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DFDXD ver 0.6 and DFDXE ver 0.5 now test PDP-11 data modes in the DX20
when run with the VMS-DX20 microcode DXMCA.ADX ver 71.10 or higher.
These updates were done to allow Manufacturing to test DX20's
(which may be destined for VAX systems) using a KL10.

11 data modes are not supported under TOPS20 and the updated diagnostics
will not attempt to run these tests in User mode. However, since
both the TOPS20-DX20 microcode (ver 1.10) and the VMS-DX20 microcode
exist on the KLAD20 care should be taken so that the correct DXMCA.ADX
ucode file is used.

The KLAD20 is built with the TOPS20-DX20 microde installed in three
areas: <SUBSYS>, <1-DIAGNOSTICS>, <2-DIAGNOSTICS>. The VMS-DX20 ucode
resides in a MFG directory and will be copied to <2-DIAGNOSTICS>
only when needed.

When the system boots the DX20 ucode is loaded from <SUBSYS>.
If DFDXD or DFDXE is run in User mode and there is a need to reload
ucode, then it is loaded from DSK: which is typically defined as
follows (via <F-S>LOGIN.CMD):


so the code is loaded from <1-DIAGNOSTICS>. If the diagnostic were run
in Standalone mode the code would be loaded from <2-DIAGNOSTICS> since
D20MON defaults to that area.

Note that the ucode need not exist in <1-DIAGNOSTICS> for loading in
User mode since it would be found in <2-DIAGNOSTICS>. However it
was installed this way so that Manufacturing could copy the VMS-DX20
microcode to <2-DIAGNSOTICS> in order to allow 11 data mode testing
in Standalone mode while using the TOPS20-DX20 microde in User mode.

To summarize, the DX20 diagnostics and ucode are installed as follows:


	;DXMCA.ADX   VER 1.10   16-FEB-83 (Tops20 released version)


	;DXMCA.ADX   VER 1.10   16-FEB-83


	;DFDXC.A10   VER 0.5   19-OCT-81
*	;DFDXD.A10   VER 0.6   23-MAY-85
*	;DFDXE.A10   VER 0.4   21-MAY-85
	;DXMCA.ADX   VER 1.10   16-FEB-83
	;DXMCD.ADX   VER 0.3   10-SEP-81
	;DXMCE.ADX   VER 0.3   10-SEP-81



*	;DXMCA.V1071 (DXMCA.ADX)   VER 71.10   26-JUN-85
*	;DXMCA.V1074 (DXMCA.ADX)   VER 74.10   05-MAR-86

Note:	DXMCA.ADX ver 71.10 was tested on KLAD20-Z-6.1-A.
	DXMCA.ADX ver 74.10 not tested for KLAD20-AB-6.1-A
	is current released VMS-DX20 ucode for this release.

* - Updated version to support 11 data modes.