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;	test symbol creation, etc.
;	Startup parameters: "'P1'","'P2'","'P3'"
;			"'P4'","'P5'","'P6'"
;			"'P7'","'P8'","'P9'"
.asksym:	.ASKS	symtyp	What sort of symbol do you want
.IF SYMTYP = "real" .goto tflt
.if symtyp = "integer" .goto tnum
.if symtyp = "file" .goto tfil
.if symtyp = "logical" .goto tlog
.if symtyp = "string" .goto tstr
.if symtyp = "system" .goto tsys
.if symtyp = "debug" .goto debug
;	Unknown symbol type
.goto asksym
.debug: .status
	.delay 2000
	.goto asksym
.tflt:	.askr	flttmp	Enter a floating point number:
.tflt1: ;	'flttmp' was what you entered
.setr fltx flttmp*2
;	'fltx' is it times 2
.setr fltx flttmp/2
;	'fltx' is half of it
.setr fltx flttmp+2
;	'fltx' plus 2
.setr fltx flttmp-2
;	'fltx' minus 2
.setn numx flttmp*2
;	'numx' rounded times 2
.ask again Again ?
	.iff again .goto asksym
.ask frange Enter ranges this time ?
	.iff frange .goto tflt
.askr fltlow Enter lower limit
.askr flthi Enter high limit
.askr fltdef Enter default
.askr [fltlow:flthi:fltdef] flttmp Enter a number
.goto tflt1