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k[L8K=8K98J48J.8I)8I&8H"8H A#/N>Dz6P0J8G28G08F/8F/8E.8E*8D%8D#8C8C8B8BSG<zP<'t$@%:~=}.*y #CXxG>kCx8v:Z
)8_Yi~'s0(&08ASG<zw4\B:/\>X\>5'\7N+\2g'r'I(\)8*\)7\	\	)\+,\6.\.,[rO.O[mNO[mO[m	O[l|[l{&O[l+O[kO[kO[j]O[jRO[i%r%H([Z[X%[Qgr%0[Ms/[M"-[M	+[L,[FG[@v*r#eOD^w'lw]!+{0n|+np4 ]%+qNETJOB started,>,>,>,>,>,7,@,z x@+ $"R`AZ`AZ@@+ \x,.83x+.<3|+@@y@@y x Bz }. Bz " $y$++@@x,],6+ Job  unknown to NETJOB  running 
                    Failed connection by <illegal username>
                    Successful connection by  message
                     createdJob  running  logged out
                    illegal message type ,>,>,>,> }Z\$~3D7[X0  BY,>,>, Y  &Jg
*BY5JC@@x,]5\E,>,>,+K,>,>, $8 "`0Q"`,>,>,> } 2T+R,>,>, }"5BQ,>+c "`+b2T+,>,>, } "Q"`,>,>,,>,7 "XBX0 $8!".B`AZ`A[`@2"+e \x,+e2T+f,>,>, } "Q"`,>,>,,>,7>}+2T+k,>,>,,>,7Q\X0R`X0+
 * BY5Jt@@x,],>,>, $8 "`0Q"`,>,>,,>,>,,>,7Z`A/"XB`AZX05B!".B`AZ`X0[`AZ`@2"+Z`A[`@2"+ \x,>{+,>,>, } Y   &Jg
 * BY5J
@@x,],>,7>~>~,^,^,^,^,~:`YY#%~*~-./01  &4D D=&@  D,~SYSTEM:NETJOB.TXTFailed to find SYSTEM:NETJOB.TXTFailed to open SYSTEM:NETJOB.TXTCannot find file specified in SYSTEM:NETJOB.TXTFailed to read minimum number of jobs from NETJOB.TXTFailed to read maximum number of jobs from NETJOB.TXTFailed to close SYSTEM:NETJOB.TXTSYSTEM:NETJOB.TXT is too large,>,>,>,>,>!" xg
 * 5JH,>x,]>  y+J+L,>y,]>@ <   &O (4P+Q 6+o  BY!" Yg
 *  DY5JX,>z,]> $8 "`0Q"`  z@
4]+^,>{,]> 	+`+b,>{,]> Y &Jg
 * BYXD`@5Jg,>{,]> Y &Jg
 * BYQD`@5Jm,>|,]> \x.<1|
+M 	+q+r,>|,]>`V+u,>},]>,^,^,^,^,^,~ "%)$.39<Can't create job for Failed to start a new jobCan't send IPCF to self,>,>> x$<@@z@@z@@{ "p0Q"` B{@@| " B|@@}@@}@@~@@~@@@@ x Bx $z!"@g
 * 5J  Bx,>. ",>, "p0Q"`,> "~,>,,>,71X
+,>/,]>>}+,@@y x By x Bz } ./ Dz\$~ D X x D " $y$+(+*,>0,]>ZpA."XBpA!".BpA>y,^,^,~} NETJOB-LOG:NETJOB.LOGNETJOB-LOG:NETJOB.LOG;P777700 
,>>!" Tg
 * 5J?!" Tg
 * 4JR  U+A+C 	+ +R "aQ"` BxO@H4G Bx,>U ",>,,>_ "~,>,,>V "},>, $^Q$` @4P 	+ >}>a,^,~02 56Fatal NETJOB error: