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This is a truly rough-and-ready simula distribution.

I have given you the following:

ps:<unsupported>*sim* and safeio.* - this is the part of
	Simula that we have on sys:.  You are probably better
	to start with this than with the stuff off the Simula
	tape, since we had to change a few things to make
	them work.

ps:<simula>*.* - these are files containing SIMDBM, object
	files mostly.  There is nothing particularly magic
	about this particular choice of files, except that
	is that set that one of our users needed in order
	to be able to use SIMDBM.

s:<>edits - this tells the edits (made in DDT)
	we had to make to the compiler to make it work on
s:<simula.rts>*.* - this is a complete source for SIMLIB.
	We had to rebuild it in order to get:
	  - directory names to work in file spec's
	  - DIRECTIO to work at all
	The SIMLIB.REL given in <UNSUPPORTED> is the one built
	from these sources.  We used SIMLIB.CMD to do the
	compiling and loading, as I recall, but there are
	fairly good instructions in the Simula implemenation