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	Necessary/optional changes required to install kla-vaxmit.

1)	Directories need to be build for incoming files, outgoing 
	files, and log files (if generated).

2)	Logical names can be set up to point to the input and output
	directories, however, they are NOT necessary for vaxmit to
	work.  The directories and terminal lines are hardwired into
	vaxmit.  It IS necessary that vaxmit be changed to reflect
	your site and be recompiled and linked!!!

2a)	The ascid pointer inbox should reflect the directory built
	for incoming files.

2b)	The ascid pointer outbox should reflect the directory built
	for outgoing files.

2c)	The ascid pointer logbox should reflect the directory built
	for the log file. (if used)

3)	The ascid pointer port should reflect the tty line used for
	transmission. The speed should be set to match the other
	system being connected. 9600 baud was the highest 
	used at Wesleyan.

4)	The ascid pointer cty should reflect the tty line used for
	operator error logging.
5)	Again, no system logicals are necessary, however, one set up for inbox
	and outbox are convenient.

6)	The program should be run as a detached process.  It is convenient
	to do 5 and 6 from  The instructions would look
	like this:
	$define/system inbox: dua0:<directory for inbox>
	$define/system outbox: dua0:<directory for outbox>
	$run klamit/uic=[1,4]/proc=klamit

7)	The program can be compiled for 7 or 8 bit.  To compile the program
	and create the macro library type:
	$macro klamit
	$macro macrolib
	$create/lib/object macrolib macrolib
	$link klamit,macrolib/lib