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This program prints all the encoded characters of a PostScript font
on a page (24 point characters).  The character code, width and name are also
included.  See the end of the program to see how fonts are selected, and
uncomment one of the lines or add your own.

To make this work with the Hershey fonts created by the hersel program,
include the following fix to and remake the fonts.
(Hershey fonts take several minutes each).

***	Thu May  8 09:06:33 1986
---	Thu May  8 10:41:21 1986
*** 87,89
! 	/Encoding StandardEncoding def
  	/BuildChar {HersheyBuildDict begin BuildHersheyChar end} def

--- 87,91 -----
! 	/Encoding [
! 	 StandardEncoding {dup CharData exch known not {pop /.notdef} if} forall
! 	] def
  	/BuildChar {HersheyBuildDict begin BuildHersheyChar end} def

	Eric Gisin, egisin@waterloo.csnet, egisin@watmath.uucp