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system commands				brzhlp%cmd*system:exec
programs				brzhlp%run*
writing your own programs		brzhlp%prog*
statistics				statistics.hlp%*
mathematics				brzhlp%maths*
Deriv					deriv.hlp%*deriv
Pstat					hlp:pstat.hlp%*pstat
Minitab					min.hlp%*
Glim					glim.hlp%*glim
Genstat					genstat.hlp%*genstat
BMDP					bmdp.hlp%*
MLP					mlp.hlp%*mlp
languages				brzhlp%lang*
Fortran					fortran.hlp%*fortra
Basic					basic.hlp%*basic
Lisp					%*
Fortran 66				forv6.hlp%*fortra
Fortran 77				fortran77.hlp%*new:fortra
subroutines				%*
CRC routine library			crcsub.hlp%*subs
NAG library				nag.hlp%*nag
Gino-f graphics library			gino.hlp%*
magnetic tape programs			brzhlp%mt*
Ansi					ansi.hlp%*ansi
Change					change.hlp%*change
MTU					mtu.hlp%*mtu
Ratfor					ratfor.hlp%*
Gtest					gtest.hlp%*gtest
Fisher					fisher.hlp%*fisher
Shilop					shilop.hlp%*shilop
Eval					eval.hlp%*
11tape					11tape.hlp%*11tape
subroutines				brzhlp%sub*
CRC subroutine library			crcsub.hlp%*subs
NAG library				nag.hlp%*nag
Gino-f graphics routines		gino.hlp%*
APL					apl.hlp%*apl
Algol					brzhlp%alg*
Macro 20				macro.hlp%*macro
Pascal					pascal.hlp%*pascal
laboratory data				brzhlp%lab*
radioimmunoassay			cria.hlp%*cria
Oxalog					oxalog.hlp%*oxalog
Urine					urine.hlp%*urine
Messages				brzhlp%mess*
Algol 60				algol.hlp%*algol
reported errors				nagbug.hlp%*nag
NAG graphics				nag-graphics.hlp%*nag
implementation-specific information	nagidf.m10%*nag
TP1900					tp1900.hlp%*tp1900
data entry				brzhlp%ip*
Verf					verf.hlp%*verf
editors					brzhlp%ed*
Sed					sed.hlp%*sed
TV					%*tv
SOS					sos.hlp%*sos
editing macros				tv-macros.hlp%*tv
Dumper					dumper.hlp%*dumper
debugging				brzhlp%deb*
Ftrace					ftrace.hlp%*ftrace
Forddt					forddt.hlp%*
Algddt					algddt.hlp%*
changes					f66-f77%changes*
open statements				f66-f77%open*
read/write				f66-f77%io*
declarations				f66-f77%declare*
DO statement				f66-f77%do*
IF statement				f66-f77%if*
characters				f66-f77%chars*
changes					sednew.hlp%*sed
Interlisp				%*ps:<lisp>netlisp.sav
formatting				pform.hlp%*pform
introduction				pascal.mem%*pascal
the manual				pascal.doc%*pascal
A02					nag%a02-index*
data extraction				brzhlp%data*
Ferret					ferret.hlp%*ferret
Xsearch					xsearch.hlp%*xsearch
DASL					dasl.hlp%*
Sail					sai:sail.doc%*sai:sail
disc file manipulation			brzhlp%file*
Sort					srt.hlp%*
Filcom					filcom.hlp%*filcom
Rev					rev.hlp%*rev
LBR					lbr.hlp%*lbr
Traffic 20				traffic.hlp%*demo1
avoiding long repetitive commands	brzhlp%cmdfil*
batch					brzhlp%batch*
take					brzhlp%take*
@					brzhlp%at*
IND					ind.hlp%*ind
PCL					pcl.hlp%*
MIC					un:mic.doc%*
Directories				brzhlp%dir*
Files					brzhlp%files*
File information			brzhlp%filinf*
File management				brzhlp%filman*
Directory				guide%directory*
Type					guide%type*
Print					guide%print*
Edit					guide%edit*
Filcom					guide%filcom*filcom
Append					guide%append*
Copy					guide%copy*
Rename					guide%rename*
Create					guide%create*
Edit					guide%edit*
Delete					guide%delete*
Undelete				guide%undelete*
Expunge					guide%expunge*
Connect or CD				guide%connect*
Access					guide%access*
ITA					ita.hlp%*ita
Environmental				brzhlp%env*
Help					brzhlp%help*
Talk					guide%talk*
Advise					guide%advise*
MM					mm.hlp%*mm
RDMAIL					guide%rdmail*rdmail
MAIL					guide%mail*mail
Contents				ps:<traffic>tfr.mem%*
Chapter 1				ps:<traffic>tfr1.mem%*
Chapter 2				ps:<traffic>tfr2.mem
Chapter 3				ps:<traffic>tfr3.mem%*
Chapter 4				ps:<traffic>tfr4.mem%*
Chapter 5				ps:<traffic>tfr5.mem%*
Chapter 6				ps:<traffic>tfr6.mem%*
Chapter 7				ps:<traffic>tfr7.mem%*
Chapter 8				ps:<traffic>tfr8.mem%*
Index					ps<traffic>tfr.mex%*
Appendices				%*
B					ps:<traffic>tfrb.mem%*
C					ps:<traffic>tfrc.mem%*
D					ps:<traffic>tfrd.mem%*
Break					guide%break*
Receive					guide%receive*
Refuse					guide%refuse*
login help				hlp:help.hlp%*
help on HELP facility			brzhlp%basic*
Submit					guide%submit*
Batch commands				guide%batch*
Fdirectory				guide%fdirectory*
Tdirectory				guide%tdirectory*
Vdirectory				guide%vdirectory*
summary of chapters			nag%summary-index*nag
C02					nag%c02-index*
C05					nag%c05-index*
C06					nag%c06-index*
D01					nag%d01-index*
D02					nag%d02-index*
D03					nag%d03-index*
D04					nag%d04-index*
D05					nag%d05-index*
E01					nag%e01-index*
E02					nag%e02-index*
E04					nag%e04-index*
F01					nag%f01-index*
F02					nag%f02-index*
F03					nag%f03-index*
F04					nag%f04-index*
F05					nag%f05-index*
G01					nag%g01-index*
G02					nag%g02-index*
G04					nag%g04-index*
G05					nag%g05-index*
G08					nag%g08-index*
G13					nag%g13-index*
H					nag%h-index*
J06					nag%j06-index*
M01					nag%m01-index*
P01					nag%p01-index*
S					nag%s-index*
X01					nag%x01-index*
X02					nag%x02-index*
X03					nag%x03-index*
X04					nag%x04-index*
J06AAF					nag%j06aaf*
J06ABF					nag%j06abf*
J06ACF					NAG%J06ACF*
J06ADF					NAG%J06ADF*
J06AEF					NAG%J06AEF*
J06AFF					NAG%J06AFF*
J06AGF					NAG%J06AGF*
J06AHF					NAG%J06AHF*
J06AJF					NAG%J06AJF*
J06BAF					NAG%J06BAF*
J06CAF					NAG%J06CAF*
J06CBF					NAG%J06CBF*
J06CCF					NAG%J06CCF*
J06CDF					NAG%J06CDF*
J06EAF					NAG%J06EAF*
J06EBF					NAG%J06EBF*
J06FAF					NAG%J06FAF*
J06GAF					NAG%J06GAF*
J06GBF					NAG%J06GBF*
J06GCF					NAG%J06GCF*
J06GDF					NAG%J06GDF*
J06GEF					NAG%J06GEF*
J06GFF					NAG%J06GFF*
J06GZF					NAG%J06GZF*
J06HAF					NAG%J06HAF*
J06HBF					NAG%J06HBF*
not the computer			brzhlp%odds*
canteen menu				food.hlp%*
Tomorrow's menu				food.tom%*
underground map				brzhlp%under*
characters				subs%characters-index*
data-entry				subs%data-entry-index*
dates					subs%dates-index*
graphics index				subs%graph-plotting-index*
input-terminal				subs%input-terminal-index*
lp-plotting				subs%lp-plotting-index*
mathematics				subs%mathematics-index*
miscellaneous				subs%miscellaneous-index*
sorting					subs%sorting-index*
statistics				subs%statistics-index*
terminal-control			subs%terminal-control-index*
crmvch					subs%crmvch*
copy					subs%copy*
icomp					subs%icomp*
crmove					subs%crmove*
icrch2					subs%icrch2*
icrch3					subs%icrch3*
icrch4					subs%icrch4*
ipk					subs%ipk*
nph2					subs%nph2*
nph3					subs%nph3*
nph11					subs%nph11*
pk					subs%pk*
icrtlu					subs%icrtlu*
crclr					subs%crclr*
icrch7					subs%icrch7*
cron,croff,crtest			subs%cron-croff-crtest*
icrsch					subs%icrsch*
right					subs%right*
left					subs%left*
getadr					subs%getadr*
tblook					subs%tblook*
crsout					subs%crsout*
crsint					subs%crsint*
vtinit					subs%vtinit*
curup					subs%curup*
curhom					subs%curhom*
cleos					subs%cleos*
scrrg					subs%scrrg*
putcrs					subs%putcrs*
cleol					subs%cleol*
vtled					subs%vtled*
tabclr					subs%tabclr*
tabset					subs%tabset*
vtcbl					subs%vtcbl*
vtclin					subs%vtclin*
vtcbs					subs%vtcbs*
vtcls					subs%vtcls*
vtlft					subs%vtlft*
vtrit					subs%vtrit*
vtdwn					subs%vtdwn*
vtsav					subs%vtsav*
vtres					subs%vtres*
vtiup					subs%vtiup*
vt80					subs%vt80*
vt132					subs%vt132*
vtscrn					subs%vtscrn*
vtorg					subs%vtorg*
vtjmp					subs%vtjmp*
vtsmth					subs%vtsmth*
vtatr					subs%vtatr*
vtwid					subs%vtwid*
vtbig					subs%vtbig*
crsil					subs%crsil*
vtend					subs%vtend*
crbell					subs%crbell*
vtgon					subs%vtgon*
vtgof					subs%vtgof*
vtty					subs%vtty*
binoml					subs%binoml*
sndev					subs%sndev*
crc151 and crc152			subs%crc151-2*
crc153 and crc156			subs%crc153-156*
stat7 and stat7b			subs%stat7-7b*
stat8					subs%stat8*
stat13					subs%stat13*
stat14					subs%stat14*
stat7a					subs%stat7a*
stat19					subs%stat19*
crpoly					subs%crpoly*
crshpe					subs%crshpe*
crwtst					subs%crwtst*
stat7m					subs%stat7m*
random					subs%random*
randup					subs%randup*
ranset					subs%ranset*
crgam					subs%crgam*
crdixn					subs%crdixn*
wext					subs%wext*
wcoef					subs%wcoef*
nscor2					subs%nscor2*
poly					subs%poly*
splitn					subs%splitn*
mw					subs%mw*
radii					subs%radii*
sbs					subs%sbs*
genchk					subs%genchk*
cruser					subs%cruser*
crhalt					subs%crhalt*
cremot					subs%cremot*
crrscn					subs%crrscn*
crcmd					subs%crcmd*
crldav					subs%crldav*
crmail					subs%crmail*
crwait					subs%crwait*
croom					subs%croom*
crlbop					subs%crlbop*
crlbrd					subs%crlbrd*
crsize					subs%crsize*
lcrbat					subs%lcrbat*
crxpng					subs%crxpng*
crrun					subs%crrun*
icrntm					subs%icrntm*
dojsys					subs%dojsys*
getddt					subs%getddt*
crtimr					subs%crtimr*
siminp					subs%siminp*
textin					subs%textin*
hospno					subs%hospno*
datein					subs%datein*
kyword					subs%kyword*
sexin					subs%sexin*
yesno					subs%yesno*
numin					subs%numin*
realin					subs%realin*
table					subs%table*
cropen					subs%cropen*
tblook					subs%tblook*
tbrloc					subs%tbrloc*
crc161					subs%crc161*
crc162					subs%crc162*
crc163					subs%crc163*
crc361					subs%crc361*
crc363					subs%crc363*
crc561 and crc362			subs%crc561-362*
nplot					subs%nplot*
cplot					subs%cplot*
cplot2					subs%cplot2*
nplot1					subs%nplot1*
crlhst					subs%crlhst*
nrmplt					subs%nrmplt*
crmath2					subs%crmath2*
nelder					subs%nelder*
crlnfc					subs%crlnfc*
crfunc, crusfn, and crmlfn		subs%crfunc*
crmnx and crmnx2			subs%crmnx-2*
crfreq					subs%crfreq*
crmnim					subs%crmnim*
crvcr					subs%crvcr*
nint					subs%nint*
crtwmy					subs%crtwmy*
date					subs%date*
jdate					subs%jdate*
jday					subs%jday*
jtoday					subs%jtoday*
crmtoc					subs%crmtoc*
crntoi					subs%crntoi*
crdtoi					subs%crdtoi*
crdout					subs%crdout*
crjout					subs%crjout*
easter					subs%easter*
crbars					subs%crbars*
crhatch					subs%crhatch*
crax5, 5f, 5g and 5l			subs%crax5-f-g*
crgrit					subs%crgrit*
crgrlb					subs%crgrlb*
crgrax					subs%crgrax*
crgraf					subs%crgraf*
crhiax					subs%crhiax*
crhist					subs%crhist*
pnplot					subs%pnplot*
crerbr					subs%crerbr*
crdtoi					subs%crdtoi*
crnin					subs%crnin*
crflin					subs%crflin*
crfnin					subs%crfnin*
ichin					subs%ichin*
ichout					subs%ichout*
crc154 and crc155			subs%crc154-155*
Algol 68				a68.hlp%*a68
68 manual*a68
deviations from 68c standard		a68.doc%*a68
graph plotting				plotting.hlp%*
graphics examples			plot.examples%*
text manipulation			brzhlp%txt*
Runoff					brzhlp%runoff*runoff
running Runoff				runoff.hlp%*runoff
Runoff commands to go in your file	runinp.hlp%*runoff
Spell					spell.hlp%*spell
the Spell manual			spell.doc%*spell
Kappa					kappa.hlp%*kappa
MLP manual				mlphlp.lng%*mlp
protection codes			file-prot.hlp%*
Computing Services bench books		compser-bench-books.hlp%*
Ordlib					ordlib.hlp%*ordlib
Ordinal data analysis			ordinal-data-analysis.hlp%*ord
craise					subs%craise*
month					subs%month*
chklet					subs%chklet*
cruper					subs%cruper*
archiving files				GUIDE%ARCHIVING*
crgrwo					subs%crgrwo*
kyalow					SUBS%KYALOW*
kydalw					subs%kydalw*
timein					subs%timein*
news					sys:newsletter.vt100%*newsletter
Decsystem 20				dec20.hlp%*system:exec
Network					network.hlp%*
Kermit					kermit.hlp%*kermit
Information				guide%information*
Set					guide%set*
Push					guide%push*system:exec
Pop					guide%pop*
Define					guide%define*
Command files				command-files%*
Take					guide%take*
Reset					guide%reset*
Logout or Bye				guide%logout*
Terminal command			guide%terminal*
Systat					guide%systat*
Login					guide%login*
Changes and additions			news.hlp%*readnews
commands for programmers		%*
Execute					guide%execute*
Compile					guide%compile*
Debug					guide%debug*
Load					guide%load*
Save					guide%save*
Get					guide%get*
Start					guide%start*
Reenter					guide%reenter*
Cref					guide%cref*
Maklib					guide%maklib*
Microcomputers at the C.R.C.		micros.hlp%*
Kermit User Guide			kuser.doc%*kermit
Dec-20 Kermit				20kermit.doc%*kermit
MS-Dos Kermit				mskermit.doc%*kermit
CP/M-80 Kermit				cpmkermit.doc%*kermit
Hewlett Packard				gino%hewlett-packard*
Oki					gino%oki*
VT125					gino%vt125*
VT100					gino%vt100*
Line printer				gino%lpt*
Calcomp					gino%calcomp*
Dummy					gino%dummy*
Pseudo					gino%pseudo*
Savdra					gino%savdra*
Savpic					gino%savpic*
IBM PC Kermit				pckermit.doc%*kermit
APL commands				apl-commands.hlp%*apl
the Fortran Manual			ps:<fortran.system>*
commands to Basic			brzhlp%basic2*basic
Basic statements			basic-statements.hlp%*basic
Basic subroutines			basic-subs.hlp%*basic
Basic on different machines		basic-versions.hlp%*basic
Information about address-break		guide%info-address-break*
Information about alerts		guide%info-alerts*
Information about archive-status	guide%info-archive-status*
Information about arpanet		guide%info-arpanet*
Information about available		guide%info-available*
Information about batch-requests	guide%info-batch-requests*
Information about command-level		guide%info-command-level*
Information about decnet-nodes		guide%info-decnet-nodes*
Information about defaults		guide%info-defaults*
Information about directory		guide%info-directory*
Information about disk-usage		guide%info-disk-usage*
Information about file-status		guide%info-file-status*
Information about job-status		guide%info-job-status*
Information about logical-names		guide%info-logical-names*
Information about mail			guide%info-mail*
Information about memory-usage		guide%info-memory-usage*
Information about monitor-statistics	guide%info-monitor-statistics*
Information about mount-requests	guide%info-mount-requests*
Information about output-requests	guide%info-output-requests*
Information about program-status	guide%info-program-status*
Information about psi-status		guide%info-psi-status*
Information about retrieval-requests	guide%info-retrieval-requests*
Information about spooled-output-action	guide%info-spooled-output-action*
Information about structure		guide%info-structure*
Information about subsystem-statistics	guide%info-subsystem-statistics*
Information about system-status		guide%info-system-status*
Information about tape-parameters	guide%info-tape-parameters*
Information about terminal-mode		guide%info-terminal-mode*
Information about version		guide%info-version*
Information about volumes		guide%info-volumes*
Set account				guide%set-account*
Set address-break			guide%set-address-break*
Set alert				guide%set-alert*
Set automatic				guide%set-automatic*
Set control-c-capability		guide%set-control-c-capability*
Set default				guide%set-default*
Set directory				guide%set-directory*
Set entry-vector			guide%set-entry-vector*
Set file				guide%set-file*
Set late-clear-typeahead		guide%set-late-clear-typeahead*
Set location				guide%set-location*
Set mail-watch				guide%set-mail-watch*
Set page-access				guide%set-page-access*
Set retrieval-wait			guide%set-retrieval-wait*
Set session-remark			guide%set-session-remark*
Set spooled-output			guide%set-spooled-output*
Set tape				guide%set-tape*
Set time-limit				guide%set-time-limit*
Set trap				guide%set-trap*
Set typeout-mode			guide%set-typeout-mode*
Set uuo-simulation			guide%set-uuo-simulation*
Set directory-account-default		guide%set-directory-account-default*
Set directory-arch-on-exp-files		guide%set-directory-arch-on-exp-files*
Set directory-file-protection-default	guide%set-directory-file-protection-default*
Set directory-generation-ret-ct-def	guide%set-directory-generation-ret-ct-def*
Set directory-off-exp-def		guide%set-directory-off-exp-def*
Set directory-on-exp-def		guide%set-directory-on-exp-def*
Set directory-password			guide%set-directory-password*
Set directory-protection		guide%set-directory-protection*
Set file-account			guide%set-file-account*
Set file-expired			guide%set-file-expired*
Set file-generation-ret-count		guide%set-file-generation-ret-count*
Set file-protection			guide%set-file-protection*
Set file-resist				guide%set-file-resist*
Set file-visible			guide%set-file-visible*
Set tape-density			guide%set-tape-density*
Set tape-format				guide%set-tape-format*
Set tape-parity				guide%set-tape-parity*
Set tape-record-length			guide%set-tape-record-length*
Set trap-file-openings			guide%set-trap-file-openings*
Set trap-jsys				guide%set-trap-jsys*
Set trap-proceed			guide%set-trap-proceed*
Terminal flag				guide%terminal-flag*
Terminal formfeed			guide%terminal-formfeed*
Terminal fullduplex			guide%terminal-fullduplex*
Terminal halfduplex			guide%terminal-halfduplex*
Terminal immediate			guide%terminal-immediate*
Terminal indicate			guide%terminal-indicate*
Terminal la120				guide%terminal-la120*
Terminal length				guide%terminal-length*
Terminal line-halfduplex		guide%terminal-line-halfduplex*
Terminal lowercase			guide%terminal-lowercase*
Terminal page				guide%terminal-page*
Terminal pause				guide%terminal-pause*
Terminal raise				guide%terminal-raise*
Terminal speed				guide%terminal-speed*
Terminal system-default			guide%terminal-system-default*
Terminal tabs				guide%terminal-tabs*
Terminal type				guide%terminal-type*
Terminal vt100				guide%terminal-vt100*
Terminal vt125				guide%terminal-vt125*
Terminal width				guide%terminal-width*
Handling forks or processes		guide%fork-commands*
Fork					guide%fork*
Keep					guide%keep*
Unkeep					guide%unkeep*
Freeze					guide%freeze*
Continue				guide%continue*
Name					guide%name*
Please					guide%please*please
Daytime					guide%daytime*
Original				guide%original*
Declare					guide%declare*
Undeclare				guide%undeclare*
Preserve				guide%preserve*
Magnetic tape				guide%mag-tape*
Mount					guide%mount*
Backspace				guide%backspace*
Skip					guide%skip*
Rewind					guide%rewind*
Unload					guide%unload*
Dismount				guide%dismount*
terminal line numbers at the CRC	ter-lin.hlp%*
Archive					guide%archive*
Retrieve				guide%retrieve*
Examine					guide%examine*
Deposit					guide%deposit*
Qdirectory				guide%qdirectory*
Rdirectory				guide%rdirectory*
Wdirectory				guide%wdirectory*
Remark					guide%remark*
Discard					guide%discard*
terminal control			guide%term*
C132					guide%c132*
C80					guide%c80*
Light					guide%light*
Dark					guide%dark*
Blank					guide%blank*
Scrub					guide%scrub*
End-access				guide%end-access*
Attach					guide%attach*
Detach					guide%detach*
Build					guide%build*
Unattach				guide%unattach*
DDT					guide%ddt-program*
DDT					guide%ddt*
Close					guide%close*
other commands				guide%other*
Cancel					guide%cancel*
Modify					guide%modify*
Run					guide%run*
R					guide%r*
Erun					guide%erun*
accounting				ACTREP.HLP%*
Minitab 82.1				newmin.hlp%*new:minitab
Make82					make82.hlp%*make82
GLIM3-77				GLIM3-77.HLP%*
GLIM3-12				GLIM3-12.HLP%*
charges					charges.hlp%*
Clinical Chemistry			ccfind.hlp%*
data companding				companding.hlp%*
diary					diary.hlp%*
DIFFERENCES				differences.hlp%*
VT100 slides				display.hlp%*
Direct Linear Plot			dlp.hlp%*
Duty software specialist		duty-programmer.hlp%*
Duty user-support specialist		duty-user-support.hlp%*
data compression			cmprss.hlp%*
data expansion				expand.hlp%*
CRC 'phones				phone.hlp%*
Global symbol information		glob.hlp%*
TOPS-20 guide				guide.hlp%*
Overview of CRC computing facilities	introduction.hlp%*
Object file manipulation		library.hlp%*
Link					link.hlp%*
Link manual*
Liped					liped.hlp%*
3.77 macro library			maclib.hlp%*
running MLP				mlp308.hlp%*mlp
molecular genetics sequencing (MGS)	mgs.hlp%*
NAG info program			nag-prog.hlp%*
Rapport					rapport.hlp%*
Most recent Rapport			new-rapport.hlp%*
Personal library reference system	new-references-system.hlp%*
PHONE program				ps:<packages>phone.doc%*
PHOTO					photo.hlp%*
readnews				readnews.hlp%*
On-line help file			sedonl.hlp%*
Set-up attributes			set-up.hlp%*
SUBS info program			subs.hlp%*
SYSDPY					sysdpy.mem%*
SYSDPY commands				sysdpy.hlp%*
two-column index			tcx.hlp%*
TODAY batch control			today.hlp%*
Terminal line info			ter-lin.hlp%*
Large ITA				titan.hlp%*
table of contents			toc.hlp%*
initialisation				ttinit.hlp%*
VTSUBS					vtsubs.hlp%*
v7 to v10 changes			ps:<fortran.documentation>fortra.doc%*
Help from Computing Services		project.hlp%*
Medical Statistics bench books		medical-statistics-bench-books.hlp%*
Disk packs				exchangeable-disks.hlp%*
MELON					melon.hlp%*
Command format & switches		sort.hlp%*
CRC macro library			sys:glim.macrodes%*
changes in MLP version 3.08		308des.txt%*mlp
the MM manual				mm.doc%*mm