,Q@@"0P+Q W,Q@bWbW	bW	,~,QM,QP . "Z
 B) Vi6`q+Q%,QG+W
10=10+Q1P0+Q000/0/0`bpP.0,QM+Q#,QM,QP . "Z
 B) Vi6`q+Q1,QE+W
10=10+Q1P0+Q000/0/0`bpP.0,QM+Q/,QM,QP,QN5Q:,QM@@ V	*") "Z
 B) W6`q+Q?,QE+W10=10,~0P0,~000/0/02BWP.0,QM+Q=0P1P+[N000p00 0p-0000p=,~+[N,QR0P1P+QK,~,QR100,~1p=/0,~1P6`q,~ Pq7@,~,QW7`,~0p?5pW>P,~,Qj7`q0P,~,[/ Vj $,Qj4pQa1P+Qa,QN00 0p-+Qi/0`bpP+Q[0P,R!"uX"Yb,Zy+Qf/"Yb 0,[3,~ 5"Qh-"S/k>W-"S/C>W -"S/S>W,>6@o+W6@q^q@@q6Bp+6`^0-"R+R+Qo+Qx-"R-"R+R+Qt+Qx+Qq-"R+R+Qt+Qw+Q~Q0-"R-"R+R+Q{+QzQ0+Q~-"R+R+Q{+Q}Q0-"RQ0-"R1P+Qx+Qq!",R7@^0+Qr\Pq_`5R-"R6@o+Qr+W$ Bp Pp,^,~6@o+W%,R"7`q+R4pR2Pq+,R"3Pq+@@q4p1P+1P+0P1P+R6 5+7 70P7+W(0P+,R"5pR+ Po5P[O 0*o,~6@7+R7 +R6@0,~6@+W)6@m5m,Sc7  "
(1P00P1P07@56@06`1,~0P	papap+RD\`,[/ " $9 &:,S++S) " B: " B: ;QX$=4BRMab*$A $=ab D;,[3,Rg+Rf60ap`6@65RX,RX80Rf,> 1"+RUZ aB+W. ",RX80Re=bRV,^>`+Rb7@+Rf: 0G4PR,Rg+Rf70+Rf0p@@+Ra
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+S47Z (Z+S47Z (Z,> ,SnaB+S@,Z& , +S@7Z,> Q,SnaB+S@,Z&4.S?[,Z,Z&Z,X`6@3,S$^"7`77@7 Bp,Z,Z p7@k,GS6@n5n 7 7+F7D+SN Dx "7@7+F[ D}X$[) Dx+E?,Sg	`7@9,~@@9,> p6@+SU
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66@5pWB2PT^0@@o@@p@@q@@q2PT^0 Pp,^,~7p,Qj5pS]1 p@@o@@p@@q@@q2PT^0 Pp,~,[& 0 \ , 
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`VHV0S}(,eVpgR-vT,G!5pE+E? .TSCAN called with no allocation routine(s)
&T	`,G!5pEK+E?4E@g^NHt2B+FH+FCNo option ]>vTT	gu]TMinor SWIL version incompatibility!~T;
  Recompile and reload calling program with correct version of SWIL!Major SWIL version incompatibility!~T;
  Changes required in calling program logic interface with SWIL!
  Calling program's protocol version is ;
  Called SWIL's protocol version is ;
  Incompatible SWIL call was from user PC ?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "KbTKIllegal character "S2TO" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files r@@vO@5SgWildcard illegal in /RUN specification)0K NJ BJ8BHjl
+Hj?x2NTb+H\5BH\!.  NJ BJl
+Hj(HEHU,Pe? .GTSPC called pointing to the ACS/JOBDAT
&Th	`Pand /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap/PBEFORE and /PSINCE don't overlap%( x "Md,~ "Mf,~h.k`+M,^5bMa+M30[ .8+JH]>tPcI0gO+JSC2` .+JSVJZ 4"JaO@+Ja5b[O4*Jg4JJh +JdZanen1B+Jq4BJq0"	+Mt "(B?X+Jq`j+Jt,i5K +Jt04BJ8BJ+K[0BaB8+JZ`nh`B8+J+Mn,QR0P,R+J(Hm 0`f+K1,i5K5+K1-PD6@k+K?+MnCan't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument formatKZKZKjKnswitches are:
switch keywords are:
Standard No help available, try /HELP:SWITCHES or /HELP:KEYWORDSDouble node illegalDouble device illegalDouble file name illegalDouble extension illegalDouble file generation/extension illegalNull node illegalNull device illegalNode wildcards illegalDevice wildcards illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedSwitch wildcards illegalUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisString too big3(5B[OZx+N-8R*X.+N+R*+NA5B[OZx+NC5B[O .+NK? Impossible null return from DTIME2 in DATIT5B[O
&V	b+NV5B[O7`0+Nk+Nk%x:D(afQ+Nv3"*+ 2b*_XNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeAmbiguous month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeAmbiguous name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeMnemonic date/time switch not implementedDate/time out of rangeHTelephone number too longTelephone number area code construction illegalTelephone number quotes not matchedTelephone number parenthesis illegally usedTelephone number area code not three digitsTelephone number "*" not supportedTelepone number "#" not supportedHH0P+P(,R14pP(7`+P$>P+P$0
$ "dVo,QM+P70P+PL,QM+PFB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH0P,~,R14p[O+Q) . N+Q0P-1P.+Q0P1P+Q0P1P+Q1P/+Q0P+Q,R14pQ+QHH""&0P+Q,R14pQ+Q%0P+Q,R14pQ+Q1H0P,~,R14p[O+Q?),> 0?,QV,^,~Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word o@@o1P 0+R? Attempt to read past end of command line
&W	b+Qo o@@o1P^0+R
^0+7@,~Z"+R6@6@5Z,~@@p+R-,^>,~6@O@6,~xAHB? Indirect file I/O buffer overflow
&W2	`Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device 8Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,Qj+SU

.,[#,[HA"A& `N`,~6N3N]1,~7N!.Lu N 
`j@	naj@	n,Wr`j@l,an+WW`Jl
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~0j#7.# .(N|0l N0j#7# .0l3NWt7 N+[N
$,>4"X[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+W&$27@aDg &/"V$":5FX1(+X>!$z3(X+X."*dX/X.*xd"%X$),^,~ X%	b "5BX	b		d,[,>&$:0d~+X&&.X *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4dX&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'X$2dX%."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&. p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7XE!&>9Z(
+X>!$@f@e$+X60D	1D
` +X??$x+X6` `B+XH"
&XT /XT,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3X,X,X,X>:"".Bx+X9%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you
,Z1 "(6@,Y7B(+X][(1DYR5bZB,Z
`l7B(Z1,Z1`l7B(+Xg,Y,Z1`l7@(+Xj,Z8 (,Y,Z9`l@7B(+Xl,Y`l 7@(+Xo,Z/ (,Y`l7@(+Xt "`l ",Z@ (,Yal+Xz!0{O3CFY
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,FY*pXuaL,~"ZC4BZA1B,~,Z&"ZC.",YL,Z&.*0+XaQ"A`,>1,Yx5BY+Z`l0B5Z@ "/5Z@,Y{ ('8BZA,Z1 ('5Y{@($@($@(%@(%@(&@(&@('@(#@(#E5|Rg&t9 C
`b+Y7F,~`f+Y"Q"[7@,~Z0DQ0}/$  "-,Z@ @2BZC4"ZD5nZE,Z
+Y$5Z9!`)"w,>!`,Y-,Z-,^iB5Z,  & ")B5BY2=fY/ ")B."`d ",Z@=fY1,~,Wu."z3bZG+Y8.$/ZG,> ,Y<,Z1,^5YB	b,[&"  ",YH&( ".ZG,Z< "  &"2"5Z	b	&ZM ,YH,Z1 &"j0 ,YH,Z1 &"t $4"Z0b5Z*,Z@ "5Z@,[>0"+YU!${PY]2BY]*dYN5$YS ",Z@RY],Z
 ",Z@,~." ,> "/+Y\1"+YZ/",>Yb ",Z@,^,Z
"5Z@1B?5ZO5Z@,Z@,^5Z@K>7K>gC3SE`iYmPMGHKNYt>&"Z ZQ+Z4BZ ZRU$*DY ZRbB+Z&" 7!(+,Z[5Z@,> ",Z@ ",Z@,^,~,>,Z8,^4"ZS,Z
,>[,Z,Z-,^Z7ZT &5"Z  ",Z@ &#`,>6@,Z,^."0b."5Z@7ZT &,[& @
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@jj,>1J0L,Z,^."0b."5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "5Z@ "-5Z@ ".5Z@ "=5Z@ ">5Z@Q"A`aB,~,>x4BZ,Z@+Z>6@858
+Y$ @,Y*+Y$L\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@<DEL> "ZN5Z<0$$B
+Z9 &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@9+ZZ
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,^`FaH@+Zd ",Z@Z,Z ",Z@,Z&Zx`H,Z<,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`fZp(B}D8[`G8d"`Bl7@l,~c,[& 
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,^O@: `f+[(FFdA4F[N+[F4F[NA5F[ :*bZ~Z4L[N ,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D[	,~O@,~ 
&[	`? g 09
[O<$[7 &:,~>  F:,~;
? Version incompatibility	b
"`	b+[`b;xO@,~",~,>,+[.+[+,>,>,+[-+[*,>,>,>,~+[-+[*,>,>,>,>,~+[,,^,^,^,^>+[N,^,^,^,^>,~,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~,> ,1: ,^,^x,~,>,1:,^,^x,~,>,>,1:~,^,^,^x,~,>,>,>,~1:~,^,^,^,^x,~,>,>,>,>,~1:},^,^,^,^,^x,~:x,~6[O6f[OJ/Q[N~T2[O~T2V[N[*[)X.[&X.[#X-[!X-[b([6Qc3[/J-3[3
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5Z2^|Z7xZoZ:Z96Z;HZ5Z3j0Z&Z*OJ8OCUrXV2JX` ZZ~uY-}|Z6|+:Z8|+6Z:|$HZ4t=-Z)pTYLpNBX`mL#Y5m9?Z(wCZ/mYlktZlkkZlkeYHlUDY;lU?Y<lU-Z.kD@Zk2`Y}k1qZ-k1dZ1k*Z@i%>Y{h`HZ'gXZ,OP5],

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%	tdt@\B:/\>X\>5'\7N+\2g'r'I(\)8*\)7\	\	)\+,\6.\.,[rO.O[mNO[mO[m	O[l|[l{&O[l+O[kO[kO[j]O[jRO[i%r%H([Z[X%[Qgr%0[Ms/[M"-[M	+[L,[FG[@v*r#eOD^w'lw]!+{0