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This package is intended as replacement for the VMS MAIL utility,
or will work in conjuction with it. There are two com procedures
included to aid the installation procedure 
  o INSTALL.COM  - Moves files to their appropriate directories
		   Creates directory SYS:[MAILER] for network 
		   messages. Creates a DCL command table 
		   NEWDCLTBL.EXE (Adds VMM command to standard
		   DCL tables).
  o STAVMM.COM	 - Intended to be added to the startup procedure
		   creates logical names and installs the known
		   image XMAIL.

If it is desired all that is necessary to replace the MAIL utility
with VMM is to copy the XMAIL.EXE image to SYS$SYSTEM:MAIL.EXE,
using INSTALL replace mail, and make the logical name definitions.

Forwarding of mail is possible, although not a clean procedure.
If the file SYS$SYSTEM:VMMUAF.DAT file exists VMM will use this
instead of the SYSUAF.DAT file. In the VMMUAF file the following
UAF fields have special meaning:
	PRIO:	- If odd then LOGINCMD has name of UAF entry to
		  forward LOCAL  mail to.

	PRCLM:	- If odd then LOGINCMD has NETWORK address to forward
		  mail to.

	LOGINCMD: - String that either points to a local user or a
		    network address or has no meaning.
	Default device and directories should be the same as the SYSUAF
	entries, but need not be. The UIC should be the same in to avoid
	file protection violations.

Forwarding to lists has not been implemented yet, although logical name
asignments may work for this...