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.! Prologue for DYN1R dynamic library requirements document.
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.title TOPS-20 Dynamic Library Requirements
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.center;Datatrieve-20 project
.center;TOPS-20 Dynamic Library Requirements
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Author:	David Dyer-Bennet
	DTN 231-4076
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Edition:	1.4, 7-Dec-83
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.center;This document exists online as 
.subtitle Preface
  This is a component software product requirements document.  It
should clearly and specifically define the technical requirements of
the product which is being developed.  This document forms the
baseline from which the Specification as well as the cost and schedule
estimates are prepared in Phase 1.

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.subtitle Issue History
.center;Issue History

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  Issue 1.0	29-Jul-83	First public release
  Issue 1.1	2-Aug-83	Incorporate informal review comments
  Issue 1.2	11-Aug-83	Incorporate inspection comments; add
trap and PSI requirements
  Issue 1.3	22-Sep-83	Incorporate informal review comments
  Issue 1.4	7-Dec-83	Incorporate inspection comments;
Currently in development
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.subtitle Table of Contents
.center;Table of Contents
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