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6+ ,~Transmission error for 
Mount another reel on To Retry, type Continue
?Cannot continue
 () No file name) Incorrect proj-prog no.) Protection failure) File being modified) Bad UFD or bad RIB) No room, or quota exceeded) Write lock) Not enough table space in monitor) SFD not found) Search list empty) SFD nest level too deep) No-create on for all search list) Unknown error$
HBad table-link at $
a?File table overflow - FILE SECTION too big?Data table overflow - DATA DIVISION too big?Condition table overflow - too many level 88's G
?Cannot continue compilation
6$Illegal UUO at location 0t79 : \<@@C+4*4(
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&(+8-<wrong number of subscripts-<usage not DISPLAY-<USENBT not zero at GETNB4p4T-<SIZTE returned 0-<B1PAR with IBPFLG not zero-<DEPVB not positive at DPBDEP-<DPBDEP trying to deposit into a literald6@ml@@r@@q7@r+g 8.x_ "T,d`@+[a@+,4c5Tm4o4Tmd _ P`t`+[ZV0T+\a@ +YZV1T+[lZT1T+96TV+YZV0T1T+Y _ P`t`+86@|+8ZV1T+[ V T 4,G 4@l4 T`!6 UtU 4tU ``t l6 `t@l6@ V`,>,>w,>,>_ 4 T,>y@@y,>x,?,^x,^yZ_ `at`+Q:q.8 X_ "X,d`@+Q,%6@Z+`!( _ Wat !(,
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&e+8$<$<p?Tag count less than zero in DRFTAG
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w+#- 0`4W WO@T6 2>T+#}$$$Bad "IF" flags
Bad "IF" usage
Bad "IFT" flags
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w+'%IOGEN -- problem with depending variable, ignored

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Literal B operand in MOVE.

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HfLiteral operand for "MXTMP."
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 J N J N J N J NZ7 Tb+mZ? Internal compiler error in STRGEN
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4PInternal error: incorrect source linkage
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`` HX'"STOP" operand not literal
 @ 0\?R/A?R~f~ea \>,{ sC,w,o,{ sC,w+qa.&% No variable for GODEP
?Bad LITAB code--compiler error
?Cannot find LITFIL--compiler error

{rlb \ sZ+t
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 d \ sd+t

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 p \ st+t

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&t@	`@NEp@?Not enough memory to continue compilation
?Not enough memory to start compilation
 ^t tS*>u +`\+tK`\ +tL`\+tL <tT+tM <tV+tM7tZ <t[
&t^ t`.8
&t`!tS*> t+8`tUnknown APR trapPush-down OverflowIllegal Memory ReferencetXReference to non-existent memory at location $
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&w+vQ"R$S (-+Us,EAX~@$HpZP@@@ @<46 <vT+<vT LP7` 6@1+<vT4w T +<vT?Compiler error: bad GENFIL operator