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Using MacPS;  14-Oct-85

Macintosh MacPaint pictures may be included in Scribe documents and
printed on the Apple LaserWriter using the MacPS program.

You must first transfer your MacPaint file to the DEC-20 by using
Kermit, MacGet/MacPut, FTP from another machine, or some other means.
Be careful to assure that the files are transferred with 8 bits per
byte, and not 7.  This is crucial to the success of the conversion.

Once you have the file on the DEC-20, type the command


to start MacPS.  Here is a example of extracting a full-page MacPaint
image to be included in a Scribe document.  NOTE:  prompts with nothing
after them indicate typing a carriage return to use the default value.

        MacPs -- MacPaint to Postscript converter
        Mac filename: MY-PICTURE.MPT
        Output filename: MY-PICTURE.PS
        Change MacPaint image parameters? Yes
        Vertical scan lines: 
        Horizontal Line Width: 72
        Inverted image? No
        Change Scribe page parameters? Yes
        Image height: 2.0
        Scribe column width:
        Upward translation: .5
        Processing file MY-PICTURE.MPT [OK]

The following defaults apply if no values are specified:

        Change MacPaint parameters    No
        Vertical scan lines           240 (max 720)
        Horizontal Line Width         52 (bytes per line, max 72)
        Change Scribe parameters      No
        Inverted image                No (white pixels stay white)
        Image height                  3.0 (inches)
        Scribe column width           6.5 (inches)
        Upward translation            0.0 (inches)

Once converted, use the Scribe @Picture command to insert the image in
your document.  Insert a line like the following in your Scribe

   @Figure[@Picture(Size = 2 inches, ScaleAbleLaser="MY-PICTURE.PS")]

and run Scribe.  The image will appear at the appropriate spot on the
page when you print the document on the LaserWriter.


NOTE:  This software is provided on an unsupported basis.  If you have
problems with it, contact Mic Kaczmarczik
( and he'll see what he can do to help.
[end of <unsupported>macps.hlp]