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	title	cruser - returns user name
	search	crcsym,monsym,macsym
	entry	cruser
	external gtbufa,ptbufa
;refer from fortran with CALL CRUSER(IUSER)
;where IUSER is an area to receive the users name
cruser:	seto	t1,		;-1 for current job
	move	t2,[-1,,t4]	;move 1 word from table to t4
	movei	t3,2		;get user number
	getji%			;get the info
	 jrst	err
	movx	t1,0		;get pointer to o/p area
	call	gtbufa		;may be f77 character
	move	t2,t4		;user number to t2
	dirst%			;convert no. to name
	 jrst	err
err:	movx	t1,0		;get pointer to o/p area
	call	ptbufa		;copy f77 characters to o/p area
	ret			;return