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.ASKN nsym Number of symbols to define ?
.askn npurge Number of times to purge them ?
.setn syms nsym
.gosub makprg
.setn Messag 20
.setn nt 0
.csym: .sets sym'nsym' "fred"
.dec nsym
.if nsym ge 0 .goto csym
.setn nsym syms
.psym: .purge 'pcmd'
.dec npurge
.dec messag
.if messag > 0 .goto chkprg
.setn nt nt+20
.setn messag 20
;	'nt' purges completed...
.chkprg:.if npurge > 0 .goto csym
;	Subroutine to construct a purge command to remove all symbols
.makprg: .sets pcmd ""
.maklp: .sets pcmd pcmd+"sym'nsym',"
.dec nsym
.if nsym ge 0 .goto maklp
.test pcmd
.sets pcmd pcmd[1:<strlen>-1] ;remove trailing comma
.setn nsym syms