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	TITLE	craise - raise the case of a fortran string
	search	crcsym,monsym,macsym
	entry	craise
	external gtbypt,gtbufa,ptbufa
;Reference from Fortran with :-
;	upper=craise(lower)
;	where lower and upper are character variables
;	and craise is a character function
;	lower is the input and upper the output.
	forarg	<upper,lower>		;define argument offsets
;set up the block of accumulators for the movst instruction
;		_________________________________
;	t1	| 400	| source string length	|
;	t2	|{	source string byte ptr }|-- lower
;	t3	|{			       }|
;	t4	| 000	| dest. string length	|
;	q1	|{	dest. string byte ptr. }|-- upper
;	q2	|{			       }|
;		---------------------------------
	push	p,t1			;save accumulators
	push	p,t2
	push	p,t3
	push	p,t4
	push	p,q1
	push	p,q2
	movei	t1,upper		;get the pointers for upper
	call	gtbufa
	move	t4,t2			;length to t4
	move	q1,t1			;pointer to q1
	movei	t1,lower		;get the pointers for lower
	call	gtbypt
	exch	t1,t2			;swap pointer and length
	txo	t1,1b0			;set the bit S, (start translation)
	setzb	t3,q2			;one word byte pointers, clear 2nd
;move string 1 to string 2 using crtab as the translation table
	extend	t1,[movst	0,crtab	;move string translated
		    " "		]	;fill with blanks
	movei	t1,upper		;get the pointers for upper
	call	ptbufa			;copy out string
	pop	p,q2			;restore accumulators
	pop	p,q1
	pop	p,t4
	pop	p,t3
	pop	p,t2
	pop	p,t1
crtab:	repeat "a"/2,<			;translation table
	code,,code+1			;these characters remain the same
	code==code+2 >			;NULL to UNDERLINE

	"`",,"A"			;start of lower to upper case
	code==code+2 			;  conversion, GRAVE is ok, a => A

	repeat ^d12,<			;these are converted to upper
	code==code+2 >			; b to y => B to Y

	"Z",,"{"			; z => Z, { is ok

	repeat ^d2,<			;these characters remain the same
	code,,code+1			; |}~ DEL
	code==code+2 >