Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib20-10 - decus/20-185/savmit.ctl
There are no other files named savmit.ctl in the archive.
!Batch job to save XMIT files on tape
@mount tape ts:/vol:XMIT/la:un/write/rem:"Unlabled tape above drives"
*tape ts:
*ssname XMIT files for DECSYSTEM-20
*save w3:*.*.*
*ssname XMIT files for VAX
*save w4:*.*.*
*ssname Duplicate saveset: XMIT for DEC-20
*save w3:*.*.*
*ssname Duplicate saveset: XMIT for VAX
*save w4:*.*.*
*print w3:xmit-tape.dir
@print xmit-tape.dir