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; file to build Browse
; The main code is in browse.for, which references the common blocks in brzblk
; The assembly routines pulled out from the CRC subroutine library are included
;  most of these are very simple.
;   BRILL is very optional, is causes code and data to be separated, whilst
;	leaving forots shareable. If you use it, it must be first.
;   MACCMD (& ftncmd) are our fortran interface to comnd%, and are only there
;   for YESNO. If you have to modify anything, you may feel there is a simpler
;   way of doing YESNO !
;   VTSUBS (& vtmac) are the screen handling routines.
;   CRLBRD reads from a "LBR" style library, instead of from a file.
;   The rest are fairly simple. Some are to use the Fortran character stuff
;	from macro.
comp vtmac
load/opt brill,browse,vtsubs,ftncmd,maccmd,crrscn,crlbrd,crrun,crhalt,ichin,cruser,craise,crsout,ittinr,crmove,crmvch,crclr,crbell,gtbypt,gtadrs,gtbufa,gtwrd