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	TITLE	gtadrs - get the address of the arg. may be a fortran string
	entry	gtadrs
;REFERENCE FROM macro with argument offset in t1,
;returns word in t1,
;uses t2.
;crmove:movei	t1,0      		;get argument 0 (the 1st)
;	call	gtadrs			;get the first word of the arg
;	movem	t1,@(cx)		;and move to start of array
;	...				;...
;	ret				;return
gtadrs:	add	t1,cx			;point to arg pointer
        ldb	t2,[point 4,(t1),12]	;get the argument type
	caie	t2,15			;type 15 = v7 asciz string
	jrst	[movei	t1,@(t1)	;not v7 so get the argument's address
		ret]			;and skip v7 portion
	move	t1,@(t1)		;get the v7 byte pointer
	movei	t1,(t1)			;get the address