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CCA Uniworks, Inc.
Four Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MASS  02142  USA

"No other text editor gives you so much power, speed, and
functionality as CCA EMACS (tm).  Or makes editing so easy.  
Close to 400 built-in commands let you do any task with only
a few keystrokes.  Even things that are impossible on other 
eidtors.  And with our Common Lisp based extension language,
Elist(tm), you can customize CCA EMACS to meet your program

"Multiple windows are another important plus.  So you can
manage concurrent processes and move information from one
window to another.  And CCA EMACS is supported by a full online
documentation package that includes a novice tutorial.  So any
user can quickly utilies all the power of CCA EMACS.

"CCA EMACS runs on Berkeley Unix (tm) (4.1 BSD and 4.2 BSD),
Bell Unix (System III and System V), and VAX/VMS (tm).

"Prices for abinary license range from $350 to $1900.

"For more information, or to find out how to get a trial
copy, call Gwendolyn Whittaker at (617)492-8860."

I don't have any information on Unipresss other than its existance.
Will let you know if I find any.  

Is the best way to get to Warwick by car from London?