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	TITLE	crbell	-rings terminal bell
	search	crcsym,monsym
	entry	crbell
crbell:	;caia
	;push	p,cexit.##
;call from fortran with
;where n is the no of times to ring bell
	move	t3,@(cx)		;store count i.e. N
	caig	t3,0			;check for n<=0
	jrst	noring			;and don't ring
loop:	move	t1,[.priou]		;send to tty
	movei	t2,7			;7 is ascii for bell
	bout%				;send bell
	 erjmp	.+1			;ignore full buffer error
	sojg	t3,loop			;test ofr end of loop
noring:	popj	p,			;return