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^^RENBR, The FORTRAN Renumbering Program##################10-130 and 20-34
Version 5, March 1985
Author: Donald E. Barth, New Haven, CT
Source Language: FORTRAN
Memory Required: 64K
Keywords: FORTRAN
Abstract: RENBR modifies the statement numbers in FORTRAN programs
so that these statement numbers become sequential and/or forms
cross-referenced listings of FORTRAN programs. The RENBR program is
itself written entirely in FORTRAN. The portion of the RENBR program
which does the renumbering and/or forms the listing is system
independent. Only the routines which open and close files and which
process the instructions which are typed by the user would need to
be modified for use of this program on other computers. Several
versions of the user interaction routines are supplied.
RENBR can process programs and routines which are written in the
FORTRAN-77 language, in the FORTRAN-IV language, and in some
dialects of the FORTRAN-II language. RENBR can also process programs
and routines which use the FORTRAN language extensions allowed by
version 7 of the FORTRAN-10 and FORTRAN-20 compilers.
Two versions of RENBR are supplied. One of these versions stores
characters in FORTRAN-66 Hollerith arrays. The other version stores
characters in FORTRAN-77 character strings. The version of RENBR
which uses Hollerith arrays is recommended when using either the
FORTRAN-10 or FORTRAN-20 compilers, since this version requires much
less processing time. A program is provided which converts the
version of RENBR which uses Hollerith arrays to the version which
uses character strings.