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	DEC-10 FPaint installation

	- Place the following files on device SYS:

	    - MakScr.exe
	    - BldScr.exe

	- Copy the application library, FPaint.rel, to device PUB.

	- If the declare command is available on your system,
	  declare the following command:

	    - Declare FPaint=SYS:MakScr.exe

	- The program may be run as follows:

	    - FPaint <FileName>		( if so declared )


	    - R MakScr

	- The application must be linked with PUB:FPaint.rel/lib.

	- Programmer documentation may be placed where desired.

 	    - MakScr.doc - Using the screen editor and subprogram generator.

	    - Screen.doc - Accessing the screen packages from an application.

	      	This document references the following files:

		  Profil.for			Main program unit
		  Subs.for			Subroutines
		  Group.scr, .for, .aux		The specimen group screen
		  Spec.scr, .for, .aux		The individual specimen screen
		  Profil.cmd			Link command file