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	SUBTTL	Bill Meier 3-Apr-85



$$NAME:: ASCIZ	|WHOONC version 6(243) built on  3-Feb-88|
	 BYTE(7)" "," "," ",.CHCRT,.CHLFD

	TITLE.	(WHO,WHO,<WHO - A status information display program>)
;                        SECTION                                   PAGE
;    1. Bill Meier 9-Jul-80.......................................   1
;    2. Edit History..............................................   3
	SUBTTL	Edit History

;1-3	Development edits
;4	Add more selection switchs
;5	Add DDB scan and wildcard logic
;6	Allow for ^C if JACCT
;7	Add /JSTATUS: args
;10	Allow /SEND:"text" to selected jobs
;12 	Fix VM stats when swapped, include page rate, fix R1/R2 tests
;	If jaccted, only let TRMOP. send work if [1,2] or poke
;14	Add LINE mode to print out stuff on TTY lines not nessecarily
;	controlled by jobs and associated new switches
;15	Add (in LINE mode) /[NO]SLAVE /[NO]CONNECT print LIMIT if set
;16	Include more stuff for DDB printout, support MTA stuff too
;17	Create file STD:LINES.INI with terminal locations and phone
;	numbers.  In line mode add /LOCATION:"STRING"/PHONE:"STRING"
;20	Add /MAP to MAP to other function; IE 1/MAP shows job 1 AND
;	its TTY info
;21	TRMOP. send worked if batch job. dont do CTLJOB check if batch
;22	Fix file switches in SWITCH.INI, change LINE mode typeout
;	a little bit, replace JOBMAX with LOGMAX in JOB mode /SUMMARY
;23	Add switches /FILE and /FILES just like /DDB and /DDBS
;	Add LOGINQ statistics in LINE mode
;24	Add /FORCE:command for priveledged jobs
;25	Add more stuff for TTY ddbs (char counts,etc). Include more
;	FILSER stuff (read counts), and fix spaces/dashed in names
;26	Improve GETTAB routine; include table/index in errors
;	Add /OUTPUT:string /INPUT:string to type string out/in
;	Allow /SEND/OUTPUT/INPUT if to same programmer
;27	Update to 7.00 UUOs, DDB scanning (and funny space) Use SPY
;	pages and have truely shareable core image.
;30	Fix /DPY and /REPEAT defaults. Allow PTYs in line mode
;	Add /INCLUDE:PTY and implement /PTY for line mode
;31	Add general /SET:fnc:args to do all sorts of SETUUO's for other
;	jobs. Same priv checking as other action functions.
;32	Dont allow /DPY if not logged in. Add /NETWORK:(CONNECT,DISCONNECT)
;	as another type of action.
;33	Implement /FAST/NORMAL/SLOW for line mode. Also, include
;	character count stuff if /SLOW. Trap fatal job errors so we
;	can exit more gracefully. With new SCAN, dont allow indirect
;	command files if not logged in.
;34	Fix ?ill mem ref with DDBs getting swapped out when we look
;	Add /PERFORMANCE for LINE mode, add switch /MODE:(JOB,LINE)
;35	Inprove format stuff, default /BLANK format, update to new
;	DPYPAK, form TSG version, make compatible with 6.03 again
;	Fix /SEND to take arrow form of control characters, and to form
;	OPRnnn if needed. Improve scanning of "WHO name" and "WHO ."
;	Add /VFAST (very fast) to list just name and TTY
;	Fix /MAP for PTYs and CTY
;36	Improve wait state codes (especially EW, HB, TI/DI/IO)
;37	Add /CHANNEL to typeout USRJDA and bits. Also, /BBATCH to
;	select jobs in background batch
;40	Add /SUMMARY:key to give different breakdowns
;2(40)	2-Jun-80
;41	Fix OPRnnn in send, change format to ;;OPR(TTYnnn): - for
;	local OPR or ;;OPRnn(TTYnnn): - for remote OPR
;42	Make single source for KI/KL/KS (inline tests)
;	Verify we have some lenghts right (check DDBLEN)
;43	Add IPCF send/receive information
;44	Add new switch /LOGICAL to list logical names in funny space
;	Improve name listing routine and space handling
;45	Add more /SUMMARY arguments, allowing rounding to place things
;	like number of disk reads into buckets.
;	Really implement /NETWORK:CONNECT
;46	Add /INCREMENTAL (finally!!) for /REPEAT or /DPY
;47	Allow /SEND to the same project only
;50	Add runtime commands in DPY mode
;51	Add /ORIGIN to list path program (low+high seg) came from
;52	Improve handling of TTY/PTY/CTY specifications
;53	List DDB under channel spec if /DDBS and /CHANNEL
;54	Return functionality of /REPEAT:n:m to repeat m times
;	sleeping n seconds. Add LIMIT as format keyword.
;55	Improve name matching to retry users mask shifted to the
;	start of every space. So, .W BILL or .W MEIER match "BILL MEIER"
;56	Fix sync of error messages when output device is my terminal
;	Better error message for /DPY if not logged in
;57	Allow +/- in DPY mode to roll the screen up or down to display
;	more information than would fix on the screen.
;60	Include low/high version information in /ORIGIN output
;2A(61)	22-Sep-80
;61	Fix some bugs reported by Tufts
;	1) Headers on /SUMMARY:xxx dont line up pretty
;	2) When we tried to read funny space in line mode, we died with ?WHOCCP
;	3) /INCLUDE:SEGMENT doesnt. Remove keyword as /ORIGIN does it better
;	4) Conflict with /LOGINQ and /LOGICAL. Change to /PATH:NAMES
;	5) User specified format switch too sticky across commands
;**	6) Cant use ? and * in user name wildcarding
;62	Add /PATH:PATH,JSL,NAMES) like PATH program to list path stuff
;63	Fix incremental statistics when more than one spec is given
;64	Fix flagged control characters in SEND/INPUT/OUTPUT command
;	strings that are lower case. Ie ^c should be the same as ^C
;65	Remove all 603 stuff. Everyone should be 7 series now.
;66	Fix /FORCE from eating too much. Things like WHO/FORCE:HALT 24
;	would HALT all jobs, as 24 was eaten by scanner!
;67	Always print " + " if high segment and /ORIGIN
;3(70) 14-Dec-80
;70	Rework all of WHO to be faster and more efficient. Allow more
;	selection switches, better format handling and more keywords.
;	Fix some DPY bugs with exit and continue
;71	Add /SORT switch to sort by any key, in ascending or descending
;	order, and selecting the first n jobs.
;72	Really fix /INCREMENTAL for multiple specs and with /SORT.
;73	Improve /PATH output to make it just like PATH monitor command.
;74	Fix up DDB stuff to add different typeout modes and SFDs.
;75	Replace missing TRMOP. function .TORMT with simulator, and
;	generate $STOP if we use a TRMOP. function that we dont simulate
;	so this doesnt happen again!
;76	Add code to read the swapping space for UPMPs and funny space.
;	Fix bug with /ORIGIN and swapped out job, and also erroronous
;	duplicted second sfd program was run from.
;77	Add /ACCOUNT:"string" to select jobs with account strings, add
;	/INCLUDE:ACCOUNT to do the obvious, and change format of 
;	LINES.INI to have node name and line number.
;	Expand IPCF information, add /INCLUDE:SPOOL.
;100	Add expanded typeout of NPDs for TSKs with /DDBS
;	Change /STATE: into /WSCODE: and replace /STATE: with
;	keyword list.
;	to list lots of INITIA type TTY parameters. Improve format
;	handling some, add more keywords like CRLF and SPACE.
;103	More format improvements, add format control switches
;	/INITIAL /HEADING /FOOTING /FINAL for real custom output
;104	Fix some little bugs, add /INFORM:SIZE to type out some
;	access table information
;105	Add /PRGRUN and fix EW wait codes for 702
;106	Cleanup reading the swapping space, and ?WHOWJU errors
;6-Mar-81 3(106)
;107	Fix /[no]MIC selection switch in line mode
;110	Improve /STATE by adding (QUEUES,RWAITS,CODES) like S.MAC
;	Expand /SUMMARY output for job mode, fix "n jobs running"
;111	Fix /MODE when specified by itself. Fix /FOOTING with no jobs
;	Toggle normal/slow DDBS with "S" and "D" commands in DPY mode.
;	Cleanup some old values (use SYSGET things) NBSTIM,UPTIME
;112	Exit /DPY better if .SET WATCH set
;113	Add /INFORMATION:BATCH for WTO, OPR, batch stuff
;	Add /STREAM/WTO/GLXOPR selection switches
;114	Add /[no]APPEND for initial open of output file
;	Fix for appending to output files in SFDs
;	Create output file with WHOs version, if no /VERSION specified.
;	Remove /NODPY, make it /DPY:0
;	Fix handling of A and D in dpy mode
;115	Fix to run under KL paging monitors
;116	Begin to implement WHOSRV and network WHO ability
;117	Allow /FORMAT switch in LINE mode
;120	Expand LINE mode format typeout and keywords
;121	Change /VM to select jobs whose virtual size .gt. physical size
;	Expand TTY and LPT ddbs to show node / line / unit
;	Show SLA DLA and state for network DDBS if /DDBS:SLOW
;122	Improve things to GETTAB as may offsets as we can so WHO isnt
;	so monitor dependent
;123	Add /LPPN to select logged in PPN, format keywords LPPN, LPRGNUM,
;	LPRJNUM. Selection switches /[no]PIVOT /[no]WHEEL
;124	Expand info for magtape DDB output (/INFORMATION:MTA)
;	and TUBSTS codes.
;125	Add /INFORMATION:DEFAULTS and format/sort/summary keywords
;126	Fix MIC status not to ?Ill mem ref, fix state codes and
;	line mode /MAP if not priveleged
;127	Generate separate switch tables for JOB and LINE mode so we dont
;	have so many switches that dont apply in the other modes
;130	If listing to non-TTY, give informational message indicating
;	the output file spec.
;	Add /CAPABILITY: switch just like /PRIVILEGE and 
;131	Add support for FTMDC (requires FTIPC too) for MDC features
;132	Improve checks for ?WHOTOR TTY number out of range, and add
;	?WHOJOR Job number out of range message.
;133	Include controlled job info for PTY DDB display
;134	Add support for new 7.02 pathological file names, and /COMMANDS
;135	Dont type out NPDs for TSK DDBS unless user has SPY privs.
;	Sometimes they contain users passwords!
;136	Fix output open error trying to output error message to the
;	filespec which it couldnt open! Improve expansion of some
;	error codes from NODE., JOBPEK, and PAGE. uuos.

; Version 4 27-Nov-81
;137	Create version 4 with new mode NODE to list node related stuff,
;	like the NETWORK program/command but better, of course!
;	Cleanup code to really make adding more modes general
;	Add APC support for local TSN, Gandalf, auto-dialer tests.
;140	Pretty up /SUMMARY:KEY a little, and include totals
;141	Restructor mainline, and improve errors when things rejected
;	Either %WHOARC All jobs rejected by contraints or
;	?WHONTM Job not assigned (simliar messages for other modes)
;	Improve /INFORMATION:keys handling
;142	Fix /LOCATE:"xxx" and /ACCOUNT:"xxx" from only selecting based 
;	on first word.
;143	Expand /INFORMATION:ORIGIN to include DDT and/or PFH info, as well
;	as high segment name and origin if segment superseded.
;144	Fix /PPN:[,] /LPPN:[,]. Spell "Ambiguous" correctly.
;	Set switch value required for line mode /LOCATE so we dont halt.
;	Dont allow negative /DPY or /REPEAT or /SORT or /FORMAT values.
;145	Check for various duplicate switch errors, like ./JOB:30 or
;	to be file specific. Also /DDBS/MAP/PERFORMANCE/ORIGIN!
;	Add /INFORMATION:TIME to print JLT and RESET times.
;147	Add /NODETACH /NOTTY /NOPTY /NOCTY to do the obivous
;	Add /INFORM:CORE and summary/sort keywords CPL,CVL,MPL,MVL
;	Add format/sort/summary keywords PHYLOW, VIRLOW, PHYHIG,VIRHIG
;	to list low/high segment physical/virtual core size
;150	Add interface to GLXMEM for memory mangement, and GLXLNK for
;	linked list handling. Restructure code to take advantage of 
;	this and reduce low-seg size.
;151	Fix bug with /INFORM:CHANNEL listing the wrong channels
;	Also, GETTAB the number of extended channels; dont assume 100.
;152	Add job mode slection switches /[no]DDT and /[no]PFH
;	Type out PFH performance data if present under /ORIGIN
;153	Add CHARGE ID (CID) and BADGE for TSG, pretty up /PERFORMANCE 
;	with better spacing of fields, and greater precision.
;154	Fix /DSKPRIORIY for negative values, fix ^C/^Z/E .CONTINUE when
;	/REPEAT but not /DPY from outputing garbage.
;155	Add new PFH FTPERF stuff
;156	Finally fix /MAP/INCREMENTAL to get it right!
;157	Range check node numbers (if FTIPC) so /NODE:12345 doesnt get
;	?GETTAB table index error
;	Correct check for spy/poke privs, when reading I/O status from
;	DDB, so we dont die if user has SPY privs, but the DDB is in
;	funny space.
;160	Add new DDCMP (DDP) object type in NODE mode
;161	Add 'B' in DPY mode to toggle /INFORM:BATCH
;	Require explicit name or job (job mode) or TTY (line mode)
;	for action functions, so we dont accidentally get everyone!
;	Dont let IJLT or ISTM times be negative (if the system is real
;	slow, a job resets after we had the UDT but before we read the
;	reset time).
;162	Add new job state code ^S for TO and control-s'ed
;	Delimit PPN with "-" if pivoted.
;	Fix missing dashes in name if /FLOAT
;163	Add new mode USER to read SYS:ACCT.SYS for ppn/name translation
; Version 5 18-Jun-82
;164	Add DTA DDB info with filespec, block, and reelid
;165	Fix ACTIVE states not to include event wait states
;166	Add /COLUMN:n switch for DPY mode to select n column display
;167	Improve handling of versions and conditionals
;170	Display BIGBUF value on /INFORMATION:DEFAULTS, and add
;	summary/sort/format keyword DEFBIGBUF for it
;171	Add /INFORMATION:STATES to typo out ASCIZ state descriptions
;172	Fix many spelling errors. Star /NODE switch in line mode.
;	Fix /NETWORK:CONNECT to work again
;173	Default blank name to "GUEST" if logged in.
;	Continue past FENCE when checking strs in S/L
;	Add /INFORMATION:WATCH to type watch and message bits
;	If one CPU, type * after last job run, rather than ourselves
;174	Add simulation of all necesasry NODE. UUO functions.  Take advantage
;	of ANF-10 network GETTABs available with 7.02 to eliminate the need
;	for hard wiring in ANF-10 offsets and byte pointers.
;	Enhance NODE summary line to include all network devices.
;	Add full simulation of GOBSTR UUO (minus the priv checking).
;	Add PATH. UUO simulation for reading a job's path.
;	Remove the DSKCHR UUO from WHOCHK and get mount counts using the
;	GOBSTR simulator.  Also enhance the mount count display a bit.
;175	Beef up USER mode to allow display of full ACCT.SYS entry using
;	the /FORMAT or /INFORMATION switches.
;176	Add flag FL.ANF10 and associated checks so WHO no longer requires
;	network support in the monitor.  Correct half-word errors where
;	storage of active and passive search lists were concerned.  Fix
;	cosmetic bug in DECtape DDB display.  Add /HANGUP (file specific)
;	switch to LINE mode to hangup dataset lines and allow us to get
;	back to the MICOM switch too.  Don't allow /MODE:USER to work
;	unless logged in (security bug).  The call to DOACTION might cause
;	us to be detached, and if logged out, leaving [2,5] 'TO' jobs
;	laying around.  After the call to DOACTION, if this is the case,
;	force /PRINT:NO.
;177	Make WHO self configuring by adding WHOONC, once-only initialization
;	logic.  This module will read the monitor's symbol table, extracting
;	values and storing them in the sharable high segment.  When done,
;	it will shrink core and save itself.  This edit removes the WHOSYM
;	module.
;200	Prepare for release with the TOPS-10 7.02 monitor.  Remove the
;	dependancy on private copies of MACTEN and SCNMAC.
;201	Clean up some stuff and fix bug a few bugs:
;	1. Correct filespec defaulting in WHOONC.
;	2. Use existing code in WHOMAP to interface to the mapper in WHOONC.
;	3. Add monitor feature checking to WHOONC and WHOUUO to catch version
;	   skews between configured WHO and the monitor.
;	4. Build the ANF10 object table into the hi seg at once-only time.
;	5. Make FWORD and UWORD skip when a word is fetched.  The non-skip
;	   return is taken if reading a crash file and the target word is
;	   swapped out.
;	6. Add entry point MAPSTP to the WHOMAP's mapper error handler to
;	   process stopcodes when bad things happen.
;	7. Make it work with 701/701A again.
;202	1. Add support for new TRMOP to read the APC.
;	2. Add minimal JOB mode support for DECnet nodes.
;	3. Add DNET. UUO simulator (functions 1 and 2, not called yet).
;	4. Add BWORD to fetch a byte from a monitor word.
;	5. Remove FTGET since MAP handles GETTAB simulation now.
;	6. Add code to determine if charge numbers are supported.
;	7. Add code to determine if LOGIN queue is supported.
;203	Work on server code a bit.  Add /SERVE to support this mode of
;	operation.  There are three server types: IPCF, ANF10, and DECnet.
;204	Implement a primative ASCII protocol used mainly to pass informational
;	data to and from the server.  The only meaningful data items are the
;	mode indicator (.MOD <keyword>) and protocol terminator (.END text).
;205	1. Fix address check when server writes log file (caused by edit 202)
;	2. *FILES and *FAST conflict.  *FAST wins.
;	3. Be a little more forgiving in VRSKEW by clearing -VWHO.
;	4. Zero junk left in low seg by WHOONC.
;	5. Dynamically allocate TSK buffers.
;	6. Add unsolicited breakpoint address typeout in DDT diplay.
;206	More bug fixes:
;	1. Forgot to fudge up .JBCOR in WHOONC.
;	2. Correct logic to read APC in WHOUUO.
;	3. Correct logic to return APC for IPC monitors prior to 702.
;	4. If not spying, then can't NRTINF won't work.  This edit allows
;	   WHO to run without privs again.
;	Note: WHO %5(206) released with the 7.02 monitor.
; Start of version 6 development to support the 7.03 monitor.
;207	Make WHO only work with the current monitor.  It's getting too
;	difficult to make WHO work for all 7 series monitors.  Remove
;	the VERSION macro.  Also remove FTPRGRUN and FTRESET and turn
;	those features on permanently.
;210	Remove code in WHOUUO to read swapping space for KI paging monitors.
;	Remove last references to hardwired funny space symbols and use
;	GETTABed values or those extracted from the symbol table.
;211	More non-zero section bug fixes.  Fix callers of MWORD to clear
;	the LH of the target address if section zero is wanted.  Don't
;	have MWORD do it.  Change all references from XWORD to MWORD
;	and delete XWORD.
;212	Add STRUCTURE mode.
;213	Add UNIT mode.
;214	Expand LPT DDB display to include hardware characteristics.
;	Display contents of TMPCOR files.
;215	1. Lots of bug fixes.
;	2. Change core display to be LOW+HIGH+OVERHEAD pages.
;	3. Disable /INCLUDE:FUNNY for now.
;	4. Do not attempt to display virtual pages until 703 is fixed.
;	5. Fix stopcode display to work with new 703 stuff.
;216	Add new DSKCHR word (.DCDET) to DSKCHR simulator.  add new
;	format keywords "ALTERNATE" and "DETACHED" to display the
;	alternate and detached alternate ports of disk drives.
;217	Remove old TRMOP. UUO simulator and replace with one that uses
;	the monitor's TOPTB1 table by extracting byte pointers and calling
;220	Upgrade WHOUUO to DECnet PHASE IV.
;221	Fix off-by-one bug in computation of job overhead pages.
;222	Attempt to make WHO work again with 703:
;	1. Shrink size and complexity of overall program by using
;	   standard SCAN instead of RDH's SWIL package.
;	2. Suffix job mode connect column display with "L" for
;	   LAT lines (returned by APC TRMOP).
;	3. Expand core display to include low+high+overhead pages.
;	   Do this at the expense of the user name column which will
;	   soon become obsolete with long ASCIZ user names anyway.
;	4. Temporarily patch out DECnet node searching until a decision
;	   is made whether or not to fully support DECnet in WHO.
;	5. Correct segment size calculation for NZS programs.
;223	Correct display of job overhead pages.  KBY moved IMGIN/IMGOUT again.
;224	Have /INFORM:NAME type user name in JOB mode.
;225	Add job's context number to the normal and slow displays
;226	1. Remove context number from displays.  There's no room for it.
;	2. Due to popular demand, put user name back at the expense of
;	   the runtime column.  Move runtime to /INFORM:TIME.
;	3. GETTAB %CNDAE and run the previous version of WHO if the
;	   monitor version doesn't agree with the one WHO was built for.
;227	Correct low segment size reporting for jobs that don't have a
;	high segment (reported one too small).  This also programs around
;	one of KBY's bugs that writes junk into JBTSWP+0.
;230	Display new APC types for LAT and CTERM lines.  Also add /LAT and
;	/CTERM to the JOB and LINE mode switch tables.
;231	Fix cosmetic bug in LPT DDB display.  Remove buffered OUTSTR code
;	from WHOTXT since that now exists in SCAN.
;232	Completely remove USER mode.  It doesn't work with the new 703
;	accounting system and the changes are too incompatible to deal
;	with.  Also repeat 0 out DECnet code since it doesn't stand a
;	prayer of a chance of working.  The TOPS-20 group changes the
;	DECnet database faster than I can update WHO.  The node name
;	and number storage is hashed and scattered all over the monitor.
;233	Remove job/context stuff.  It can never work.  Keep in synch with
;234	RDH	21-DEC-85
;	Ill UUO in WHOONC/SYML.1. Make WHO handle extended symbol tables
;	(Requires MAP %2(56) or later). Remove path block specification
;	from the SAVE. uuo - it has to be from the low seg (which causes
;	a non-null lowseg!), not hiseg (Addr check), acs (get wiped out by
;	monitor), or JOBDAT (Ill addr in uuo).
;235	DPM	14-Aug-86
;	Crock around JB$SGN to make it "work" with 704 monitors.
;236	DPM	26-Aug-86
;	Unit numbers in the DDB moved in 703 from the RH to LH of DEVSER.
;	Only affects NETDDB and PTYDDB routines.
;237	DPM	18-Sep-86
;	JB$(SGN) will exit without storing result if no high segment
;	for a job making it look like a SPY segment.
;240	DPM	15-Dec-87
;	Move logged-in PPN stuff out of the FTIPC conditionals.  This is
;	in the standard monitors now.
;241	DPM	22-Dec-87
;	Fix undefined global references when WHOONC scans the monitor's
;	symbol table, caused by AUTCON rewrite and KDB/UDB reorganization.
;242	DPM	12-Jan-87
;	Fix magtape DDB display.  TDVUDB is now a full word quantity.
;243	DPM	 3-Feb-88
;	Avoid ill mem refs simulating DSKCHR UUOs.  It helps to call MWORD
;	rather than doing MOVE T1,(T1).

;End of Edit History