Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - tops10_tools_bb-fp64b-sb - 10,7/stopcd/stopcd.exe
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'8, (,*n	b+* d"pab+,+a,.,~weekdayhourminutesecondSystem being debuggedReload on debug stopcd'sReload on job errorsNo auto reloadsStop system on cpu stopcd on any cpuDon't do continuable stopcd dump on debug stopcdsDon't do continuable stopcd dump on job stopcdsDon't do continuable stopcd dump on cpu stopcdsCall CRSCPY on next clock tick on boot cpuCall KDPLDR on next clock tickCopy output to FRCLIN to system ctyDisable next CRSCPY requestReload in progress (RECON. function .RCRLD)Reload after dump (don't dump twice in MONBTS)?illegal bit setCan enter EDDT on CPU0 using XCT .C0DDTCan enter EDDT on CPU1 using XCT .C1DDTCan enter EDDT on CPU2 using XCT .C2DDTCan enter EDDT on CPU3 using XCT .C3DDTCan enter EDDT on CPU4 using XCT .C4DDTCan enter EDDT on CPU5 using XCT .C5DDTLoaded from file:  ?Current time:  Last reload:  \Uptime: , 9Reason for last reload: P	H	HStartup option: No STOPCDs since last reload. BUGINF CPU stopcd DEBUG stopcd JOB stopcd.Last stopcd name was  (type  called from exec PC  on CPU at Job  on  running UUO was  at user PC Debugging status:*b,~,6 
7B(+,( "/,n6B(,_7B(,~,(R((B}6@l"`,(7@(,~ "(Q"52Z8  ,_  [ 1DYR5bq,( ",nR ,( " 52 6B ,_  ,(R !$bD bD 4F1 ",n ,( " l" 7B +r`h+6`b5# ([/",>Q(} "-,n  2Bu4"u6 x+v,+*H@6 x:7@ +@,l  ,(+<,^x+'!`)"w,>!`,E,l,^iB5j  & ")B5BJ=fG ")B."`d ",n=fI,~ $+O, $,>,."z3bx+R.$/x,^,> ,X,k,^5b &+X	b &,6&"  " $,j&( ,x,] "  &"2 ~	f+a&&21B+a$"2. 5j (+d	b	 (&*,j,k &"j0 ,j,k &"t $4"/0b5/*,n "5n0"+w!${P2B*do5$u ",nR,( ",n,~." ,> "/+~1"+|/",>
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