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	universal indsym - data for IND tables
 ;	This file was generated by IND on 17-Feb-84 at 13:43:10 by KEVIN
 ; System: Clinical Research Center 2060 (V5), TOPS-20 Monitor 5(4747)
 	$ctrlz==0		;default for control-z exits
 	$disp==0		;no display of commands
 	$$subst==0		;allow substitution
	logg==0		;log of users required
	define	lfnam,<[asciz//]> ;name of logfile
 	mslen==^d120		;maximum string length
 	mxcnst==10		;maximum GOSUB nesting
	mxcal==^d4		;maximum .CALL nest depth
 	numsl==^d50		;depth of numeric parse stack
 	slen==^d200		;big stack for parsing ?
 define	deftyp,<$defty CMD>
define	$defty(type<cmd>),<-1,,[asciz/type/]> ;default command file name

define	qtnam,<asciz/SYSTEM:EXEC.EXE/>		;name of quiet EXEC

 	maxcom==^d24		;max length of command line in words
 	asklen==^d24		;maximum length of question in words
 	lgcsiz==^d100		;maximum number of logical symbols
 	numsiz==^d100		;maximum number of numerivc symbols
 	strsiz==^d200		;maximum number of string symbols
 	filsiz==^d10		;maximum number of file symbols
 	labsiz==^d300		;maximum number of labels
	fltsiz==^d100		;maximum number of real symbols
 	maxchr==^d9		;maximum number of characters in asymbol name
					;(should be multiple of 5 -1)
	strspc==^d2400		;size of string storage in characters
	$subdl==^d39	;code for character to delimit substitution
				; ("'")
	aboch==^d1		;code for character to abort IND
					; (ctrl/A)