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 `#?x[^8yKb*!|vq`&INX \QF:ys~"?{rE@B0"c
+C*>	`=x-,Co=C-.1_Norm 2_Rev 3_Bold 4_Blink 5_Rev/Bold 6_Rev/Blink 7_Bold/Blink 8_Rev/Bold/BlinNORMAL                   REVERSE                  INTENSE                  REVERSE,INTENSE          BLINK                    REVERSE,BLINK            INTENSE,BLINK            REVERSE,INTENSE,BLINK    12345678F(

2           Up-Previous Field         Down-Next Field          Ctrl-Z End                       SC1  sequentialSC2  sequentialSC1  sequentialdelete    Re-Order the Data Fields?Yes  No   YN   CHARACTER DATE Y    y    NULL ALLOWED   NULL NOT ALLOWED    .scr SC2  .scr Rename of temp file  failed   Deletion of file    .scr  failed   /NOS BLDSCR    [End of Fpaint](I2,',',I2,',',A)('"',A,'"',/)('[Generated by Fpaint version ',A,']')(I2,',',I2,/)(A79,/)(I3,/)(A)(A)(I3,/)('Move Cursor to Data Field ',I3,' and Press F1')(A,/,A,/,A,/,A,/,A,/,I2,',',I2,',',A,/,A,/,A/)('[End of File]')H,%H,&H,+H,/H,0H,1H,3H,4H,5H,6H,8H,9
H,Hn,rH,H,H,+ -<<%C<2r,?!C<1?,51C<1?,5= $ D+{ D, D+i@d+R DH $( D+g $
 F+{+.^ +n0D@+-Y:+{1d
+.^ & F+{+.^ +n0DA+-]>,0$+.^ &( F,+.^ +n0DA+-b:,1$(+.^ & F,+.^ +n0D+-g $ D,.d+{1d
+.^,&CF+{+.^C+n0D+-k"d+iC<2U,3]+.^1+n0D	+-rC<2T,7N,;IC<2L,+.^C<1?,7C<1?,7+.^++n0D+.C<2K,7
86D,+.$$H+{F1D,Fc<DC<29,[^"$.,.e,D,C<27,:+.^"$.DHC<25,3]+.^ +n0D+.>C<23,[D6D,+..:H D, +{ F1 , Fc DOd,+.1 , +{ F1 , Fc@f,C<2/,V7D,+.5C<2,,[^+.76 ,+.7"$.DH6 ,+.9C<2+,%+.;C<2(,:SC<2',.C<2%,3]C<1?,3A+.^ +n0D+.J"$.,&$6D+.C $.D,+.G"$.,&$ ".$.D, ,1d'+.^ $ D,+.^ +n0DB+.U"$.,&$6D+.O"$.D,+.R"$.,&$ ".D, ,0$+.^ $' D,+.^ +n1D
,3]+-A6<,+.uC<2	,7C<2t,>tC<2,-C<2v,>t@d+q $ D+{ D,C<2,\"+o1D+/C<2x,>x $
$+Rd- D, - D,C<2y,>"+o., D+pC<2|,>x/$ D, $d- D,C<2},>:+q +{0D
+/ ,1D(+/ ,1d'+/:+{ $ D,+/C<2,4,C<1,.8 @+5@/  $ D+C<2,>x +/$ D, $d-& D,C<3,>C<3,>xC<3,>C<3,>xC<3,>C<3,>xC<3
,>tC<3,>wC<3,>C<1},.8+@+5@/30$+D+C<3,>x@+/$ D, $d-$ D,C<3,>+/.C<3,>uC<3,>xC<3,> $ D+{ D,@d+jC<1?,3A H0d+/A@d+i+/JC<1{,65C<1z,7
 F+{+0 +n0D@+/^:+{1d
+0 & F+{+0 +n0DA+/c>,0$+0 &( F,+0 +n0DA+/g:,1$(+0 & F,+0 +n0D+/m $ D,.d+{1d
+0,&+F+{+0 +n0D	+/qC<1n,%C<1?,3A+0 +n0D+/}"$.,&$6D+/v $.D,+/z"$.,&$ ".$.D, ,1d'+0 $ D,+0 +n0DB+0"$.,&$6D+0"$.D,+0"$.,&$ ".D, ,0$+0 $' D,+0 +n0DF+0C<1l,[D6D+j+0
$+l.+{ [0F+0 $k2F+j+0 $
$+l.+{@f[ $
$+l.+{ F# $
$+l.+{ F$k:+l+0"$.+l D,C<1j,:+0+/S +j(.+j/$ h-# H, -$ H,C<1i,@ @ 
l-# L, 
-$ L,C<1g,@JD4 0< $$+j/$ h- H, -  H,C<1f,@ @ 
l- L, 
-  L,C<1d,@JD4 08 $$+j/$d- D, -  D,C<1c,?!+0< $$+j/$d- D, -  D,C<1a,?! +j(.+j/$d-# D, -$ D,C<1`,.8 @+5@0C $ D+ $$+j/$d- D, - D,C<1_,.8 @+o5@0J $ D+o $$+j/$d- D, -  D,C<1^,.8 @+k5@0P $ D+k $
d-% D, -& D,C<1],.8 @+g5@0W $ D+g $'$+j/$'d- D, - D,C<1\,.8 @+@5@0] $ D+@ $'$+j/$'d- D, - D,C<1[,.8 @,5@0d $ D, +j(/$d- D, - D,C<1Z,.8 @+r5@0j $ D+r $$+j/$d-  D, -! D,C<1Y,.8 @+m5@0q $ D+mC<3,>x $$+j/$ D, +j +j$&'/&' F, +/( H, +j(.+j/(.(h-# H, +r/( H, +j(/(.(h- H, +m/( H, ,.(h-  H, +o/( H, ,.(h- H, +k/( H, ($+j/(.(h- H, +g/( H, (
.(h-%CH,,+@/(,H,C,.(h-+H,C,/(CH,,,.(h- H,C<3,>:,;D+n+/LD,C<3$,>x,?C<3%,>uC<1V,?7C<1X,C<1T,-C<1P,?7C<1R,gC<1O,-"C<1N,65C<1M,7!C<1A,-bC<1@,-|C<3&,CC<1?,?x@-p@-@,#p@-@-x@-h@-+@-@-x@-+x@-x@-x@,x@-"x@-x@,p@, @, x@,h@-*@-@-
p@,@-	p@,@-p@,@-p@,@-p@,@-h@+{@,@,h@+j@+{@,p@+{@,x@+np@+{@,x@-$x@,p@,#@, P@,$@-@-@+A@+l@+Bx@-x@, p@,#@, x@-$p@,@-"x@-&x@-&X@+{@,@+o@+R@-p@,}@-"p@,{@-"p@, @, x@,p@+R@+ip@+{@,@, @, @+j@,@-@+g@,@-!@+h@+h@,@,@+mx@,P@, @, @-@+g@,@-!x@,p@, @, x@,p@, @, x@,x@,!x@,`@+n@+R@+{@,`@+n@+R@+{@,p@+R@+ip@+{@,`@,#@, @,$@,!p@+{@,X@+{@,@+A@+?@,H@,@+{@,@+?@+A@,@,h@,@+{@,p@+R@+ih@+{@,@,X@+{@,@e@e@H`@+{@,@H@,p@-@,zh@+?@+{@,x@+?h@+?@+{@,p@+{@,p@+R@+iP@,#@-@-@+A@+l@+Bx@, p@+{@,x@,"p@+{@,x@+Rp@+R@+ip@+{@,x@,p@+R@+ix@+Rp@+R@+i`@,#@, @,$@,!x@,p@+{@,x@+np@+{@,p@+{@,x@,x@,$x@,p@+R@+ix@,p@+{@,p@+{@,h@-@+g@,x@, p@-@+@p@-(@,yp@-'@,xp@-@,whGD,#AZ-"@Z,|hGD,"AZ-"@Z,~p@ 
@N,uxGD,"x@,V^Z:End^A:Attr ^W:Ins/OvrWrt ^B:Mark Blk     ^F:Def Fld ^D:Del Fld ^R:Repaint Screen H31H36H3'(H3':3+H3'([6-m  \3/C<3J,6zC<3P,65C<3O,?!C<3M,?!C<3L,7
a?)8 \3|&p1@3{+p @3|C<4,6zC<4',7$,;I+4
C<4#,;I 3{&$ .$ D3}C<4",;IC<4!,;I 3|&$1$+4 3|&$.$ D3}C<4 ,;I+4C<4,;I 3|&$ .$ D3}C<4,;IC<4,6 3|,~x@3}x@3x@3}x@3~x@3}x@3x@3}p@3@3~x@3}3.12 H4)O&i9 \4) p @4(C<40,?! 4),~p@4(@4* "KeyBoard  /                   Fpaint    FPAINTR   FPAINTRUN FPAINTRU  Filename: /    NOS       Filename: (A)H4RH4TH4UH4VH4WH4XH4YH4[H4\H4^H4_H4`H4aH4bH42H43H4;H4<(H4E(H4NH42M&d[P \4N p @41 p @43C<5c,
 @4MC<5a,?!Od43C<5`,?!C<5^,?!C<5],?!C<5\,;hC<5Z,?5C<5Y,3TC<5T,a 44/$ 44/ F4Od4w D4OC<5R,@ @ 44/( 
 J4Ph4w H4PC<5Q,@JD 44/( 
 J4Qh4w H4QC<5O,@JA4 5C<5D,6DC<5D,5{C<5N,C<5d,>wC<5e,>+5A $ D4M 4M2d4D+5;( 43/( 
 J4Oh4w H4OC<5M,@5 50 4M2&4D+50:4M( 43/& 4M( 43/ D4Of4w F4OC<5K,?!C<5J,3TC<5I,@5 5:@d43+5: $/$ D4O $d41 D4O 4M( 43/$ 4M( 43/ F4Pd4w D4PC<5G,?!:4M+5C<5F,@5 5AC<5D,6DC<5D,5{C<5E,C<5g,>wC<5h,> 4N 43 Ap,~x@4rp@41@4qp@4O@4Pp@4s@4px@4sp@4y@4Op@4O@4ox@4np@4Q@4mp@4P@4kp@4O@4l8@4w@4u@4x@4t@4R@44@49@4D@4Dx@4wh@4w@4j@4vx@4vp@4w@4ip@4v@4hp@41@4gp@4t@4fx@4ep@$4M@N4dp@:41p@$4M@N4dp@:41[Fpaint version     ]    
,H5mH5pH5qH5rH5jH5kH5j:5jION; \5lC<6,?!C<6,?!C<6,4,C<6,.8 @5j5@6 $ D5jC<6
, 5l,~x@5wx@5tx@5lx@5sx@5xx@5xp@5z@5vp@5y@5uA 5    I 2    I 2    A79    9S                                                                                  Output Filename:Screen Width:Screen Height:     Screen Help Line                                                                                 (
$'Enter a five character filename for the output fileEnter the width of the width of the screen as number of columnsEnter the height of the screen as the number of rowsEnter up to 79 characters for a user menu lineUp-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl-Z End    F1-Return to Editing      '(('))18?'?@'@A'AIJ'J'q(*jEXSCREXSCRH7+H7,H6H6!H6MH6WH6m(Kc<XC"76 B7% \7%+77 7%,~+7?Kc<QC"7< B7% \7% p @6u p @7+7? 7% 6u Ap 7 Ap,~C<8u,o+7%+7IKc<ZC"7F B7% \7% p @6u p @7+7I 7% 6u Ap 7 Ap,~C<8q,+7%+7XKc<RC"7S B7% \7% p @6u p @7 p @7  p @6m p @6V p @6>+7X 7% 6u Ap 7 Ap 6m Ap 6V Ap,~ 6@ D7! 6A F7(C$7! D7&C<8n,$9 6C(.6C 6m F67 6G(.6G 6V F67 6J D7! 6K F7(C$7! D7&C<8k,$9C<8d,++7%+7vKc<[C"7q B7% \7% p @7  p @6m p @6V p @6> p @68 p @7$+7v 7% 6m Ap 6V Ap 68 Ap 7$ Ap,~ 6@ D7! 6A F7(C$7! D7&C<8a,$9 6C(.6C 6m F67 6G(.6G 6V F67 6J D7! 6K F7(C$7! D7&C<8^,$9C<8W,%
+7%+8 Kc<RC"8 B7% \7% p @6u p @7 p @6VC!p @7" p @7  p @6m p @6V p @6> p @69 p @68 p @7 p @7 p @6W+8  7% 6u Ap 7 Ap 6V Ap 6m Ap 6V Ap 69 Ap 68 Ap 7 Ap 7 Ap 6W Ap,~ 6@ D7! 6A F7(C$7! D7&C<8T,$9 6C(.6C 6m F67 6G(.6G 6V F67 6J D7! 6K F7(C$7! D7&C<8Q,$9C<8D, 6@ D7! 6A F7(C$7! D7&C<8A,$ 6C(.6C 67 D6m 6G(.6G 67 D6V 6J D7! 6K F7(C$7! D7&C<8>,$+7%X@7)@71@7&@7@6>X@7)@71@7&@7@7 ~8@7.@6u@7@6V@73@7"@7'@6?@7'@69@7&@6@7'@7"@7)@71@7/@6@7*@72@69@68@7@7@6WX@6>@7)@71@7&@7X@7 @7)@71@7&@7@7'@6?@7'@69@7&@6@7'@7"@7)@71@7-@68@7$X@6>@7)@71@7&@7X@7 @7)@71@7&@7@6u@7@7'@6?@7'@69@7&@6@7'@7"@7)@71@7/X@6>@7)@71@7&@7X@7 @7)@71@7&@7P@6u@7@7*@6v@7(@70`@6u@7@7(@7)NORMAL                   REVERSE                  INTENSE                  REVERSE,INTENSE          BLINK                    REVERSE,BLINK            INTENSE,BLINK            REVERSE,INTENSE,BLINK    
@.scr .scr sequential3.   OldVersion     REAL G    INTEGER   I    .    CHARACTER A    .    LABELA    .    DATE A    .    MENU A    .    NULL ALLOWED   Y    NULL NOT ALLOWED    N    (I2,1X,I2)(A)(I3)(I2,1X,I2,1X,A)(1X,A)(I3)(A)(A)(A)(I2,1X,I2,1X,A)H9-H9.H9/H91H92H93H94H95H96H98H99H9:H9;H9<H9=H9>H9?H9@H9AH9BH9CH9DH9EH9FH9HH9IH9LH	B'HX'H8z)HJH9HuHn'HpH9(H9HH
IT \9) p @8x p @9 p @9)C<<@,?7C<<B,?6 8w+<C<<>,?7C<<C,>t@d9C<<E,>wC<<G,>C<<<,@ 5@:Od9C<<H,>wC<<J,>C<<L,>wC<<M,>C<<O,>wC<<P,>C<<R,>wC<<S,>C<<U,>wC<<V,>"9 $ F95&:A D9&C<<X,>wC<<Y,>C<<[,>wC<<\,> 9-ZD9 9$(
h: H9* : H9*C<<;,@5 :, 9/& F9+:,*d:$C<<_,>wC<<`,>@d8y &/9C<<:,.8/.9 9 F95&:? D9:8y/$ 8y/ F9*d9w D9*C<<8,?! $
$9.9 9y F[ $
$9.9/9F#:9;9+:4CD9:9&; 9+: D9&C<<b,>wC<<c,>C<<e,>wC<<f,>"H $(F95&</D9&C<<h,>wC<<i,>C<<k,>w(.9&/$d9}D9* 9} D9*C<<l,>69+:V/9&(/$d:/D9*.:D9*C<<7,?!+:[C<<n,>w(9&(/$d: D9* : D9*C<<o,>C<<q,>w$$$9&/$d9{ D9* 9{CD9*C<<r,>6 9+;AC<<5,?!/9&(.9&/$d9},D9*+9} D9*C<<4,@5$:m$$9&/$d9{CD9*,9{5D9*C<<2,?5+;=9&(.9&/$d9},D9*/9}/D9*C<<0,@5:}/$$9&/$d9{CD9+,9{ D9+C<<-,@/d/D @9* $$9&/$.$d9{ D9*C<<.,?5+;= 9&(.9&/$d9}CD9*,9} D9*C<<+,@5d;z D9* 9z D9*C<<x,> $$9&/$d9z D9* 9z D9*C<<,@5 ;V $$9&/$d9z D9* 9z D9*C<<,?!+;` $$9&/$d9z D9* 9z D9*C<<,@5 ;` $$9&/$d9z D9* 9z D9*C<<,?!C<<z,>w $
d: D9* : D9*C<<{,> 9& 9 F1 9 Fc D 9-ZD9 (
h: H9* : H9* 9$(
h:yH9+ : H9+C<<,@5 ;t 9/& F9+;t*d;i $$9&/$d9{ D9* 9{ D9*C<<,
,[^C<<~,>w $'$9&/$'d9u D9* 9u D9*C<<,>C<=,>w $'$9&/$'d9v D9* 9v D9*C<=,>:9&; 9+:H D9&C<=,>u 9) 9 Ap 9) Ap,~X@9@9@9@8y@9&x@9*p@9*@9+p@9*@9tp@9*@9sp@9*@9rp@9*@9qp@9*@9p@9+@9ph@9@9o@9*p@9*@9np@9+@9mh@9@9l@9*p@9*@9kp@9+@9jh@9@9i@9*p@9*@9hp@9+@9gh@9@9f@9*p@9*@9ep@9+@9dh@9@9c@9*p@9*@9bh@9@9a@9*p@9*@9`p@9@9_p@9*@9^p@9y@9*x@9wp@:@9*p@9~@9]h@:@8x@9[h@:@8x@9ZpAZ:H8whGD9,AZ:@Z9\p@ 
@N9Op@:9*xGD9,'A32    A 6    A 6    A45    A25    A79    A79    7	AR&x$:EX
                             REAL Field Definition                              Field Name: Field Display Format: Field Justification: Field Input Restrictions: Field Display Attributes: Help Text Line 1: Help Text Line 2:

''Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this field.Enter the ForTran format for display of the field.Either Fx.y or Gx.yEnter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter Lower, Upper limits followed by an optional value to suppress display.For example 1.0,45.0,suppress:0.0  will suppress display of the value 0.Enter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Enter up to 79 characters of help textEnter up to 79 characters of help textUp-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       '(.9
C	f	'-9ao(
jREALREALH>MH>NH=H=H=PH=nH>(e p @>;+>{ >G >& Ap >= Ap,~ =8 D>? =9 F>;(C$>? D>HC<A,$9 =< D>? == F>;(C$>? D>HC<A,$9 =? D>? =@ F>;(C$>? D>HC<A,$9 =C D>? =D F>;(C$>? D>HC<A
,$9?=F>D>?>=GF>;(C$>?>D>HC<A	,$9=J=D>?=K=F>;(C$>?D>HC<A,$9==MD>?>=N?F>;(C$>?D>HC<A,$9C<@|,++>H+?+e(C$>? D>HC<@y,$9 =< D>? == F>;(C$>? D>HC<@v,$9 =? D>? =@ F>;(C$>? D>HC<@s,$9 =C D>? =D F>;(C$>? D>HC<@p,$9 =F D>? =G F>;(C$>? D>HC<@m,$9 =J D>? =K F>;(C$>? D>HC<@j,$9 =M D>? =N F>;(C$>? D>HC<@g,$9C<@`,%
+>H+?he\>Gp@>&p@>=Xp@=lC!p@>?p@>>Xp@>%p@=lp@=7Xp@=p@=p@>;Xp@=4p@=3p@>:Xp@><p@=m+?h>GX>&Ap>=Ap=lApX=4Ap=3Ap>:Ap><Ap=mAp,~=8D>?=9F>;(C$>?D>HC<@],$9X=<D>?==F>;(C$>?XD>HC<@Z,$9=?D>?=@XF>;(C$>?D>HC<@W,$9X=CD>?=DF>;(C$>?XD>HC<@T,$9=FD>?=GXF>;(C$>?D>HC<@Q,$9X=JD>?=KF>;(C$>?D>HC<@N,$9=MD>?=NF>;(C$>?D>HC<@K,$9C<@>,X=8D>?=9F>;(C$>?XD>HC<@;,$=<D>?==XF>;(C$>?D>HC<@8,$X=?D>?=@F>;(C$>?XD>HC<@5,$=CD>?=DXF>;(C$>?D>HC<@2,$X=FD>?=GF>;(C$>?PD>HC<@/,$=JD>?=KF>;(C$>?D>HC<@,,$=MD>?=N2F>;(C$>? D>HC<@),$+>HX@>K@>S@>H@>;@>;X@>K@>S@>H@>;@=X@>K@>S@>H@>;@=X@>K@>S@>H@>;@=7X@>K@>S@>H@>;@=lX@>K@>S@>H@>;@>%X@>K@>S@>H@>;@>>~8@>P@>&@>=@=l@>U@>?@>J@=8@>I@=4@>I@=@>J@>@@>K@>S@>Q@=
                          INTEGER Field Definition                              Field Name: Field Length: Field Justification: Field Input Restrictions: Field Display Attributes: Help Text Line 1: Help Text Line 2:
''Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this field.Enter the length of the field in character places.Enter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter Lower, Upper limits followed by an optional value to suppress display.For example 1,45,suppress:0  will suppress display of the value 0.Enter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Enter up to 79 characters of help textEnter up to 79 characters of help textUp-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       '(.5
?	b	'-9a^(
kINTG INTG HBcHBdHAHA6HAiHBHB3(S;$|C"Bn BB^ \B]+Bo B],~+BwS;$xvC"Bt BB^ \B] p @B< p @BS+Bw B] B< Ap BS Ap,~C<E2,o+B^+CS;$}C"B~ BB^ \B] p @B< p @BS+C B] B< Ap BS Ap,~C<E.,+B^+CS;$yC"C BB^ \B] p @B< p @BS p @BT p @B; p @B p @AO p @A5 p @A p @BQ+C B] B< Ap BS Ap,~ AQ DBU AR FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E+,$9 AT DBU AU FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E(,$9 AX DBU AY FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E%,$9 A[ DBU A\ FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E",$9 A_ DBU A` FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E,$9 Ab DBU Ac FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E,$9 Af DBU Ag FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E,$9C<E,++B^+CAS;$}PC"C> BB^ \B] p @BT p @B; p @B p @AO p @A5 p @A p @BQ p @AK p @B]+CA B] AK Ap B] Ap,~ AQ DBU AR FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E,$9 AT DBU AU FBQ(C$BU DB^C<E
+B^+C~S;$y2C"Cu BB^ \B] p @B< p @BS p @BC!p @BU p @BT p @B; p @B p @AO p @A5 p @A p @BQ p @AL p @AL p @BP p @BR p @B+C~ B] B< Ap BS Ap B Ap AL Ap AL Ap BP Ap BR Ap B Ap,~ AQ DBU AR FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Ds,$9 AT DBU AU FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Dp,$9 AX DBU AY FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Dm,$9 A[ DBU A\ FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Dj,$9 A_ DBU A` FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Dg,$9 Ab DBU Ac FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Dd,$9 Af DBU Ag FBQ(C$BU DB^C<Da,$9C<DT, AQ DBU AR FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DQ,$ AT DBU AU FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DN,$ AX DBU AY FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DK,$ A[ DBU A\ FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DH,$ A_ DBU A` FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DE,$ Ab DBU Ac FBQ(C$BU DB^C<DB,$ Af DBU Ag FBQ(C$BU DB^C<D?,$+B^X@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@BQX@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@AX@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@A5X@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@AOX@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@BX@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@B;X@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@BT~8@Bf@B<@BS@B@Bk@BU@B`@AP@B_@AM@B_@A$@B`@BV@Ba@Bi@Bg@A'@B_@Bj@AL@AL@BP@BR@BX@BQ@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A5@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@AO@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B;@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@BT@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@B`@AP@B_@AM@B_@A$@B`@BV@Ba@Bi@Be@AK@B]X@BQ@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A5@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@AO@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B;@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@BT@Ba@Bi@B^@BQ@B<@BS@B`@AP@B_@AM@B_@A$@B`@BV@Ba@Bi@BgX@BQ@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@A5@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@AO@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@B;@Ba@Bi@B^@BQX@BT@Ba@Bi@B^@BQP@B<@BS@Ba@B<@Bb@Bh`@B<@BS@B`@Bb'A32    A 6    A 6    A 1    A25    A79    A79    7Hg#
                        CHARACTER Field Definition                              Field Name: Field Length: Field Justification: Null Field Entry Allowed? Field Display Attributes: Help Text Line 1: Help Text Line 2:
''Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this field.Enter the length of the field in character places.Enter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter a "N" if input is required for the field, a "Y" if not.Enter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Enter up to 79 characters of help textEnter up to 79 characters of help textUp-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       '(.5
?	b	'#K(r
k5CHAR CHAR HFlHFmHE5HELHEHFHF<(G",C"Fx BFg \Fg+Fy Fg,~+GG"(vC"F~ BFg \Fg p @FE p @F\+G Fg FE Ap F\ Ap,~C<I;,o+Fg+G
G"-C"G BFg \Fg p @FE p @F\+G
,Fg FE Ap F\ Ap,~C<I8,+Fg+GG")C"G BFg \Fg p @FE p @F\ p @F] p @FD p @F p @Ee p @EK p @E4 p @F[+G Fg FE Ap F\ Ap,~ Eg DF^ Eh FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I5,$9 Ej DF^ Ek FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I2,$9 En DF^ Eo FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I/,$9 Eq DF^ Er FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,,$9 Eu DF^ Ev FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I),$9 Ex DF^ Ey FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I&,$9 E| DF^ E} FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I#,$9C<I,++Fg+GKG"-PC"GH BFg \Fg p @F] p @FD p @F p @Ee p @EK p @E4 p @F[ p @Ea p @Ff+GK Fg Ea Ap Ff Ap,~ Eg DF^ Eh FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,$9 Ej DF^ Ek FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,$9 En DF^ Eo FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,$9 Eq DF^ Er FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,$9 Eu DF^ Ev FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I
,$9 E| DF^ E} FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<I,$9C<I,%
+Fg+HG")2C"G BFg \Fg p @FE p @F\ p @FC!p @F_ p @F] p @FD p @F p @Ee p @EK p @E4 p @F[ p @Eb p @Eb p @FZ p @F\ p @F+H Fg FE Ap F\ Ap F Ap Eb Ap Eb Ap FZ Ap F\ Ap F Ap,~ Eg DF^ Eh FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<H},$9 Ej DF^ Ek FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Hz,$9 En DF^ Eo FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Hw,$9 Eq DF^ Er FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Ht,$9 Eu DF^ Ev FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Hq,$9 Ex DF^ Ey FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Hn,$9 E| DF^ E} FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<Hk,$9C<H^, Eg DF^ Eh FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<H[,$ Ej DF^ Ek FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HX,$ En DF^ Eo FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HU,$ Eq DF^ Er FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HR,$ Eu DF^ Ev FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HO,$ Ex DF^ Ey FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HL,$ E| DF^ E} FFZ(C$F^ DFhC<HI,$+FgX@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@F[X@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@E4X@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@EKX@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@EeX@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@FX@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@FDX@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@F]~8@Fo@FE@F\@F@Ft@F_@Fj@Ef@Fh@Ec@Fh@E:@Fj@F_@Fi@Fr@Fp@E=@Fl@Fs@Eb@Eb@FZ@F\@FX@F[@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@E4@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@EK@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@Ee@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@FD@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F]@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@Fj@Ef@Fh@Ec@Fh@E:@Fj@F_@Fi@Fr@Fn@Ea@FfX@F[@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@E4@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@EK@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@Ee@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@FD@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F]@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZ@FE@F\@Fj@Ef@Fh@Ec@Fh@E:@Fj@F_@Fi@Fr@FpX@F[@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@E4@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@EK@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@Ee@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@FD@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZX@F]@Fi@Fr@Fh@FZP@FE@F\@Fj@FF@Fk@Fq`@FE@F\@Fi@FkA32    A 6    A 6    A25    2Ca              LABLE Field                   Name     Length Justification    Attribute                                            

Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this fieldEnter the number of characters to displayEnter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Up-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       	%%&&'+,,-A
(YLC"J` BJO \JO+Ja JO,~+JiYHvC"Jf BJO \JO p @J p @JG+Ji JO J Ap JG Ap,~C<L@,o+JO+JrYMC"Jo BJO \JO p @J p @JG+Jr JO J Ap JG Ap,~C<L=,+JO+KYIC"J} BJO \JO p @J p @JG p @JH p @J p @Is p @I\+K JO J Ap JG Ap,~ I^ DJI I_ FJF(C$JI DJPC<L:,$9 Ia DJI Ib FJF(C$JI DJPC<L7,$9 Ie DJI If FJF(C$JI DJPC<L4,$9 Ih DJI Ii FJF(C$JI DJPC<L1,$9C<L*,++JO+KYMPC"K BJO \JO p @JH p @J p @Is p @I\ p @IX p @JN+K JO IX Ap JN Ap,~ I^ DJI I_ FJF(C$JI DJPC<L',$9 Ia DJI Ib FJF(C$JI DJPC<L$,$9 Ie DJI If FJF(C$JI DJPC<L!,$9 Ih DJI Ii FJF(C$JI DJPC<L,$9C<L,%
+JO+KLYI2C"KC BJO \JO p @J p @JG p @IrC!p @JJ p @JH p @J p @Is p @I\ p @IY p @IY p @JF p @JG p @It+KL JO J Ap JG Ap Ir Ap IY Ap IY Ap JF Ap JG Ap It Ap,~ I^ DJI I_ FJF(C$JI DJPC<L,$9 Ia DJI Ib FJF(C$JI DJPC<L,$9 Ie DJI If FJF(C$JI DJPC<L,$9 Ih DJI Ii FJF(C$JI DJPC<L,$9C<K~, I^ DJI I_ FJF(C$JI DJPC<K{,$ Ia DJI Ib FJF(C$JI DJPC<Kx,$ Ie DJI If FJF(C$JI DJPC<Ku,$ Ih DJI Ii FJF(C$JI DJPC<Kr,$+JOX@JT@JZ@JP@JF@I\X@JT@JZ@JP@JF@IsX@JT@JZ@JP@JF@JX@JT@JZ@JP@JF@JH~8@JW@J@JG@Ir@J\@JJ@JQ@I]@JP@IZ@JP@IA@JQ@JJ@JT@JZ@JX@IC@JS@J[@IY@IY@JF@JG@ItX@I\@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@Is@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@J@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@JH@JT@JZ@JP@JF@JQ@I]@JP@IZ@JP@IA@JQ@JJ@JT@JZ@JV@IX@JNX@I\@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@Is@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@J@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@JH@JT@JZ@JP@JF@J@JG@JQ@I]@JP@IZ@JP@IA@JQ@JJ@JT@JZ@JXX@I\@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@Is@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@J@JT@JZ@JP@JFX@JH@JT@JZ@JP@JFP@J@JG@JS@J@JR@JY`@J@JG@JQ@JRA32    A 6    A 6    A25    2Ca               DATE Field                   Name     Length Justification    Attribute                                            

Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this fieldEnter the number of characters to displayEnter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Up-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       	%%&&'+,,-A
l"DATE DATE HMYHMZHLCHLPHLpHLyHM(I$\C"Me BMT \MT+Mf MT,~+MnI$XvC"Mk BMT \MT p @M p @ML+Mn MT M Ap ML Ap,~C<OE,o+MT+MwI$]C"Mt BMT \MT p @M p @ML+Mw MT M Ap ML Ap,~C<OB,+MT+NI$YC"N BMT \MT p @M p @ML p @MM p @M p @Lx p @La+N MT M Ap ML Ap,~ Lc DMN Ld FMK(C$MN DMUC<O?,$9 Lf DMN Lg FMK(C$MN DMUC<O<,$9 Lj DMN Lk FMK(C$MN DMUC<O9,$9 Lm DMN Ln FMK(C$MN DMUC<O6,$9C<O/,++MT+N$I$]PC"N! BMT \MT p @MM p @M p @Lx p @La p @L] p @MS+N$ MT L] Ap MS Ap,~ Lc DMN Ld FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,,$9 Lf DMN Lg FMK(C$MN DMUC<O),$9 Lj DMN Lk FMK(C$MN DMUC<O&,$9 Lm DMN Ln FMK(C$MN DMUC<O#,$9C<O,%
+MT+NQI$Y2C"NH BMT \MT p @M p @ML p @LwC!p @MO p @MM p @M p @Lx p @La p @L^ p @L^ p @MK p @ML p @Ly+NQ MT M Ap ML Ap Lw Ap L^ Ap L^ Ap MK Ap ML Ap Ly Ap,~ Lc DMN Ld FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,$9 Lf DMN Lg FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,$9 Lj DMN Lk FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,$9 Lm DMN Ln FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,$9C<O, Lc DMN Ld FMK(C$MN DMUC<O,$ Lf DMN Lg FMK(C$MN DMUC<N},$ Lj DMN Lk FMK(C$MN DMUC<Nz,$ Lm DMN Ln FMK(C$MN DMUC<Nw,$+MTX@MY@M_@MU@MK@LaX@MY@M_@MU@MK@LxX@MY@M_@MU@MK@MX@MY@M_@MU@MK@MM~8@M\@M@ML@Lw@Ma@MO@MV@Lb@MU@L_@MU@LF@MV@MO@MY@M_@M]@LH@MX@M`@L^@L^@MK@ML@LyX@La@MY@M_@MU@MKX@Lx@MY@M_@MU@MKX@M@MY@M_@MU@MKX@MM@MY@M_@MU@MK@MV@Lb@MU@L_@MU@LF@MV@MO@MY@M_@M[@L]@MSX@La@MY@M_@MU@MKX@Lx@MY@M_@MU@MKX@M@MY@M_@MU@MKX@MM@MY@M_@MU@MK@M@ML@MV@Lb@MU@L_@MU@LF@MV@MO@MY@M_@M]X@La@MY@M_@MU@MKX@Lx@MY@M_@MU@MKX@M@MY@M_@MU@MKX@MM@MY@M_@MU@MKP@M@ML@MX@M@MW@M^`@M@ML@MV@MW'A32    A 6    A 6    A25    A79    A79    7Hfq/'                             MENU Field Definition                              Field Name: Field Length: Field Justification: Field Display Attributes: Menu prompt: Menu Text:

''Enter the ForTran variable name corresponding to this field.Enter the length of the field in character places.Enter NONE, LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTEREnter either NORMAL or REVERSE, and/or INTENSE, and/or BLINK( e.g. INTENSE,BLINK )Enter the menu prompt to be displayed on line 23 of the screenEnter the menu text as it will appear on line 24 of the screene.g. 1)|Item_One   2)|Item_TwoUp-Previous Field    Down-Next Field    Ctrl Z-End    F1-Abort Definition       '(.5
XMENU MENU HPsHPtHOIHO]HP	HP"HPH([v\C"P BPn \Pn+Q Pn,~+Q[vXvC"Q BPn \Pn p @PQ p @Pd+Q Pn PQ Ap Pd Ap,~C<S!,o+Pn+Q[v]C"Q BPn \Pn p @PQ p @Pd+Q Pn PQ Ap Pd Ap,~C<S,+Pn+Q![vYC"Q BPn \Pn p @PQ p @Pd p @Pe p @PP p @P  p @Os p @O\ p @OH+Q! Pn PQ Ap Pd Ap,~ Ot DPf Ou FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 Ox DPf Oy FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 O{ DPf O| FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 O DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S
,$9C<S,++Pn+QK[v]PC"QH BPn \Pn p @Pe p @PP p @P  p @Os p @O\ p @OH p @Oo p @Pm+QK Pn Oo Ap Pm Ap,~ Ot DPf Ou FPc(C$Pf DPoC<S,$9 Ox DPf Oy FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R,$9 O{ DPf O| FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R|,$9 O DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Ry,$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Rv,$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Rs,$9C<Rl,%
+Pn+R[vY2C"Qz BPn \Pn p @PQ p @Pd p @P C!p @Pg p @Pe p @PP p @P  p @Os p @O\ p @OH p @Op p @Oo p @Pc p @Pd p @P!+R Pn PQ Ap Pd Ap P  Ap Op Ap Oo Ap Pc Ap Pd Ap P! Ap,~ Ot DPf Ou FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Ri,$9 Ox DPf Oy FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Rf,$9 O{ DPf O| FPc(C$Pf DPoC<Rc,$9 O DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R`,$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R],$9 P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<RZ,$9C<RM, Ot DPf Ou FPc(C$Pf DPoC<RJ,$ Ox DPf Oy FPc(C$Pf DPoC<RG,$ O{ DPf O| FPc(C$Pf DPoC<RD,$ O DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<RA,$ P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R>,$ P DPf P FPc(C$Pf DPoC<R;,$+PnX@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@OHX@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@O\X@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@OsX@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@P X@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@PPX@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@Pe~8@Pv@PQ@Pd@P @P{@Pg@Pq@Ot@Po@Op@Po@OM@Pq@Pg@Pp@Py@Pw@OP@Pr@Pz@Op@Oo@Pc@Pd@P!X@OH@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@O\@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Os@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@P @Pp@Py@Po@PcX@PP@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Pe@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@Pq@Ot@Po@Op@Po@OM@Pq@Pg@Pp@Py@Pu@Oo@PmX@OH@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@O\@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Os@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@P @Pp@Py@Po@PcX@PP@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Pe@Pp@Py@Po@Pc@PQ@Pd@Pq@Ot@Po@Op@Po@OM@Pq@Pg@Pp@Py@PwX@OH@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@O\@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Os@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@P @Pp@Py@Po@PcX@PP@Pp@Py@Po@PcX@Pe@Pp@Py@Po@PcP@PQ@Pd@Pq@PQ@Ps@Px`@PQ@Pd@Pp@PrKL[ p @S$ p @S% p BS$ S%.$ DS$ S$0$(+SC S$3dS%+SC $
$S$.S$ [1D+S= $
.S$ [0F+SC6F#+SC S$$$
.S$@f[ S$$$
.S$ F#"$.DS$+S*+SC+SB $
$S$.S$ P1D+SB"$.DS$+SC:S$+S* S$ Ap,~EL[ p @SE p @SF p BSE @SE $(2dSE+SM DSE+S` $
$SE.SE [1D+S^ $
.SE SE3fSF+S` [0F+S`6F#+S` SE$$
.SE@f[ SE$$
.SE F#:SE+SJ+S` $
$SE.SE [ SE Ap,~,NORMAL                   REVERSE                  INTENSE                  REVERSE,INTENSE          BLINK                    REVERSE,BLINK            INTENSE,BLINK            REVERSE,INTENSE,BLINK    

               NONE      REVERSE                        NONE CENTER LEFT RIGHT NORMAL REVERSE INTENSE BLINK   I    R    C    M    L    D    Integer Real Character Menu Label Date  IRCMLD    INTEGER   REAL CHARACTER LABELDATE MENU I    A    A    9    A    A    Illegal Field LengthField Length too Large   Field Length too Large   Invalid Justification    ,    Invalid Attribute Word   NORMAL    REVERSE   INTENSE   BLINK    HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU"HU#HU$HU%HU&HU'HU(HU,HU.HU/HU0HU2HU3HU4HU5HU6HU7HU8HU9HU:HU;
 p @Tb p @Tm p @Sk p @TZ p @T p @T{ p @TzC<[@,?!C<[?,?!@dT{ $ DT| $F DT|C<[=,?!C<[<,?!C<[:,?!C<[9,?!C<[7,?!C<[6,?!C<[4,?!C<[3,?!C<[1,?!C<[0,?!C<[,,j7 T{+Vv Tb(.Tb/$dV
CV+,?! $$Tb/$dV	 DU
CV	,DU8/@Tw0$+V> $ DTw Tw/$ DU
C<[(,?! $$Tb/$dV DU
CV,DU! $$Tb/$dV DU
CV,DU! $
CV,DU! $'$Tb/$'dU| DU
CU|,DU! $'$Tb/$'dU~ DU
CU~,DU! Tb(/$dV DU
CV,DU!C<[,?!C<[,@5 Vc $ DSl+VwC<[,@5 Vj $$Tb/$dV	 DU
CV	,DU!6$+DSl+VwC<[,@5 Vm $ DSl+VwC<[,@5 Vp $ DSl+VwC<[,@5 Vs $ DSl+VwC<[,@5 Vw $ DSl+Vw $ DSl@dTzC<[,7
,?!!$!DSk+W+TU0D)+WC<[,?!!$!DSk+W++TU0D!+W	C<[	,?!!$@!DSk+W@+TU0D&+Wm DTwC<[,BpC<[,BzC<Z},C,$@DT2OdTzC<Zt,Cc6T'+W $+DT2+W6T'+W! $+DT2+W6Tv+W%C<Y8,6DC<Zs,BzC<Zn,C+W0TZ0DF+W(OdT@dTb+Y3C<Zl,?!C<Zj,?5+X$C$,DTm+DTwC<Zi,>ZC<Zg,>dC<Zb,>m+$ DT2OdTzC<ZZ,?M6<T'+W4 $ DT2+W06T'+W7,$CDT2+W06dTv+W;C<Y8,6DC<ZX,>dC<ZS,>m+W0+TZ0DF+W>OdT@dTb+Y3C<ZR,?!+X$,$CDTm DTwC<ZP,FzC<ZO,GC<ZJ,G
,Mz+W| TZ0DF+XOdT@dTbC<Z	,Mg+Y3C<Z,MgC<Z,?!C<Z,?5+X$ $ DTm DTwC<Z,QC<Z,Q
C<Y|,Q $ DT2OdTzC<Yt,Qi6 T'+X $ DT2+X6 T'+X $ DT2+X6 Tv+XC<Y8,6DC<Ys,Q
C<Yn,Q+X TZ0DF+X"OdT@dTb+Y3C<Ym,?!C<Yk,?5 Tb(.Tb/$dV
CVi,?! $$Tb/$dV	 DU
CV	,DU! $$Tb/$dV	 DU
CV	,DU+X>C<Yf,4	!$3DSk+X7C<Yd,? $ DT2DSk6b0b+X>+X:@W@W0@WE@W]@Wz@X"Sk/TZ.Sk Sk FT\5&Xd DTx$$
.Tm [0F+XS Tx$$
.Tm $k2DTb+XH Tx1d'+XbC<Yc,4	!$3DSk+XLC<Yb,? $ DT2DSk6b0b+Xb+XO@W@W0@WE@W]@Wz@X+Xb Tx$$
.Tm7F[+XW [0F+XX Tx1f'+XbC<Ya,4	!$3DSk+X\C<Y_,? $ DT2DSk6b0b+Xb+X_@W@W0@WE@W]@Wz@X:Tx; T\+XA DTxC<YZ,k $$Tb/$dV DU
CV,DU!7DT\+XsC<YX,4	C<YV,?! $ DT2DSk6b0b+Xs+Xp@W@W0@WE@W]@Wz@X $$Tb/$dV DU
$ FT[5&Y DTx( T6 FT2 Tx( T7 DT[/&/ DU
C<YN,?!C<YI,kC<YH,@5 Y7DT\+Y!$3dSk+Y	 $ DT2+Y
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Movecursorto lower right of source region and press ^B    Press F1 to abort   Invalid Source Region!   Select block operation   Move cursor to upper left of destination region and press ^BPress F1 to abort   Invalid Destination Region!   Confirm move   Confirm delete H]mH]sH]vH]yH]|H^H^
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C<#" !Q.!P D!D$!P|4D",65,$/$ $ D!S|$!P H!YH!ZH![H!\H!]H!^H!SH!`H!aH!bH!cH!dH!eH!fH!gH!H!(H!;(S;lW\!R pC@!Q,p @!DC!p @!p/p @!M p @!Ip!LC!p @!R p @!HC<#*,AC<#&,@xC<#%,7
@J!Sh!y!H!SC<#"4:!H; !K+" D!H $ D pC<#,?!"!K $ F!J5&"B D!H/$ !H/ F!Sd!w D!S !H(  p/$ !H(  p/ F!Td!x D!TC<#
,?!:!H; !J+"7 D!H !L/$ D!S $d!x D!S !K/$ D!T $d!w D!TC<#,' !L/$ D!S $d!x D!SC<#,a  p(  p/$  p(  p/ F!Sd!x D!SC<#,?!  p !'/$ D!S $d!y D!SC<"{,a !C( !D/$ !C( !D/ F!Sd!y D!SC<"y,?!C<"x,.8"  $ F!I5&"n D!H/$ !H/ F!Sd!L D!SC<"w,@5 "l !H/$ !H/ F!Td!L D!TC<"u,?!:!H; !I+"c D!HC<"s,:S !R !M Ap !H Ap,~`@!X@!U@!X@!Wp@!T@!vp@!S@!ux@!Lp@!L@!S8@!S@!r@!s@!t@!V@!E@!@!C@!'p@!y@!S8@!S@!o@!p@!q@!V@ q@!'@!K@!'P@!X@!S@!T@!R@!H@ pp@!S@!Tp@!w@!np@!S@!L8@!S@!k@!l@!m@!V@!E@!@!C@!'p@!y@!S8@!S@!h@!i@!j@!V@ q@!'@!K@!'X@!M@!I@!@!L@!xx@!SX@!M@!I@!D@!O@!xp@!X@!U`@!X@!U@!X@!Wx@!U@@!U@!Q@ p@!P@!U@!W@!P@!DP@!U@!O@!I@!N@!N@!M(
H#0(IOJ,\#?7p+@#>Cp,@#8C!p$@#..p @#: p @#9C<$,AC<#~,@xC<#},7v,65C<#s,$ #</$ D#@ $d#C D#?C<#r, #>$#=.#=  D#/ #>$#=.#=  F#:4D#hC<#q,65C<#n,$ #:/$ D#@ $d#C D#?C<#m, #< D#. #: D#/ #? #: Ap,~x@#?X@#:@#9@#/@#:@#Cp@#C@#@x@#?X@#:@#9@#8@#<@#Cp@#B@#@`@#C@#@@#C@#B`@#B@#@@#B@#Bx@#A@@#A@#>@#.@#=@#@@#A@#=@#8P@#@@#<@#9@#;@#;@#:     H$BG%x7 \$
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D'C&},'! & D&i:&~ D& $ D&v+'R"$.& &/ F'd'
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 F'C<(;, $ D&WC<(6, & D&T &} F&~ &_ F'C<(5,65C<(4,7r &w2D&t+'k:&3d&~+'` & F&+'` &w2D'+'p>&0$+'` &~ F&+'` &w2D&|3D&V+'t2D&x3D'+'t2D&t+'u D&y+(" ' .$ D&S1d+'y & F&S"&S.& $5&( D&z &z.' 2D&w+( &w D&y+(":&z8&'| D&z ' .& F&u1&+(.&z  H'.&z H&S1h+(	 $ D&S/&/&S &u5&( D&z &z.' 2D&w+( &w D&y+(":&z8&( D&z &w 'DC<(2,?!C<(1,3T ' D&w"&w $5&(  D& &/( 
p@'@'	p@'@'}@'x@'x@&{x@&Ux@'Invalid date!  H(JI$[W \(JC<(Q,4	 (J,~x@(LInvalid Entry! H(RS;4 \(RC<(Y,4	 (R,~x@(TEntry outside of limits! H(Z
_W%yV \(ZC<(b,4	 (Z,~x@(]Null entry is not permitted!  H(c]VeI7 \(cC<(k,4	 (c,~x@(g               H(sH(tH(u]FMw \(q p @(pp(n p B(lC<),,.8 @(o (p0$+) $ D(p (p3d(o+) D(l+)$"$.(p (p/ F(rd(n D(qC<)*,@5 )
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(J(rh(n(H(qC<)),@4l):(m8&)(o.(p (p F(m5&)" D(m/$ (m/ F(rd(n D(qC<)',@5 )! (m D(l+)$:(m; (m+) D(m (o D(l (q (p Ap (l Ap,~p@(q@(xp@(q@(wp@(q@(vx@(n          H)4H)5YMw \)2 p @)1p)/ p B)-C<)b,.8 @)0 )12d)0 @)1 )10d+)B $ D)-+)\"$.)1 D)1")1 )15&)L D)- )- D)- )-/( 
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C<,,,?!C<,+,6$C<,*,7r *	 .$ D)f1d+*' & F)f")f.& $5&*/ D)u )u.*	 2D)v+*. )v D)y++h:)u8&** D)u *	 .$ D){.$ D)t1$+*A ){.*	  F* ){.* F)f1f+*9 ( H)f )t/&/)f )t5&*A D)u )u.*	 2D)v+*@ )v D)y++h:)u8&*< D)uC<,),3n5 *J )c3$*+*H/$ D* $d* D*
C<,%,,[++gC<+n,7++g )v2D)t+*P *2d)c+*O:*C<,$,7'++gC<+n,7++g )v2D*	+*W *1d+*V"$.D*C<,#,7++gC<+n,7++g )v2D)q+*g *2d)c+*fC<,",.8 @)e2d)e++gC<,!,."$.* )e/ F*d* D*
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C<,,C<,,6$ $ D*++g )v2D)y++E6 )u++@@d)u++AOd)uC<+,,:"$.*.* D*
C<+},6$++g )v2D*++IC<+|,6$ $ D*++g )v2D)r++QC<+{,.8 @)e )e.* D*
C<+y,6$ $.)e D*++g )v2D*++XC<+w,(y )w D*"$.*.* D*
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C<+r,6$++g )v2D)s++a D)y++h )v2D)d3D)p++e2D)x3D)g++e++f D)y++hC<+n,7+*"C<+q,?!C<+o,?! *
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,+,w"$.,V ,V/ F,Wd,S D,WC<-	,:,V"$.,U.,V D,WC<-,6$+-C<-,.RC<-,:,V+-C<-,7C<-,7 ,V ,V Ap ,U Ap,~x@,Xh@,X@,S@,Vp@,U@,Wx@,Wx@,Wx@,S`@,X@,S@,V@,Rp@,X@,YH-H-GRnP \- p @- p @-C<-!,?!C<-,;zC<-,?! -,~p@-@-p@-@-p@-@-,>,> %p 0B5-%5-)0B5-* -? @-. -? @-/5--@@-.@@-/5--
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&-=*-<,~!-0%CCTRAP - Illegal argument - no action taken![Fpaint aborted by user][ReEntering Fpaint - type ^R to repaint screen]     H-Ni>$  \-Np-MC<-W,?!C<-V,A -N,~x@-Mp@-M@-OO@
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5&.$CD./$/./ F.d.
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.2 ./,~p@.4@.6_Z.-y \.P p @.Np.M p @.O .O/$ .O/ F.Qd.M D.PC<.[,?! .P,~p@.P@.NS;: \.b p @.`p._ p @.a p @.^ ._ D.]C</,.8 @.]2@.]+.nOd.^+/@d.^"&..a/.] .] F.^5&.{ D.a.$/.a D.c .ad._ D.b .a/$ .a/ F.dd._ D.cC</,?>.a; .^+.r D.a"$..a .a/ D.bC</,?! .b .^ Ap,~p@.b@.`     .    .    (G)H/H/H/H/me \/ Z/
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C<0,>@/V/TAp,~x@/dp@/W@/cp@/W@/bp@/W@/ap@/W@/`p@/W@/Xp@/d@/x@/Sh@:/dA.0(I6)H0*H0me \0" Z0" X0# V0# T0$ R0$ P0% N0% L0& J0& H0' F0' D0(p0 C<0U,.8 @0!0 +0: $ D0! 0!1d+0< $ D0!C<0S,?! 0!/$ D0) $d0- D0( 0!/$ D0* $d0  D0)C<0R,?!C<0Q,2nC<0V,?
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0& 0% 0% 0$ 0$ 0# 0# 0" 0,~x@0-p@0(@0)p@0-@0,x@0 h@:0-A.0H@N0,p@$0!     (I6)H0_H0YO%Z \0\p0Z p @0[C<0},.8 @0\0 +0i $ D0\ 0\1d+0l $ D0\C<0|,?! 0\/$ D0] $d0b D0] 0\/$ D0^ $d0Z D0^C<0z,?!C<0y,2nC<0~,?
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C<2',.84@2C<2&,?!C<2%,3TC<2#,@4 2C<2,a7D1+1D@d1
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3RHC<3j,?!:3N; 3L+3Y D3N 3O,~p@3O@3Rx@3MaJMm D3m p @3l0`0 ?+3rOd3m+3s@d3m 3m 3m,~(
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,654J/$D4N$d4QD4MC<5	,C<5,.8 @4J0\+4p6$,D4J@4J1d(+4rC$(CD4J,4J/$,D4NC$d4LCD4MC<5,?!C<5,2FC<5,.8+@4J0B+4{ $ D4JC<5,65,4J/$,D4NC$d4Q+D4MC<5,C4M,~x@4Mp@4P@4Ox@4Qx@4Qp@4Q@4Mx@4Lx@4Mp@4P@4Ox@4Qx@4Qp@4Q@4Mx@4K`@4P@4O@4P@4Ox@4N%%&9&(*+-I+5 +5t[>-C"5s B5  \5 +5t 5 ,~C<8`,;IC<8,;IC<8^,;IC<8],;I+5 +5IeJ7C"5} B5  \5  p @5+5 5  5 Ap,~C<8\,;IC<8[,;IC<8Z,:-C<8Y,;I+5 +6	S;J7C"6 B5  \5  p @5+6	 5  5 Ap,~C<8X,;IC<8W,;IC<8V,:-C<8U,;I+5 +6gf3C"6 B5  \5  p @5+6 5 ,~C<8T,;IC<8S,;I 50D+6C<8R,;I+6C<8Q,;I+5 +6g%|TC"6 B5  \5  p @5 p @5+6 5 ,~"$.5 D5"$.5 D5+5 +6+ed<yC"6( B5  \5  p @5 p @5+6+ 5  5 Ap 5 Ap,~ 5.5 D5 5.5 D5C<8P,;IC<8O,;IC<8N,:-C<8M,;IC<8L,:-C<8K,;I+5 +6<GOyC"69 B5  \5  p @5 p @5+6< 5  5 Ap 5 Ap,~C<8J,;IC<8I,;IC<8H,:-C<8G,;IC<8F,:-C<8E,;I+5 +6GG38yC"6F B5  \5 +6G 5 ,~C<8D,;IC<8C,;IC<8B,;IC<8A,;IC<8@,;IC<8?,;IC<8>,;I+5 +6RG3J7C"6Q B5  \5 +6R 5 ,~C<8=,;IC<8<,;IC<8;,;IC<8:,;I+5 +6[G3+vC"6Z B5  \5 +6[ 5 ,~C<89,;IC<88,;IC<87,;IC<86,;I+5 +6cG3[vC"6b B5  \5 +6c 5 ,~C<85,;IC<84,;IC<83,;IC<82,;I+5 +6lG3KxC"6k B5  \5 +6l 5 ,~C<81,;IC<80,;IC<8/,;IC<8.,;I+5 +6tG3[xC"6s B5  \5 +6t 5 ,~C<8-,;IC<8,,;IC<8+,;IC<8*,;I+5 +6}g4X:C"6| B5  \5 +6} 5 ,~ 5 D5+5 +7eO$C"7 B5  \5 +7 5 ,~ 5 D5C<8),9+5 +7O$C"7	 B5  \5  p @5+7 5  5 Ap,~ 5 D5+5 +7IOC"7 B5  \5  p @5+7 5  5 Ap,~ 53D5+5  D5C<8(,9+5 +7E.C"7 B5  \5 +7 5 ,~C<8',;I+5 +7!GOI3C"7 B5  \5  p @5+7! 5  5 Ap,~C<8&,;IC<8%,;IC<8$,:-C<8#,;I+5 +7,GO*3C"7* B5  \5  p @5+7, 5  5 Ap,~C<8",;IC<8!,;IC<8 ,:-C<8,;I+5 +76GO\C"74 B5  \5  p @5+76 5  5 Ap,~C<8,;IC<8,;IC<8,:-C<8,;I+5 +7AGOK{C"7? B5  \5  p @5+7A 5  5 Ap,~C<8,;IC<8,;IC<8,:-C<8,;I+5 +7IGO8;C"7H B5  \5 +7I 5 ,~C<8,;IC<8,;I 5 D5+5 +7QGO)9C"7P B5  \5 +7Q 5 ,~C<8,;IC<8,;I 5 D5+5 +7\gLRC"7Y B5  \5  p @5 p @5+7\ 5  5 Ap 5 Ap,~C<8,;IC<8,;IC<8,:-C<8,;IC<8,:-C<8
,-X5 7pC<8,9( 5 D5Od5+7pOd5+5 +7wO$:C"7u B5  \5  p @5+7w 5  5 Ap,~6 5+7z 5 D5@d5+7{C<8
,9(O50D~@d5+5z+8M3.:C"85B5|C\5}+8"5z,~@d5C<8	,-X5&8C<8,9(+8+5Ix@5x@5!x@5x@5x@5!x@5#x@5x@5*x@5x@5(x@5+x@5)x@5+x@5)x@5+x@5,x@5x@5(x@5+x@5,x@5x@5(x@5+x@5-x@5x@5(x@5+x@5.x@5x@5(x@5+x@5%x@5x@5x@5!x@5&x@5(x@5+x@5!x@5&x@5(x@5+x@5"x@5&x@5(x@5+x@5"x@5&x@5(x@5+x@5"x@5'x@5(x@5+x@5!x@5'x@5(x@5+x@5/x@5(x@5+x@5/x@5x@5*x@5x@5(x@5+x@5/x@5x@5*x@5x@5(x@5+x@5'x@5%x@5(x@5+x@5#x@5x@5(x@5+x@5$x@5x@5(x@5+x@5/x@5(x@5(x@5+x@5-x@5(x@5(x@5+x@5/x@5(x@5(x@5+x@5.x@5-x@5(x@5(x@5+x@5$x@5x@5(x@5+x@5+x@5+x@5*x@5+x@50x@5&x@5(x@5+-
C<:",;H 9# D9$0D +9> &@ F9$0D!+9@ &@ F9$0D!+9B &A F9$0D"+9D &A F9$0D1D+9F0D+:C<:!,;HC<: ,;H 9#0D?+: 9#0D+9N 9"0D+9N $F D9$ 9#0D+9R 9"0D+9R $G D9$ 9#0D+9V 9"0D+9V $G D9$ 9#0D+9Z 9"0D+9Z $H D9$ 9#0D+9^ 9"0D+9^ $H D9$ 9#0D+9b 9"0D+9b $I D9$ 9#0D+9f 9"0D+9f $I D9$ 9#0D+9j 9"0D+9j $J D9$ 9#0D+9n 9"0D+9n $J D9$ 9#0D+9r 9"0D+9r $K D9$ 9#0D+9v 9"0D+9v $K D9$ 9#0D+9z 9"0D+9z $L D9$ 9#0D+9~ 9"0D+9~ $L D9$ 9#0D+: 9"0D+: $M D9$ 9#0D+: 9"0D+: $M D9$ 9#0D+: 9"0D+: $N D9$+: 9#0D'+:C<:,;H 9# D9$0D(+: &F F9$0D(+: &G F9$0D)+: &G F9$0D)+: &H F9$+:d9#2D9&+:C<:,;H 9#0D
+: $B D9$ 9% 9$ Ap,~x@9$x@9#x@9#x@9"x@9#x@9#x@9%x@9&x@9%x@9#x@9%x@9'x@9%S;%}: \:+ p @:+4@:7 :+&$4d:3 :+&$.$ D:,C<:9,;I :+&$ .$ D:,C<:8,;I :+,~x@:,x@:,KE{w \:;7 ::+:>C<:@,;TOd:: :;,~KE{s \:AC<:F,;M@d:: :A,~KEp D:G6 ::+:KOd:G+:K@d:G :G :G,~KJ99 \:R p @:P p B:Q p D:N p F:P1@0B+:\1D
 :Q0D+:c :N0D
+:c :P1$'+:cC<;,65C<;,6q+;
 :P1$'+:k $2D:P+:k $2D:Q+:kC<;,65C<;,6iC<;,65+;
 :P1$'+:v"&/:N.:P :P F:O5&:t D:QC<;,65C<;,6`::Q; :O+:p D:QC<;,65+;
 :Q0D+;"&/:N.:P :P F:O5&:~ D:QC<;,65C<;,6X::Q; :O+:{ D:QC<;,65+;
 $.:P/:Q D:M"&/:N.:P :P F:N5&; D:QC<;,;#::Q; :N+; D:QC<;,65 :R :P Ap :Q Ap :N Ap :P Ap,~p@:P@:Qh@:Q@:Q@:Mp@:P@:Qp@:Q@:Pp@:P@:Qp@:Q@:Qp@:P@:Qp@:N@:Pp@:P@:QKJ9  \;! p @; p @;  p @;C<;1,65"; $ F;5&;, D; C<;0,;I:; ; ;+;* D;  ;! ; Ap ;  Ap,~x@;"p@;@; ed\P \;5 p @;4 p @;4 p @;3C<;F,6$";3 $ F;35&;A D;5C<;E,;I:;5; ;3+;> D;5 ;5 ;4 Ap ;4 Ap,~x@;6p@;4@;4
;p,~ pQ";`	b+;L,~
;X+;^ ;a	b&+;_ B;\ B;] " B;\ B;^ ;a	d'+;_,~
;Z+;^ " B;\ B;^ ;a	d'+;_,~`iSHiSH
&;b	`
&;d	`@;[
?TRMNO. OR TRMOP. UUO FAILED p[3@;v+;k #pQ"A` ;w @
07+;v,> $( ;x	`'7+;q  +;s ;z	`'+;r0@1@  @=d;n,^,~A`?????;w;y,>,>	`
&  & . (@."G(@.$G p[/&A`7@ )@(@A<G<p,^,^,~.TMP "+<
 " p @< p @< p @<	` <Q$<X$ *$%+ 	f+sQX #	`+k HH,> #p[p/ A`7@ XB< #pXB< < B< < B< $@Ap<4B<#/<4B<#B<=$< ,^,~O@<^+<)+<&7@<^+<)@@<^C#/" B<^+p7@<Y+<3+<+6@<_+<0C"<,`b+<3 <Z,<J+<X B<_,<KO@<_@S<_X$<2+
Q<_C><_a~Q>~,><Z,>C#/" B<^,@s,?,?,<I,>cC<<;5>rX@?@Cf@<[@<[@<^Do you want to close all files? (Y or N):Can't map up section 0
7B* "<XZ1D<P,~Q"X B>` "<PXB*,~+<D ":x,~ <_l" B>b " B>b <\	b2+<X,~
20B,1B<+<T+@>`	b+<SC><_a~Q>~,><ZC<<],>v+@>`	`
&<B	``<_gR~ Q>b<]6B?,~ ^?\"	b@aBg $ ">o	b+ ? ?	b+>n[dl/">r B?,~
&?	`ggM?t(S:NC@,?M?\G,?_B-c@,?G2~9',?KbND',?S8p,?_W!`,?eR`,?oR`,?K:`,?I`,?]2I`,?]2y`,?S>f=,?M&q`,?[R~@,?M&tC@,?KbNC@,?C2|G,?I|G,?C2G,?IG,?iJ
c@,?*x.?*x,~p ?Cannot find base address of FOROTS
,~@@?@@?,~Gk'6@? ,?W,?<4@?!5?&GkGp*
p*d?$+ ,~@Gkg \?2C<?1,@8 ?2p*
,@A L?2p*d?3+  ?2p*
 d?3+ C<?1,@? ?2,~x@
,?q,?x5@/}~~#C:?<d$:C6pRw p4&?N%&/?:. H+?IX D4"?R%"/	?:.2$+?H.2d+?J..6*x?BgO,~)Fq(H}$(.(g+?A9`f+?K.?M+?@)Bq(D}$$.$g+?E`b+?P.?M+?D}~~#C:?Wd$:C6pRwp H4&?j%&/?T..
+?dX D4"?n%"/	?T..3f+?c2$+?c+?e.6*x?],~ "6@?p,A>,~)Fq(H}$(.(g+?\9`f+?g.?i+?[)Bq(D}$$.$g+?``b+?l.?i+?_ ."&" `[0$Pe6pQ6 $BDX8=b?v,~ C6pRw*x?zX* 
/d@+ 4r@.6*x?z@@ 
d@+ ,~@Y	`-"@@Y:)`-"@@Y3!`-"@ Y2)`-"@`Y!`-"@`Y)`-"@ @@
b@+=@#5@/@5@/@ Z@7 @0*:@6,~!@1*:,~@1@1G"n*g,>,>6@@v+@< *C"6@ *,@T @v Cp,^,^,~G#-mg,?p,^@v,~7@@v+@l,>.*&* 
@v`lm,Q,A`.J@v,^,~,>,> @qab+@P @r/" F@r @q@@C&b@m @r+@R@@Q$X$.@r*$,^,^,~6@@v,~,> " B@p  B@r \@sC<@j,?	 @s6@@q+@n @q B@v B@w.@r B@w,@I,^,~ .@v3`@w,~,>.*@ J@r 
@w J@q * J@p \@sC<@j,?	 @s6@@q+@o,@I 
@r.J@w,^,~X@@p@@p@@q@@q@@r,A`+?,B+?,B+?FRS7@@v,~@@@v@@@w@@@w,~CR@,>,> p  p  Ep<bA $Ep$ E..&+@|"C%p. Ap 2DA$Ep,^,^,~?CT4',>,>p Ep Ep  p <bA $Ep$ E..&+A
"Ap 2DA$Ep,^,^,~?I$P6@A/,A:,>,>C#p	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* 	A()@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..." A. A00@+A&   A0p*`A1+ +A'A.p,^,^,~-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-.pHA.@,>sG0!HBB!,>sG!HB!B&,>sG@!HB!B&,>sGx#HB'B!,>sS>(1HB+,>s]?HB+,>sS(
:HBa,>s[b HBd,>so:
>HC	$I Intrinsic routine $N invoked incompatibly$I FORTRAN-10 supplied routine $N invoked$I Overlap of character assignments$JERRSET: error number out of range - ignoredDIVERT: illegal to divert to unit $DDIVERT: unit $D is not openDIVERT: unit $D is not open for FORMATTED I/ODIVERT: Can't write to unit $DConcatenation result larger than expectedIllegal length character expressionNo character stack allocated - compiler errorFirst argument to SORT must be a quoted stringSubstring range error $S($D:$D)
	on line $DSubscript range error - subscript $D of array $S = $D
	on line $DToo many arguments in call to SORTCan't get pages 600:677 for SORTMissing EXTERNAL declaration in CALL to $NWrong number of arguments in call to $NArgument to SECNDS not floating pointCan't return pages 600:677 after call to SORTCan't preallocate pages 600:677 for SORTIllegal page number $OInternal FOROTS errorNot enough memory for creating character stackNot enough memory for expanding character stack$N: Argument less than or equal to zeroa.3@O@CP+CgR~@@@CP,>,>,>
8+ @6 w+C("CQ0B+C!7@CP+C,>C<CS,>x,^+C,>C<CU,>x,^ pl" BCN,>!" BCM!" BCNC<CN,>,^+C- p7@CP+C%,>C<CX,>x,^+C',>C<CZ,>x,^,>C<C\+C-7@CP+C8,>C<C],>x,^,>C<C_,?,^7@CP+C8,>C<C`,>x,^,>C<C_,?,^,>C<Cc,>w,^,>C<C\,>,^(Bqd0B,+C:,>C<C_,?,^1B#+C?0B*+C-,>C<Ce,?,^+C-,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To Trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(' PAUSE',/(1X,A))(1X,A)(' PAUSE ',O6)(1X,O6)(' PAUSE').ph@$CQ@DCG@dCRh@$CQ@DCI@dCTh@$CQ@DCJ@dCWh@$CQ@DCK@dCTp@$h@$CQ@DCL@dCTh@$CQ@DCA@dC_~h@$Cb@DCF@dCbx@P@Ci@Cj@Cj@Ck@Ck@Cm