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			LaserWriter Utilities
			----------- ---------

This directory contains a bunch of programs that do things with the
Apple LaserWriter.  Most of these can also be used on any other
printer that understands the Postscript language.  Most of these
were garnered from the INFO-POSTSCRIPT and LASER-LOVERS mailing lists.

Coords.PS	-- Display the current user coordinate system.
		   Useful for debugging purposes
		   Author:  Brian Reid, Stanford

Envelopes.PS	-- Print business-size envelopes using the single-sheet feeder
		   Author: Unknown

E.txt		-- Info-Postscript message containing Postscript code
		   to print addresses on business envelopes.
		   Author: Chip Maguire (Maguire@CS.COLUMBIA.EDU)

Epson_ps.c	-- Print files for Epson printers on a Postscript printer
		   Author: Eric Gisin (egisin@waterloo.csnet)

Fontcatalog.PS	-- Displays all the characters in a Postscript font in
		   a neat, organized manner
		   Author: Eric Gisin (egisin@waterloo.csnet)

Iopatch.PS	-- Fix I/O bugs in the LaserWriter ROM by downloading this
		   when you start your LaserWriter. (LW only)
		   Author: Unknown

Lpscr		-- Convert ASCII text files to Postscript programs that
		   print the text, with myriad options.
		   Author: Stephen Frede, UNSW, Australia
		   Many changes by: Mic Kaczmarczik (

Macps		-- A Pascal-20 program to convert Macintosh MacPaint files
		   into PostScript.  Designed to be used with Scribe only,
		   since if you've got a Mac you're better off using MacPaint
		   to begin with...
		   Author: Mic Kaczmarczik (
		   	   Based on EXTRACT_TOP by J.W. Peterson,
			   University of Utah, and MACQMS, by
			   Eric Lavitsky (Lavitsky@RUTGERS)

Squarelimit.PS	-- Draws the famous "Square Limit" by M. C. Escher on
		   a Postscript printer.
		   Author: Peter Bumbulis