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Imgspl is a Tops-20 spooler for the Imgen 8/300 laser printer.
To install the spooler, the following files are needed:

	IMGSPL.MAC			The spooler
	IMGSPL-EXEC-CHANGES.TXT		Exec sources modifications
	IMGSPL-GALAXY-CHANGES.TXT	Galaxy Source modifications

After making the changes to Galaxy and the Exec, compile and
load Imgspl and save on SYS: (or wherever you keep your spoolers).
Imgspl is designed to run under Sysjob.  If you have n Imagen
8/300's, you will need to run n copies of Imgspl.

To implement a "laser print queue" in Galaxy, the punched card
queue is used (so if you have a card punch, don't use this).
Most of the modifications to Galaxy are to change the text used
for the card punch (e.g. "printing" instead of "punching").
The Exec modifications are to add a "Laser-Print" command with
switches that mean something to the Imagen printer.

Some system-wide logical names are needed:

	^EDEFINE LSR: CDP:	;So "@Copy (to) LSR:" works.
	^EDEFINE LSR1: CDP1:	;And so on for as many printers as you have.

When the spooler receives a message to "START LASER-PRINTER n /NODE:node"
It looks for the logical name "node-LSRn:".  If no /NODE switch
is given, it will look for "LOCAL-LSRn" (where "n" is the unit number):

	^EDEFINE LOCAL-LSR0: TTY1:	;If unit zero is on tty line 1.

The spooler will also send files to printers connected to the


Sequenced Packet Protocol is used for printers on terminal lines.
Serial Protocol is used for TCP printers.
Accounting is not available for TCP printers.

Assembly Switches in Imgspl.Mac:

	ACCTSW	If non-zero, system accounting (USAGE%) is done.

	OFFLSW	If non-zero, a message will be sent to a
		user if the printer runs out of paper while
		his job is being printed.

	REMSPL	For TCP printers, the remote object may be a
		printer or a hosts.  If the object is a host,
		REMSPL should be set non-zero if that host
		sends a herald when the connection is opened.
		REMSPL should be set to zero if actual printers
		are used.