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; This file is PS:<G-GIBBS.BROWSE>00READ.ME.1

	These are programs from :-

		Clinical Research Centre
		Watford Road
		HA1 3UJ

	Browse is by Geoff Gibbs
	LBR and IND are by Kevin Ashley, now at ULCC
	Ordlib was a joint effort between Kevin Ashley, Paul O'Riorden
		(now at the South bank Poly), and Geoff Gibbs

     The software described in this document is supplied  under  a  licence
and  may  only  used  or copied in accordance with the conditions of such a
licence.  The licence conditions state that this software shall be supplied
free  of  charge and shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of by means of
trade or ortherwise for any form of profit or advantage.  Possesion or  use
of  the  software  shall  be  deemed as acceptance of the conditions of the

     No guarantee is given or may be implied as  to  the  adequacy  of  the
program  or  its suitability for any particular purpose and no liability is
accepted for any loss or damage arising out of its use.

	BROWSE is a screen based help/information system.
	It was based on an idea, after reading :-
		A Browsing Approach to Documenting Documentation
		Yvan Leclerc, Steven W. Zucker and Denis Leclerc
		Technical Report 81-1
		Computer Vision and Graphics Laboratory
		McGill University

	The files for it were in ps:<g-gibbs.browse>
	It can be built by taking build.cmd
	The runnable version was in ps:<packages>
		as were our current data files
			browse.bin is the main data file
			browse.list is a list of topics, just for info
			browse.files is a list of topics
				with the associated files, just for info
		Much of the info is in LBR style libraries, taken from
	It is not essential to use LBR in order to use Browse, as Browse can
	use information stored in normal files. We use LBR style libraries to
	save space, and to group similar things together. Some of the contents
	of brzhlp.lbr have been copied out, for those of you unable to use LBR,
	these are bas1.hlp,bas2.hlp and wiz.hlp, being the help for Browse.

	LBR is a library program for saving disc space.
	The source was in ps:<g-gibbs.browse>
	The runnable version was in ps:<packages>

	IND is an indirect command processor, a la RT11 & RSX (&VMS ?)
	The sources were in melon:<ind>
	The runnable version was in ps:<packages>

	Ordlib sorts .REL files into calling order. This is useful for
	libraries, so that they are only searched once, or you don't have to
	worry about keeping them in the right order.
	The source was in ps:<g-gibbs.browse>
	The runnable version was in ps:<packages>

The files were dumped in interchange format in the order :-