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0B+. "rQ"A` &F@f7@P6@P+7@P+5"$	 d  $D6DP $D6DP $D6DP\$67DP	(+= &J+M $D $D@D q\$r@f-4[ q\$r	 @D%@f,4f@H .rQ.A`0p+j7BP+, @f4P$,n	*AD*-++w-<\"w\$|@f Bw\"7DP+6B+ "\$	" 6/4`d@+\$ 
P@@ w@f $D  &J+7@	( D">,J!"\$w4-,~ B."7@+8Q"A` -4D91D+GD	(A G+D@D\$ *=+9,>@f7JP+O 4DO\$9 	"(O7JP+T 4DT\$: 7JP+X 4DX\$< 	 A X7JP+] 4D]\$= ,^,~ :`v :  8	  ``v 8
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				*U*U*				 	%	'	*U(	+	-	/	1	4	7	<	@Unknown DECnet disconnect reason codeGatew	 Hay.ARPANETNo20mail
 C`HSYSTEM:DECNET-HOSTS.TXT?Can't OPENF Ro	 ($uting File because: \",s\$#@fU$+ + \$@f6BP	"- ,~,'+.H@ ?GTFDB failure for Routing file because: 	*@@"5\",s\$1@fU$+ + \$@f6BP ,~,5+.	(*>+=?DNCONN internal error - Out of string space in .DNINIH>\",s D@f	"F\$6BP +/?DNCONN internal error - Out of string space at .DNINI	*P POHI\",s O@f\$6BP +/ 0 h@
+J?Trouble a	 PWdding hosts to routing table because: \",s\$V@fU$+ + 	(*`\$@f6BP ,~,[+.+c?Error closing SYSTEM:DECNET-HOSTS.TXT> 	 Thbecause: \",s\$d@fU$+ + \$@f6BP ,~	*A( q,i+.,f,~0B+h+,f,~1B+f0B+i+t?Internal error	 *y in switch table because: \",s\$x@fU$+ + \$@f	 E P6BP ,~,|+.+%6BP,s\$@f6@,~Unknown sw	 P 
itch \"\$	@f\$6BP,~ in SYSTEM:DECNET-HOSTS.TXT\"	(
\$@f\$6BP,~,,7BP,~\$w@f,,~6BP	(,s,~ trying alternate path, \$@f6BP,~routing = \$!@f	 P
$6BP,~::\$%@f6BP,~,#\$@f6BP,&+,	**,+|+. l"	+ ,+|+.connect OK, \$1@f6BP,~	"@5"\$5+"::"?DNCONN internal error - No remote object type specifiedH7	*A@=\",s =@f\$6BP +/?NOUT failure at PSSNEG because: 	*@@"F\",s\$B@fU$+ + \$@f6BP ,~,F+.	  N?Couldn't send path to pass-through task because: \",s\$N@fU$	 @W+ + \$@f6BP ,~,T,~Couldn't read reply from pass-	  @(_through task because: \"\$\@f\$6BP,~,,b7BP,~	 hU$+ + ,~,7BP,~ @f,~\$2@f6BP,~	 *p?DNCONN internal error - bad format for internal host tableHp\",s v@f	"y\$6BP +/DCN:?DNCONN internal error - No host name supplied	*P QH|\",s @f\$6BP +/Z+A?TBLUK failure at HS	 
TNAM because: \",s\$@fU$+ + \$@f6BP 	"P ,~,+.+?NOUT failure at HSTNA1 because: \",s\$@fU$	 P+ + \$@f6BP ,~,+.?Can't GTJFN for net link beca	 T#use: \",s\$ @fU$+ + \$@f6BP ,~	*P,,$+.+,H?DNCONN internal error - Bad routing string at HSTNA3H.\"	*
@4,s 3@f\$6BP +/+4;USERID:;PASSWORD:;CHARGE:	 =;DATA:?DNCONN internal error - Nonzero byte size must be specifiedH>\"	*
E,s D@f\$6BP +/<%Can't OPENF net link because: 	*@@ N\",s\$J@fU$+ + \$@f6BP ,~ 		"(V+ ,N,~@x+h?Can't close net link because: \",s\$Y@f	 _U$+ + \$@f6BP ,~,\+.%Connect failed because: 	 AgZ`,>\",s\$e@f,^\6 0f\$@f7BP,~	(p\$@f,~%Timed out waiting for connect confirm from server process
	 xNo special errorResource allocation failureDestination node does not exist	 	Node shutting downDestination process does not existInvalid name fieldDestinatio	 		n process queue overflowUnspecified errorThird party aborted the logical link	 	User abortUndefined error codeConnect initiate with illegal destination add	 	ressFlow control violationToo many connections to nodeToo many connections to d	 	#estination processAccess not permittedLogical link services mismatchInval	 	+id accountSegment size too smallProcess abortedNo path to destination no	 	4deLink aborted due to data lossDestination logical link address does not exist 	<Confirmation of disconnect initiateImage data field too long	Dv
*z9^oiYz#,RD89w+#ll	JM@:@	@P^=P^{{JSzl&z;Rer&@ReO3 RehpReqVRe	Re	@ReReHReB7ReI[ReTzReh2Ret\uJI5	D"d&|Dd&}Jd&}Pd&~Rd&~Vd&Zd&]d'`d'
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