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,<+,,l`,,~,,,!*z  &[,9Q$A`4H&H=f$ $D0&D ,?Q$A`H5H)\"1*j"-<G%_, ,%,[0F+' "k+,,,Z
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, \"u,R+N Bt \"@,R+N B?l`,_ t-<G%[DUMTFT Translate from %2J to %1J]%_d -<G%%DUMTNS Translate mode not set%_,>,> e
4^,^A"	4W,^!"4Y+-<G%?DUMTCJ Cannot get translation JFN, %E%_,^,^-<G%?DUMTCE Translation from JFN to string failed, %E%_ f Da\$f Db\$g Db Dc Dc,~,k, "k r &5 <,ma`,y,z``,y, t ?``,6B@,-<G%_ ^U 
*>U/7@p+ r"s E ="> $E, "ZH``@,-<G]%  2B+ N2Bp7 "-<G%[DUMWFT Waiting for %1S tape operation to complete]%d p@@5 "!$,!"/,a+,u+``+u,I r"H4"1b+
,+)2!P.GZ7 H+d`,#m`@+ &,*m` ,,``,D!"HX"*",+7 H+'d`+(e`@+&``,=,+,?+l +,K+``+a`@+,,+,Sl +``+a`+1 "H,b+,+d`,j&q,Bl` +7 F55F<l ``+; 5,B2B5,r+<4F<,Z`H!"HX"*"ZH Bt,'7@=+F7 H+,@ :l"	4 ;a`.B=,+,+e`+O pa`+K,6 Fs!"HX"*"ZH Bt s,,'+,+7@r+a s r,#7 H+Z``@+d\"*,
+d,A7 Hl @@r``@+ p $ &E4N,f++``@+c,O+,W+,@"" BH``+k,,@ : $44 :l"	4 : \4,"	4@@: p,	4\@@p = >,a+"" BH!"X"H*"H!$FDH,,@"" BH!"X"H*"H,>HO@H,,@ > =,g :a`+,n $ &s4z+l"	4	 ;.B=,	,+ : $ &E4	
d@@= :,6XF>,	@@H,,@,^H"" BH!"X"H*"H,+,	7B:+l"	4	@@:7Bp+l"	4	@@p,	 "!$-+5l ,*<
S"HX"P*"P P:= D> BP ?XBP@@P $P `b+),DJBP.4,~ : $;l$D44.,@@=,~1B+	),2`D+=`D+>`D+<aD+- P,	*:=0d+	6a`7	7 (?P;*; : $;l$4	7 H;+*l +*,	8+,	@,
++5,>H""+BH4LC,+B,^H+*@Q$}}+(F.+(	F*dF3B	G8,~d<jd.2+$H4`b+M,D5BMISE Input sequence error, expected record %2D, read record %3D%>r+I,	G+I6@ph`7	N 2 6@pa`g "+@
	O7	P "XBq p $q6@pl$4te`+r r."2BH+q,	P+r H,	V 
p``+Jl +f1B+{0B1BP+(1BH+"1BH+~,	^,
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Bl !"HX"*"ZH1B "XBH Bt"" BH,>H@@H " BH " BHK BH!"?X"H*"H@@HQ"HX"H*"H,!"HX"*",'"" BH,^H!"X"H*"H,~Damaged tape copied by DUMCPY0f & 
P a`+^ &@ " t:4\5B^ 
Y ,HQ,A` ?!,} 4bN47Z
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;,~a`@7F $ p``,~+$a`7F $ :,>4&,^,~@h `dx+*   $.$H@4H-Z0h  t-<G%[DUMISS Tape %1D, %2S, %3T]%_7p :2,> $45,^,~,> $ DV $ &V4X@ V0F1FO x,> $ DV $
 &V4Y W,^,^,~>
~>~,~> Px 0|Q0*0  *pQ*A`1B+QB5BK\"1!0|X0*0>|,~@h0$0d+U(
0Q(z&Z0F*hW5hZ,$+K $DF+K,dF,~  !&@H4` ,~ 4D@)B."B+a " $aD,~ZBD,~ "  ,dF,~ Q$A`4BB+l   &J4p ,~   e
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 ( &M,\+ "A$P2ab:x,~!"GB+,> $b,+	,^,~,c+\"g\B \" i )4&j1F,;x1F',~,j+Q"A` o4FF+ $DF,~@ @_f%\[\BaEuDnJqNySkT]?h+iC+iC$
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4t~/@V8IN:OUT:@YJcommand-$} 8Haprocessing-$}@Hdfor output tape is-$}@Hhdecimal blocking factor of output tape-$}(Hm-<G%?DUMIBF Illegal blocking factorof-$}@Hwtape deviceOUTPUT-$}0)HzH|is-$}@Htape densitySYSTEM-DEFAULT-$}00HHBPI-$}@Hto monitor-$}@Hmode-$}@H-<G%%DUMFIS Filespecs mode was already set%_text-$}@H-<G
Commands available in DUMCPY:%_%_H1device is-$}@Hinput magtape device-$}@8H"H]-<G%?DUMINM Input device not a magtape%_-$} +H-<G%%DUMFNS Filespecs mode was not set%_-<G%%DUMRIS Rewind-input mode was not set%_-<G%%DUMTNS Translate mode was not set%_output magtape device-$}@8H<H^-<G%?DUMONM Output device not a magtape%_-<G%%DUMRIM Rewind-input mode already set%_from-$}@HKdevice and directory on tape to translate from-$}@ HNto-$}@HUdevice and directory on tape to translate to-$}@ HX-<G%%DUMTCM TRANSLATE mode already set, changing it%_$@~DSK**are the current program settings-$}@Hg-<G
Current program settings:%_
Input device %1S, density %2N%_Output device %3S, density %4N
Filespecs are-<G not-<G output to the terminal as they are copied%_Rewinds will-<G be done on input tapes%_-<GTranslate from %1J to %2J%_-<GDefault output tape blocking factor is %1D%_N~>	`-<G%[DUMCCA Input %2S record %1D, Output %4S record %3D-<G%_	file %1S page %2D-<G%[DUMNRR No records read yet]%_outputinput-<G%%DUMIRT Illegal record type %1D, record %2D%_-<G%%DUMFHS File header read (record %2D), continuing tape copy%_-<G%%DUMEFH File header read (record %2D) without closing previous file
	%3S, this file is missing a file trailer
	on the output tape, and DUMPER will not restore this file properly%_-<G  [OK]%_-<G%%DUMTWH File trailer read without file header preceeding it (record %2D),
	ignoring this file trailer record%_-<G%%DUMFTS File trailer record read (record %2D), continuing tape copy%_-<G%%DUMNFT Data record seen (record %2D) without file header, ignoring data
	records until a file header, file trailer, or tape header read%_-<G%%DUMURS User information record seen for directory %1S, record not copied%_-<G%%DUMTHS Tape header read (record %2D), continuing tape copy%_B
H-<G%%DUMDSC Warning: different saveset codes on same tape, copying anyway
	Tape started with type %1S saveset, next saveset is of type %4S%_-<G%%DUMTSC Following saveset type is %4S, but tape is of normal type
	savesets, converting following saveset to normal saveset type%_-<G%?DUMECO Error closing output file at end of saveset, %E%_,+-<G%[DUMCCT Continuing copy from tape %1B]%_-<G%?DUMCNT Continued saveset header not after continuation, mount first tape%_-<G%[DUMEIT End of input tape %2B, record %1D was last one read]%_$DUMORN Do you want to read past the logical EOT? $DUMNUD Not usually done, are you sure? -<G%%DUMCCP Tape copy continuing past logical end of input tape%_$DUMAIT Is there another input tape to be processed? -<G%[DUMMNT Mounting next input tape]%_-<G%?DUMMRV Cannot mount next volume in unlabelled tape set, %E%_,G+-<G%%DUM2EF Two EOFs seen without reading any DUMPER records, continuing copy%_-<G%?DUMTIE Labeled input tape is empty%_p-<G%%DUMECI Error closing input tape, %E%_-<G%[DUMFIN Finished tape copy, %2D records written on %3B]%_-<G%[DUMEOT End of output tape, %2D records written on %1B]%_-<G%[DUMMLO Mounting next labelled output volume]%_-<G%?DUMVSF Volume switch for output tape failed, %E%_,t+-<G%?DUMOCF Output close failure, %E%_,{+-<G%[DUMMUO Mounting next unlabelled output tape]%_-<G%?DUMUME Mount error for next output tape, %E%_,	+-<G%[DUMCCO Mount successful, output continued on tape %3B]%_-<G%?DUMECO Error closing output tape, %E%_ :	4+ :	4+-<G%?DUMTCA Tape copy aborted due to error%_-<G%?DUMOMT Not enough monitor table space for output blocking factor%_,	!+-<G%%DUMTWO Write error on record %2D, %E, writing duplicate record%_-<G%?DUMTMW Too many write errors (%2D)%_,	1+_ H;+.-<G%?DUMOWL Output tape is write locked, please mount as write enabled%_-<G%?DUMODE Output device error, drive probably off line%_9G-<G%%DUMIDR Input duplicate record found, record %2D, ignored%_``a`-<G%%DUMIRC Input error recovered on record %1D%_-<G%%DUMERF Error recovery failed for record %1D, continuing with record %2D%_-<G%?DUMIER Unexpected error reading tape, %E%_-<G%?DUMCRI Cannot read input tape - blocking error - try DUMPER%_-<G%?DUMIUE Input tape unknown error after record %2D, continuing%_-<G%%DUMIDE Input tape data error, record %1D%_-<G%?DUMESE Expected record sequence %1D, read sequence %2D, in error recovery%_-<G%?DUMERA Error recovery for record %1D aborted%_-<G%?DUMIDE Input tape device error, possible incorrect density%_-<G%%DUMICE Input checksum error, record %2D%_$DUMCCC Continue copy even with checksum error? -<G%%DUMIBC Input blocking factor error, changing blocking factor to %2D%_-<G%%DUMIRL Strange record length %2D on input tape, ignoring record%_O+-<G%[DUMIBF Input tape %1B, density %3N bpi, blocking factor %2D]%_?_owx-<G%%DUMTLR Tape label %2S read, ignoring tape label%_-<G%%DUMTLE Record read that looks like a tape label but isn't, ignoring%_-<G%%DUMTEF Input end of file after tape label, ignoring%_-<G%%DUMNTH No tape header found on tape, creating one%_normalcollectionarchivemigrationunknown
L-<G%%DUMTE1 Translation error - cannot get JFN on tape input file specification, %E%_P]H]-<G %3J (as) %4S-<G%%DUMTE2 Translation error - WILD JSYS failure, %E%_-<G%%DUMTE3 Translation error - JFN JSYS failure, %E%_-<G %10J-<G%?DUMIDX Can't get device designator for input device, %E%_|-<G%%DUMSIL Cannot set density on input tape because it is labeled%_,
q+o-<G%%DUMSID Cannot set input density as specified, %E%_-<G%?DUMCAI Cannot access input device, %E%_-<G%?DUMCOI Cannot open input device, %E%_-<G%?DUMODX Can't get device designator for output device, %E%_-<G%?DUMONM Output device not a magtape-<G%?DUMCAO Cannot access output device, %E%_-<G%?DUMCOR Cannot open output device for reading, %E%_-<G%?DUMCCR Cannot close output tape for reading, %E%_-<G%%DUMSOL Cannot set density on output tape because it is labeled%_,%+
-<G%%DUMSOD Cannot set output density as specified, %E%_-<G%[DUMOTH Blocking factor %1D too high for %3N bpi, using blocking factor %2D]%_-<G%[DUMOBF Output tape %1B, density %3N bpi, blocking factor %2D]%_-<G%%DUMCRD Cannot find output tape density to set output blocking%_p-<G%?DUMCOO Cannot open output device, %E%_-<G%?DUMCDS Cannot set deferred volume switch for output, %E%_@@@V+:@@W+@:$???[-<G%?DUMEWP Error while parsing %2S "%3S"%_	%E%_-<G%?DUMJEC Junk at end of command line%_$DUMAGA Try again? 
Set output tape blocking factor
Select input or output density for unlabeled tapes
Return to the EXEC
Output filespecs to terminal as they are copied
Print this message
Select input magtape device
Select output magtape device
Rewind input tapes before copying
Set translate directories on tape mode
Display current program settings
datasaveset headerfile headerfile trailertape traileruser infocontinued savesetfiller6
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